Restaurant Bosso – Anniversary Party, Luxembourg

I know – I am a little behind blogging, but all my recent efforts are taken by the organization of the Barefoot in Luxembourg – Mix in Luxembourg birthday party – and I promise to be back on a full time basis sooner rather than later.

Anyway – last Saturday I was invited to the 8th anniversary party of Restaurant Bosso, in the Grund area of Luxembourg city.

I knew Restaurant Bosso already – one of our favourite terrace during summer time and a great place for eating on Sundays as the kitchen was open the full day.

I was surprised, indeed, to discover that Bosso was very much than that:

  • First of all, differently from a great part of the new Luxembourg restaurants which are owned by franchising and big groups, Bosso is a family business restaurant. You could immediately feel this intimate atmosphere during the party. I didn’t know anybody when I got there, except my partner in crime Kochi, but, after less than half an hour, we were talking with people like they were our friends. I was offered drinks when I got stuck in the queue and everybody was enjoying the night.
  • This was the second element I noted about Bosso: compared to other dining places in Luxembourg, where you feel obliged to follow a “silent” dress code, at Bosso everybody feels welcome notwithstanding your appearance. There were young men wearing suits, girls with vintage furs, old hipsters with odd hats and relaxed couples in casual clothes.
  • The terrace, who used to be one of my favourite items of the restaurant, is just going under renovation and will be in great shape for the upcoming summer. Moreover, at the back of the restaurant, there is a cosy bar area that I didn’t know to be there. It is perfect for festive spirits – you can just move there after dinner -, also considering the choices in the Grund area are limited in regards of after-parties. You can also book this area for your private event – it is separate from the rest of the house and has its own bar!
  • Food-wise, indeed, the event was not a surprise for me: I always liked Bosso kitchen for it is wide choice – healthy or junkie, vegetarian or meat-lovers, the menu has a bit of everything for everybody without forgetting about the quality of the products. A smiling service, always appreciated, and waiters generally speaking more than one language to help you through the choice.

What we appreciated it is also the event had a great second purpose, to collect money for a women shelter located in Esch/Alzette. It was a great idea and you could leave anonymously your contribution in the small pigs around the terrace to support single mothers in Luxembourg.

I perfectly enjoyed the night at Restaurant Bosso and I cannot wait to be back there. They just launched a new website where you can check the menu and reserve your table quickly.

Here you can enjoy some pictures of the party by Kochi.



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