Afterwork Live Music by Red Cross at Café des Capucins

On September 23rd, I participated to an after-work event by Red Cross International at Café des Capucins. I was a bit concerned before attending, as I was afraid of being in the middle of an old fashion and boring charity event, where charity workers would pray old and rich ladies to contribute for some silly cause.

This was not definitely the case! The after-work event with live music organized by Red Cross International at Cafe’ des Capucines was everything but boring!
First of all: we were all relatively young people, mostly still in professional attires, drinking and chatting around. Then: there was live music with several interesting bands. Kevin Heine, Vigor and IRINA volunteered playing and they made a wonderful show. There was also copious food provided for free by the Café des Capucins.
At the end, it was indeed a lovely social event where you could have also the opportunity to fund a charity organization (there was an entry fee of 3 Euro) and to learn more about their scope.

The Luxembourg Red Cross – International Section is part of the world’s largest humanitarian network – the International Red Cross. All the people working in Luxembourg for its support are doing it as volunteers, so, for free. They provided their support in several different way, working at the venue. The funds raised at Café des Capucins – around 2,000 euro – were collected through single donations and from sponsors’ contributions. They would be sent to the Red Cross International and will be used for Syrian refugees support.

For me, for once, was really nice to combine the nice atmosphere of an after-work with charity purposes. I had a quick chat with some of the organizers and in fact they explained me the Red Cross International Section is mainly supported by English speaking volunteers and they try to organize social and funny events to reach also the youngest part of the population and the expats – Luxembourgish Red Cross, on the other side, takes care of corporate events.

If you are interested to join next events or to be part of Red Cross international community, you can find more information here.

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 photo 086827bd-3cb7-4a0d-8b22-b563eb9f9d9a_zpsvohwkhte.jpg


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