Koeppchen, Worlmendange, Luxembourg

The sunny season has finally started! Couple of week-ends ago, we had a day trip on the Mosel, where we hiked up to the chapel in the middle of the vineyards, in Worlmendange. It was a perfect day and the cherry on the cake was our lunch at Koeppchen restaurant, which is located in Worlmendange … Continue reading Koeppchen, Worlmendange, Luxembourg


Oio, Osteria con Cucina, Clausen, Luxembourg

Opening a restaurant during a pandemic. It looks like possibly the craziest idea ever, indeed someone is doing it. That "someone" is Leonardo De Paoli, 15 years astonishing experience in Michelin stars restaurants, last but not least with Ilario Mosconi, at his restaurant in Grund. Leonardo is launching this week-end his first restaurant, "Oio - … Continue reading Oio, Osteria con Cucina, Clausen, Luxembourg

A coffee with… Remy Manso

Sitting in a quiet restaurant off the station for a dinner-briefing, Corie asked me:  - What about Remy Manso for next interview? - Who? -, I replied - clear signal I have moved to Luxembourg only very recently. - He is the owner of numerous and interesting restaurants in Luxembourg. It manages at least a dozen, mostly Latin, including El Barrio. … Continue reading A coffee with… Remy Manso

Cineast Festival: the 11th edition

Participating in a press conference always allows you to get in the mood that the event intends to transmit. This was the case of the presentation conference of Cineast, the Central and Eastern Europe Film Festival in Luxembourg held last week at the Cinématèque, that this year celebrates its 11th edition. Together with Corie on my side and with a pen and paper … Continue reading Cineast Festival: the 11th edition

TramCrawl: we have been to the 1st Edition!

Pub Crawl Luxembourg started its first event in November little over a year ago with the idea of bringing party people together every month. Due to its great success and the need of constant improvement - indeed, in Luxembourg it gets easily repetitive to browse around same bars -, the concept changed recently and was transformed … Continue reading TramCrawl: we have been to the 1st Edition!