What to do – Brunching in Luxembourg

Spring is coming and I am a bit more willing of going out over the week-end, spending the day outside and not still in bed – is the same for you?
One of the things I love to do during Spring is The Brunch!

Where to brunch in Luxembourg? Which are the best brunch in Luxembourg?

I tried several brunches in Luxembourg and out, this is a quick summary with my impressions.

Feel free to add your favourite brunch spot!


Hitch – Limpesberg

Price: 24 euro per person, including one hot drink.
Variety: moderate.
Things I enjoyed most:
Salad bar & pizza
Buffet not really overcrowded and pretty “clean”
Really nice and relaxed environment
Nice service
Things I enjoyed less:
Starting from a certain point (no later than 1.30 pm), they stopped taking new food to the buffet. I wanted to have some fruits and pineapples – as I did not have them with salted dish, but the only things left at the “sweet” buffet were cakes. I asked the waiter about fruit and was told: – No, we are not bringing any more food in after 1.30 pm. A pity as brunch is supposed lo last until 3 pm but they force people to leave before.
Not much of healthy choices.
Tall tables are a bit uncomfortable.
Recommended: for a relaxed Sunday with friends, before a walk to the city center

Ikki – Clausen

Price: 38 euro, no beverages included
Variety: great
Things I enjoyed most:
Sushi bar, oysters, shrimps
Amazing choice of food – salads, hot dishes, cakes – whatever you could imagine, is there.
Things I enjoyed less:
Bit overcrowded in some moments, above all because of kids messing up at the buffets
A bit expensive if you are not planning to eat much
Service very bad: once they realized we were not ordering any alcoholic beverage, they ignored us even when we needed water or coffee
Reccomended: For a date or for a post hangover fancy meal

Chiggeri – Luxembourg City Centre

Price: 29 euro, only orange juice included as beverage
Variety: very moderate
Things I enjoyed most:
Nice atmosphere and location
Not overcrowded at all
Good service
Things I enjoyed a bit less:
Food is mainly composed by cold cuts, cheese and cakes: very limited choice for vegetarians and for healthy styles
As the choice is not so extensive, you got bored after once
Recommended: For out of towns visitors

Boos Café – Bridel (closed at the moment)

Price: depending on your order, starting from 30 euro
Variety: moderate
Things I enjoyed most:
Unbeatable location during summer
Very relaxed environment and lovely atmosphere
Refined dishes
Things I enjoyed a bit less:
Including the drinks, the total price is not cheap and the quantity very moderate
Terrible service
Recommended: For a relaxed and posh date or for a girly brunch

Maybe Not Bobs’s – Clausen

Price: 15.5 Euro including coffee and orange juice
Variety: moderate
Things I enjoyed most:
Informal environment
Cheap bill
Fancy food for hangover or big appetites
Things I enjoyed a bit less:
Not a top quality brunch
It might be crowded and a bit too noisy
Recommended for: A lads-only brunch or hangover cure

La Table du Pain – City Centre and Gare

Price: different formulas, from 10 euro
Variety: good
Things I enjoyed most:
It is more a big and late breakfast than a real brunch, but the atmosphere is delicate, service good, prices fair and above all I love the croissants!
During summer, at the City Centre location, you can have your meal on the terrace.
Things I enjoyed a bit less:
I really don’t like the shared jam jars. Sometimes you find small pieces of bread inside and people are enjoying double dip, definitely not hygienic at all.
There also might be a greater choice on the salty side (avocado toast maybe?)
Recommended for: Feeling like in Paris for a morning

Mudam Cafe’ – Kirchberg

Price: from 21 euro
Variety: good
Things I enjoyed most:
Have you ever had brunch in a museum? Well – this is the most amazing thing about brunching at Mudam. The atmosphere is amazing, fair service and there is a great attention to details.
Vegetarian options and biological drinks.
Food is served on platters at the table (so no buffet)
Things I enjoyed a bit less:
It is an alcohol free brunch and it is very children friendly. These might be not negative points for some, indeed 🙂
Recommended for: a cultural Sunday, alternative spirits and families

Other brunches in my “to try list”

Bouneweger Stuff – Bonnevoie
Price range: Mid
My crew says: Fancy food, vegetarian options, hipster atmosphere, a bit disappointing service.

Buvette @ Rotondes – Bonnevoie
Price range: Mid
My crew says: Lovely atmosphere, children friendly, nice terrace during summer, tasty food.

Kathy’s Cupcakery – Gare
Price range: Mid
My crew says: Very cozy and a bit girly, choose it if you are more on the sweet side brunch than the salty one. Only on Saturdays, closed on Sundays.

Comme a La Maison – Merl/Hollerich
Price range: Mid – High
My crew says: Another alternative place if you don’t like being stuck in the usual city center mess, authentic Italian food and great service

Le Bec Fin – City Centre
Price: 29 Euro
My crew says: Great choice of Italian food, huge spaces and children friendly. It is the restaurant of the next hotel, so a bit of old-fashion feelings in the service.

Ready – Limpesberg
Price: 19.5 Euro
My crew says: The brunch is held once per month and unfortunately is sold out after minutes the event goes online. The place is cosy and the food is healthy but tasty.

Danish Deli – City Centre
Price: 19 Euro on Saturdays, 21 euro on Sundays
My crew says: Brunch is served on a plat on Saturdays and at the buffet on Sundays. It is the perfect choice during a Saturday around for shopping, while the Sunday one has a bit of odd choices included.

Hotel Koener – Clearvaux
Price range: Mid – High
My crew says: As the weather is improving, why not combining the brunch with a trip out of town? The style of the venue is very classic, but the food is worth it.

Brasserie Le Neumunster – Grund
Price: 32 Euro
My crew says: Above all during summer is the perfect location, also considering you can have a free Jazz concert included.

Cathy Goedert – City Centre
Price: 27.5 Euro
My crew says: I personally find the location very overrated, above all considering the prices and the level of service. Anyway, the atmosphere for the brunch is generally nice and it is an easy choice if you are in the city

Montefiore sul Palco – City Centre
Price: 25 Euro or 30 Euro with cremant
My crew says: Organic food in a cosy location in the city centre. Choices are limited due to space, but food is tasty.

Giovanni Rana – Foetz
Price: Mid – High
My crew says: Buffet of starters, a duo of pasta and wide choice of dessert. It is not typically a brunch, but an Italian family lunch. Perfect indeed for celebrations and gatherings.

Other places out of the city:

A Guddesch – Beringer – Euro 29.5 per person



2 thoughts on “What to do – Brunching in Luxembourg

  1. Please can you go and test the Restaurant ‘le Bec Fin’ on 5 Avenue Marie Therese? It has just launched the most sumptuous buffet brunch in Luxembourg with both an unrivaled choice of food (oysters, foire gras, sushi, prime beef fillet etc.) but also a kids club with entertainers and their own separate healthy food brunch (for ages 3-9, there is on offer: face painting, balloon animals, magic shows and plenty of other activities to keep the little ones occupied). €35 for adults and €12.50 for children. For an additional €20 there is free-flowing Champagne, wines and beers… every Sunday. Bookings can be made via the Facebook page or the website


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