Restaurant Bosso – Anniversary Party, Luxembourg

I know – I am a little behind blogging, but all my recent efforts are taken by the organization of the Barefoot in Luxembourg – Mix in Luxembourg birthday party – and I promise to be back on a full time basis sooner rather than later.

Anyway – last Saturday I was invited to the 8th anniversary party of Restaurant Bosso, in the Grund area of Luxembourg city.

I knew Restaurant Bosso already – one of our favourite terrace during summer time and a great place for eating on Sundays as the kitchen was open the full day.

I was surprised, indeed, to discover that Bosso was very much than that:

  • First of all, differently from a great part of the new Luxembourg restaurants which are owned by franchising and big groups, Bosso is a family business restaurant. You could immediately feel this intimate atmosphere during the party. I didn’t know anybody when I got there, except my partner in crime Kochi, but, after less than half an hour, we were talking with people like they were our friends. I was offered drinks when I got stuck in the queue and everybody was enjoying the night.
  • This was the second element I noted about Bosso: compared to other dining places in Luxembourg, where you feel obliged to follow a “silent” dress code, at Bosso everybody feels welcome notwithstanding your appearance. There were young men wearing suits, girls with vintage furs, old hipsters with odd hats and relaxed couples in casual clothes.
  • The terrace, who used to be one of my favourite items of the restaurant, is just going under renovation and will be in great shape for the upcoming summer. Moreover, at the back of the restaurant, there is a cosy bar area that I didn’t know to be there. It is perfect for festive spirits – you can just move there after dinner -, also considering the choices in the Grund area are limited in regards of after-parties. You can also book this area for your private event – it is separate from the rest of the house and has its own bar!
  • Food-wise, indeed, the event was not a surprise for me: I always liked Bosso kitchen for it is wide choice – healthy or junkie, vegetarian or meat-lovers, the menu has a bit of everything for everybody without forgetting about the quality of the products. A smiling service, always appreciated, and waiters generally speaking more than one language to help you through the choice.

What we appreciated it is also the event had a great second purpose, to collect money for a women shelter located in Esch/Alzette. It was a great idea and you could leave anonymously your contribution in the small pigs around the terrace to support single mothers in Luxembourg.

I perfectly enjoyed the night at Restaurant Bosso and I cannot wait to be back there. They just launched a new website where you can check the menu and reserve your table quickly.

Here you can enjoy some pictures of the party by Kochi.


L’Assiette Champenoise, Reims. An unforgettable experience.

During our Duke’s break in the Champagne region (detailed post to follow), we decided to spoil ourselves and finally visiting a 3-stars Michelin restaurant. I was also able to convince hubby to join, as he is definitely not a fan of the gastronomic cuisine, but he will be after that.

L’Assiette Champenoise is located just outside Reims, in a wonderful park, in the same complex of the hotel. We had a drink in the patio before starting the dinner and the modernity of the details was there perfectly combined with the style of the villa. I loved the lamps in the garden and the chairs were so comfortable you don’t want to leave.

Everything was perfect. We started with a glass of champagne accompanied by some cheese cakes and moving inside for dinner, in a lovely table in the middle of the room with the garden behind us, we went for the surprise tasting menu with champagne accord.

Nothing really to describe: it is impossible to explain the taste of certain dishes if you haven’t tried them. The combination of tastes was awesome, a plat could look like “simple” but then exploding in your mouth in a rainbow of aromas. Amazing. I loved the lobster, the celery mousse with caviar, the tempura artichoke.

Service was outstanding as well. Glasses were never empty, menu explained in details in English (for me) and French (for hubby), we had the time to enjoy this special moment till the very end, while having a cognac in the garden with a cover for the fresh breeze.

The chef came to our table to welcome us and at the end to check that everything was fine. We left with our printed personalized menu and a bag of fresh bread. Nothing more you could really be asked to a restaurant experience. I hope we could have dinner like this one more often, really.

Some pictures of our dinner follow.
 photo 5727ce30-a3f7-479d-8e0d-219a6c83923b_zpszq96blsk.jpg
 photo f13cc142-0808-4dd0-af91-33d2366fc150_zpsfu51qm57.jpg
 photo 7a6e5ee2-c109-430f-a43b-349db85810e1_zps2gojp9wp.jpg
 photo 89ce4f44-48c2-4932-bf8f-7fec36809221_zps9ba1lt7i.jpg
 photo 53b639b0-6f3c-41fd-a0af-8e8ed45a7da2_zps2atyt4aj.jpg
 photo 37e929af-5465-43d6-b6d2-3b6739affa98_zpsklwrxf9v.jpg
 photo 438ab0fc-b517-4fe4-a46c-34522b67e2d7_zps2vde0bov.jpg

Däiwelskichen – aka never trust the first impression

Last time I have been to Däiwelskichen was little bit more than one year ago. It was strongly recommended by a friend so I went there with extremely high expectations that were quickly deluded.
Nothing went wrong – it was just missing that “quid” that makes you fall in love with a place.

On Wednesday night, after Aperinetwork, we booked there just because was one of the few places not yet fully booked (my husband noted that probably in Luxembourg people are never dining at home as restaurants are always complete) and that was allowing us to come a bit later.
I called few minutes before another similar restaurant (the sin but not the sinner) asking a table for 9 – 9.30 and the “nice” waiter told me: first, you must come at 9; second, nothing is going out from the kitchen after 9.30 so you better look at the menu on the website and come with clear ideas. No, thanks. Next one.

Däiwelskichen is a South-American restaurant located between Gran Rue and Palais, hidden in the courtyard of an old building.
The location is amazing – but don’t wear tiny heels, you will struggle getting there – cobblestones slope to the entrance.

We had a table in the small room and ordered a bottle of Chilean red wine. I had a Natural beef – with avocado sauce – and hubby had Lamb.

Scroll down after the pictures for my impressions.

 photo 2fd39c55-6e87-4f0d-bb4b-af3601914a72_zpsfxbvhdh9.jpg  photo 04908058-6bc1-450b-80c4-06214db66c4e_zpspf8rzg7m.jpg  photo ccf94d7a-5660-4eb8-98d9-8f15bf6de461_zpsjtp7nqj3.jpg Things I loved about the restaurant:

– Actually this time I loved everything. Our waiter was extremely kind, helped with the wine and checked during the dinner if everything was ok. The owner also came to greet us and was lovely.

– Wine was exquisite – and I am not drinking red normally.

– Food was to die for. My suggestion: go for the simplest. Last time I had something overcomplicated with meat, eggs, whatever and I was not impressed. The Natural beef is exceptional, best meat I had in Luxembourg probably. Huge portion, tasty, heavenly cooked.

Things I did not love so much:

– Well, nothing. Only small complain I could have is that the room on side is extremely noisy. If you are young and with friends, it sounds amazing. If you are old and boring like me or out for a romantic date, you better stay in the main room. To be fair, we were actually proposed a table there but my husband chose to move to the room – men.

In conclusion, Däiwelskichen is now on the list of my favorite restaurants in town and I cannot wait to go back and have again that delicious beef!

Oldie but Goodie: Bick Stuff Restaurant, Luxembourg

It has been long time since my last visit to Bick Stuff. It was my favorite spot in the first year in Luxembourg, when I was living next block for a bit and later, when myself and my Megane were passing there in front each and every night. I don’t know if it ever happened to you, but sometimes when you close a period of your life, you try also to move on from the places where you were going, trying to cut it away from your memories..

Anyway. We decided to go to Bick Stuff for our Saturday date as last minute booking. We wanted something classic but fancy, and there are not a lot of places with this style in the city center.

Bick Stuff is just located quietly in the Clausen area, off the mainstream, but easy to get. You can spot the lightly restaurant sign from the street, even if the entrance is a bit hidden.

You will fall in love with the cozy décor. The restaurant is set just on a big room, wood all over, Christmas decorations all around. The attention to details is extreme: ornaments are not loud or trash. Small snow balls are on a shelter next to our table, a teddy bear is sitting on the couch overlooking the room, tiny lights on a tree at the entrance. The atmosphere is unreal but delicate, you can enjoy your dinner in a fairy tale mood. Obvious but true, perfect place for a date.

We had a cremant aperitif, quiches with leeks as amuse bouche, I went on the classic side with Fois Gras as starter and Filet de Boeuf as main, while my husband took the seasonal menu with terrine of pheasant and roe deer stew. Dishes were just perfect. The home made fois gras tasted different from every fois gras you have ever had before and it is join by delicious cereal bread. A pity that no salad/vegetables were proposed on the dish, as it was a bit too dry – I had the salad of my husband indeed. The beef was cooked with mushroom crust and accompanied by potatoes and a thin puff pastry with nutmeg. The portions were not tiny themselves: my husband had his dish filled three times with the lovely stew and we were really full at the end. During the dinner we drunk a delightful Saint-Emilion and my husband took from the list the last bottle of a Medoc 2004 to bring home. We concluded with Nespresso coffees and two Cognac.

Excluding the bottle we took home, we spent 100 euro each – of which 56 euro were for the Saint-Emilion bottle and 32 for the cognac. Not extremely cheap, neither on the luxury side, definitely commensurate to the enchanting dinner we had. Virginie was a perfect host, even if we were the last clients remained we never felt pressured to accelerate the timing.

A place recommended if you love the classic cuisine and you are not looking for food artifices: extremely good ingredients, perfect hospitality and graceful ambience are the distinctive elements of this lovely restaurant.

Bick Stuff
95, rue de Clausen
L-1342 – LUXEMBOURG (Luxembourg)

 photo 44c03436-6b7f-48fb-8f0f-73836401a4d1_zpsa2596e31.jpg
 photo b797e436-ce42-4160-89cc-f6ee912e8626_zps60f040a8.jpg