What to do this week end: Vianden Nut Market (Veiner Nessmoort)

The Nut Market in Vianden (“Veiner Nessmoort“) is one of those events I tend never to skip in Luxembourg (like the National Party and the Schueberfouer).
If you have never been there, you are lucky enough, because the festivity is going to be exactly this Sunday, October 11th – and normally each and every year takes place usually the second Sunday of October, along Vianden Gran-Rue.
The small village of Vianden, in the North of Luxembourg, that with its castle is already very suggestive and romantic, becomes for one day a huge fair place, with activities for kids and adults, music, drinks and a lot of traditional food, most of which prepared with nuts.
The Nut Market is starting in the morning, around 10 am, and there will be stands with nuts, products made with nuts (oh, try the nuts bread or the nuts pate’ please and tell me you don’t love them!). There will be stands selling the traditional Nut Liquor (Nëssdrëpp or Nut-Schnaps, made with still-green nuts put in the brandy), and as usual Luxembourgish biers and sausages, Spätzle, flammkuchen and potatoes. For the kids, there will be stands with music and activities and they can buy them the small pot of nuts, wrapped in the traditional red hanky, to bring home.

Some hints:

Try to arrive not too late (12ish is already a good deal) and park at the P+R (Park&Ride) before getting to Vianden city center. The village will be crowded and most of the area will be only pedestrian for the day (Gran-Rue and Rue de La Gare will be closed until 7 pm). From the P+R there will be a bus shuttle that will deposit you just in the middle of the party, at Mont St. Nicolas, located at the footsteps of the castle. The shuttle is free. If you decide to stop before and park at the Camping du Moulin in the valley, Benni, the famous touristic train of Vianden, will drop you at the main bus station in the Lower-Town of Vianden.

Take cash with you. There is only one ATM – cash machine in Vianden city center and normally it is always packed or out of order. Most of the stands are not accepting credit cards and at that point will be too late to go somewhere else to withdraw money. Count not only the cash you would need for your lunch/snack and drinks, but also for “take away products” you would be glad to have bought (bottles of nut liquor for Christmas or nut salami to keep in the fridge and surprise your guests).

Have a sober driver. With biers and nut liquors, you might be tempted to drink a glass too much. While drinking and driving is always not a good idea, in this case it can be particularly dangerous, as controls out of the village will be going on all day long to avoid accidents on the pretty long way back to the city.

– If you are (or you feel) young, after you visit the market, had your sausage and your bier, you can move down to the river side, where one of the bar down the main bridge, Auberge de l’Our, arranges a great after party with mojito, champagne and disco music.

Have fun then & send us your best pictures of the Nessmoort – these are some of mine from previous years!

 photo 6258f223-6f94-4a58-970b-e3d3767cda9c_zpss9ieru9w.jpg

 photo 04858ae9-9517-40ab-806b-f3bec2d25abc_zpstay9t9qb.jpg

 photo 9a31d86b-c5a0-47a7-a280-0fa663d70b7c_zpsvtubegcw.jpg
 photo 10073617-44f2-4ab8-ba45-2c9be5ef0ccb_zpsu8uayhvs.jpg
 photo a7adfca0-c3cf-4f57-8aad-e778332a5a83_zpsglmkr5ea.jpg

Afterwork Live Music by Red Cross at Café des Capucins

On September 23rd, I participated to an after-work event by Red Cross International at Café des Capucins. I was a bit concerned before attending, as I was afraid of being in the middle of an old fashion and boring charity event, where charity workers would pray old and rich ladies to contribute for some silly cause.

This was not definitely the case! The after-work event with live music organized by Red Cross International at Cafe’ des Capucines was everything but boring!
First of all: we were all relatively young people, mostly still in professional attires, drinking and chatting around. Then: there was live music with several interesting bands. Kevin Heine, Vigor and IRINA volunteered playing and they made a wonderful show. There was also copious food provided for free by the Café des Capucins.
At the end, it was indeed a lovely social event where you could have also the opportunity to fund a charity organization (there was an entry fee of 3 Euro) and to learn more about their scope.

The Luxembourg Red Cross – International Section is part of the world’s largest humanitarian network – the International Red Cross. All the people working in Luxembourg for its support are doing it as volunteers, so, for free. They provided their support in several different way, working at the venue. The funds raised at Café des Capucins – around 2,000 euro – were collected through single donations and from sponsors’ contributions. They would be sent to the Red Cross International and will be used for Syrian refugees support.

For me, for once, was really nice to combine the nice atmosphere of an after-work with charity purposes. I had a quick chat with some of the organizers and in fact they explained me the Red Cross International Section is mainly supported by English speaking volunteers and they try to organize social and funny events to reach also the youngest part of the population and the expats – Luxembourgish Red Cross, on the other side, takes care of corporate events.

If you are interested to join next events or to be part of Red Cross international community, you can find more information here.

 photo 74a33ac0-ac1c-474b-a6fa-b518423eb7a4_zpspewvef8t.jpg
 photo fb66437e-1bc9-4a2f-aae6-be5a91940e1d_zpsakudnxvt.jpg
 photo 967222d5-2682-4d5a-ae8a-ca7d6f0c2853_zpsi7ufsa76.jpg
 photo 05e42767-8db3-40e0-a6c9-eaa7dfc5d9fc_zpsuturzt11.jpg
 photo 6527b8e4-01ef-4fe0-bc91-0bcdba845c8a_zpsjvd22ej5.jpg
 photo c0ea8726-45bc-43de-9f28-a9d4511fd82c_zpszrlml492.jpg
 photo 086827bd-3cb7-4a0d-8b22-b563eb9f9d9a_zpsvohwkhte.jpg

Walking Appetizer at IVI: never seen such bad thing before

If you are following my blog, you know I am not really used writing bad reviews. I always tend to give places (and people) a second chance and try to justify them for their bad moments.

About yesterday night, unfortunately, I can really difficulty find any justification.

Starting from the beginning.

Since IVI opened, back before summer, I was really curious to try it. I like the location and I was very interested to their creative and innovative cuisine style.

Never having had the opportunity to pass by before, I learned about one of the events they organize, the Walking Appetizer night. I exchange some emails with them and they explained me that for a quite small fee (15 euro each), you have access all night to the kitchen, with small dishes distributed around during the event. It seemed interesting, so I booked, together with Anna, my place.

We arrived about 8 pm (the event lasted till 1 am), given our names to the entrance and for 15 euros each we received a bracelet and we headed to the bar. The location was pretty full but not packed. The waiter came to us and suggested a cocktail. We agreed and here came the first disappointment of the night.

I am pretty keen of paying even 20 euro for a good cocktail – I am famous for my passion for Gins that are not cheap – but I am not willing to pay 15 euro for a mini glass of what was basically strawberry juice with a lot of decorations. My friend’s drink was exactly the same, she was just sassier enough to ask for a refill.

Still frustrated for our drinks, we looked around realizing all people were basically eating peanuts. We waited. After a good half an hour in the place, a waiter with a platter of food – the first we have seen since our arrival – passed very fast in front of us, so fast I had to stop him to ask if I may have something to eat. He was almost reluctant, as I supposed he was heading directly to a group of “friends”. We soon discovered the appetizer was including peanuts butter and my friend is allergic, so I tasted it alone. It was great and it turned on my interest.

Unfortunately for the next half hour, again, we just waited. No food showed up in front of us. Basically in 1 hour there, only a small platter was taken to the room.

We were tired and disappointed. We spent 15 euro to drink a juice and further 15 for 1 appetizer in 1 hour, so we left.

I was not expecting to have a proper dinner, but at least that appetizers were coming more often. To me, it looked only a pretty bad scam to have people spending money on expensive (and silly) drinks.

Never again.


(BTW we moved to Brasserie Lorrainne and we enjoyed our night any case)

Luxembourg will have its Fashion Week End: The Fashion Days

I was always surprised that, in a cosmopolitan and international place like Luxembourg, where people are interested to fashion trends and more and more new brands have been created, there was not a renowned Fashion Week, like in most of European and world capitals.

Finally, this year I get the possibility to get introduced to the Luxembourg Fashion Days, an extraordinary event that will happen on the week end of October 23rd at Casino 2000 in Mondorf-Les-Bains.
The event will take place on Friday evening, starting from 7 pm, and Saturday afternoon, starting from 5 pm, and on the program there will be fashion shows, work shops, presentation of young stylists and a designer fashion award.

You will find a complete list of the designers that will be presented to the kermesse here.

I am personally coming from one of the world fashion city, Milan, where mostly only well-known and famous brands made it on the news. Hence, it is definitely refreshing to see so many young designers and a real focus on the “country sector“, as on the Luxembourg Fashion Days. In particular, the 1st StartUp Designer Awards recognized the talent of young stylists with less than three years experience.
I had a small tour among stylists that will be present at the event, and I have to say I cannot wait to be there! I cannot hide that I am particularly excited also to see again Passe-moi l’ sel cherie collection, after getting in touch with the brand at last Janette event.
I will be there with my partner in crime Anna and we will provide a detailed chronicle of the fashion shows.

Do you want also to participate to the Fashion Days in Luxembourg?

You can either buy your ticket here or you can participate to the ticket giveaway on Barefoot in Luxembourg FB page here. There are 2×2 tickets for Friday 23rd October and 2×2 tickets for Saturday 24th October for free, so, hurry up!

Hope to see you there!

L’Osteria di Niederanven, Niederanven

On Sunday, hubby and I decided to treat ourselves with our usual lunch out and we headed to Osteria di Niederanven, in the village of Niederanven, just ten minutes driving from Luxembourg city center.
The restaurant was full and we were accommodated to a rustic table in the middle of the main room – a six chairs table where we occupied one side and another couple was occupying the other.
The menu has an Italian imprinting and includes several choices between fish, meat, pasta and pizza, with the last two categories being the most extensive.

I went for a Diet coke and some sparkling water and ordered Vitello tonnato (veal with tuna mayonnaise sauce) as starter and Linguini with zucchini and clams as main. Hubby opted for a mixed Italian starter and some filled fresh pasta with scamorza cheese, eggplants and bacon and a small bottle of red wine.

After the pictures of our lunch, you will find my impression.

 photo 5ee101d3-cb77-4a5f-b0c9-3e6b29e4a679_zpspruafhy6.jpg
 photo fea4b658-390a-4df3-8e82-3fb102f27f1e_zps1ucrlbes.jpg
 photo b3ea8857-8e8e-4008-9470-cf7fdee2e809_zpsgn29ttfo.jpg

 photo 8237292a-3b2e-451d-8345-5680cfcce002_zpszgdxhbdf.jpg

What I liked about Osteria di Niederanven:
– The location and the ambience are great, one of the best I have visited in the last months. Tables, cloths, decorations, everything is extremely rustic but made with attention to details. Being just some minutes away from the city center, you have the impression dining at an old aunt’ countryside house. Lovely.
Service was friendly and positive. We were left our time to decide even if we arrived past 1 pm, wine was always served by the waiter and we were not in a hurry to leave.
– The menu card is extensive and you have several great choices. Looking at the dishes that were passing in from of me for other tables, I was each and every time tempted to take something different as everything looked so good. I think the best dish taken to our table was the mixed starter hubby ordered.

What I liked a bit less:
– The location is very noisy when full, above all, if, like us, you are in the middle of the room. Ask for a table window side, it is more relaxing and quieter.
– My food choice was not impressive. The Vitello tonnato portion was way too big for being a starter (and I had big appetite!) and even if the quality of the meat was very good, it started to be filling after a while. My Linguini were extremely disappointing: zucchini were almost missing and the dish was extremely dry, started to have some taste (of clams) only at the end, when the portion was almost over. It could be that I did the wrong choice, as said, hubby’ starter was good and he told me also his pasta was fine – even if industrial and not homemade.
– I had the feeling that we paid a bit too much for what we had (two starters, two pasta dishes, half bottle wine, Diet Coke, water and one espresso were over 110 euro…), maybe because I was not very satisfied by my dishes.

In conclusion, Osteria di Niederanven is a very lovely location, immerse in a fairy tales atmosphere. My lunch was not extraordinary, but I might give it a second chance to confirm or review my first impression. Portions are huge, so, in case, next time, I will opt only for one dish.

Barefoot in Luxembourg meets People: Meet Zach and Mariano

For the third chapter of the series “Barefoot in Luxembourg meets People”, today we will get to know better Mariano and Zach, two lads with different backgrounds but several passions in common.


What is your name? What do your friends call you?
: My name is Zach, and this is the way my friends are used to call me, although Zachou is very well used by a few ones
Mariano: My name is Mariano Della Porta. My friends used to call me ‘Tanguero’ because my second activity and my passion is the Argentinian Tango.

Describe yourself with three words.
: I would say that the adjectives which come the most when people are talking about me are smiling, energetic, optimistic and attentive (well, that’s four).
Mariano: The three words that describe myself are positive, determined and smiling.

How long have you been living in Luxembourg? What are you doing here?
: I’ve been in Luxembourg City for two years now, straight from Shanghai, working as an actuary and risk analyst within financial institutions.
M: I’ve been in Luxembourg for three years now, working in fashion.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
: I’ve been led to like this city a lot after two years in its walls. In five years I will still be here !
M: In five years I will still be here as well then 🙂

What do you like doing in your spare time?
During my spare time, I am organizing afterworks for expatriates and locals. This is one of the things I loved about Luxembourg, its huge potential of young people coming from everywhere due to European institutions, banks and so on. That’s why we created with two friends MixinLux, an association mixing new comers, locals, cool and young, and making them meet each other with a drink and really good music.
Besides this, traveling is my other hobby. One of the other thing I like about Luxembourg. You can travel any place you want quite easily with fair prices.
M: During my spare time I am dancing tango and I am organizing amazing afterworks:  with Zach, I am one of the founder of MinInLux. MixInLux aims to gather young professionals, expats and new comers around in a same place, after work, with nice music and drinks. The main underlying idea is to meet friends, friends of friends, colleagues…

What is your most beloved place in Luxembourg?
: There are a lot of beloved places for me in town. On the bars’ side, it all depends of your mood and the people you’re going with. But the Jakob’s (drinks and atmosphere) in Clausen, the Bouneweger Stuff (chilling) in Bonnevoie, the Vinoteca (view and talking), the Zanzen (chilling and view) or the Urban (beer and atmosphere) are one of my favorites.
M: I don’t have only one beloved place in Luxembourg city, but my best place is the Jakob’s House in Clausen because there is an exceptional service and at the same time the restaurant is amazing.

What is your favorite restaurant in Luxembourg?
: On the restaurants’ side, I really like the Japanese Aka Cite’. For pizzas, Il Punto downtown with no doubt. For cheese and wine, La Cave a Fromages near the train station of course (so nice owners).
M: My favorite restaurants in Luxembourg are Il Punto and Al Bacio for pizza and Italian food.

What is your preferred night-life spot in Luxembourg?
: Night life spot ? All of them 🙂
M: My favorite night-life spot is Rocas with no doubt, because you have a possibility to listen anytime original music, sipping an excellent beer or good rhum. In other words, I love simple places where good music comes first.

Do you have a favorite drink?
: My favorite drink is the Aperol Spritz. I fall in love with this cocktail. But a Battin or a good rum definitely works fine!
M: My favorite drink is as well the Aperol Spritz, but I am also a fan of a good beer with a good cigar.

Where do you do your shopping usually?
: As everybody in Luxembourg, I’m shopping on Saturdays at Auchan, Kirchberg, where I usually meet all the people I know in Luxembourg at one time. Except that this time, they wear sneakers instead of suit shoes 🙂
M: I’m shopping for food as well at Auchan , Kirchberg, but my favorite shop for clothes is Boggi Milano where I’m working 🙂

What do you like about Luxembourg life?
: As mentioned earlier, I really like to simply go out and meet people coming from all around the world, with different stories and interests. Most of them traveled a lot, which give us a point in common! I also find Luxembourg very beautiful and rich in history. I really like just hanging out on the Vauban itinerary within the city’s walls and discovering the city.
M: I like life in Luxembourg for many reasons. For example you can meet people coming from all around the world, with different cultures and interests. In this city you have less stress and more social life.

What would you improve?
: The thing I would like to see improved is the buses connection in the city by night. We lose sometimes a lot of time in public transports to reach two different places, and if you miss one, the remaining option is walking. Having buses on a more regular basis would make the Luxembourg night life more dynamic.
M: It may seems strange but in Luxembourg there is nothing to improve, because it is a country in continuous evolution. Maybe the bus drivers !!!

What is the best place you visited in a range of 200 km from the city and that you would suggest for a daily trip?
: In a 200km distance from Luxembourg for a day trip, I would suggest Strasbourg. Lovely city, atypical downtown, nice food and a lot of things to do/visit. For history lovers, Verdun really worth it.
M: Metz 🙂 because Metz dedicates two weeks to the Mirabelle plum during the popular Mirabelle Festival held in august.

What is the best adjective to describe Luxembourg?
: Luxembourg in one word would be ‘unexpected‘. After two years, I’m still discovering something new in the city, a like path, a bar, some people, or a place to visit.
M: ‘Romantic’ city.

If you want to know more about the organization Mariano and Zach are the founders, head to Mix in Lux FB page or join their next event at Jakob’s House on September 24th.

Artistes Résidants, Espace H20, Oberkorn

Last week, together with the sweet Sunny from My Orchasy, I visited the vernissage of the exposition “Artistes Résidants” at Espace H20 in Oberkorn.

There were several interesting artworks presented at the event and I was impressed by the kind of different emotions that each and every artist was expressing.


The exhibition is open until October 4th, so you are still on time to pay a visit!

More information could be find here.

As not my usual amateur pictures were requested by the beauty of the artworks, I have asked Sunny to share her pictures with me. Visit her blog to follow her amazing photography work.
DSC_8355 DSC_8356 DSC_8357 DSC_8358 DSC_8361 DSC_8362 DSC_8363 DSC_8366 DSC_8371 DSC_8372 DSC_8374 DSC_8376 DSC_8378 DSC_8379 DSC_8381 DSC_8385 DSC_8390


What to do – Bonnevoie

I had great feedbacks from the first post of the series “What to do”, so I decided to publish another post sooner than expected. Thank you also for all the lovely comments you left and for sharing my article! I am going to try all the places in the Station area you suggested very fast! As Ruxandra said in her comment, having a good recommendation will help you trying a spot you maybe passed in front hundreds of time but never get a chance to stop, giving you more confidence!

Today we go ahead visiting Bonnevoie area. I know Bonnevoie is not considered by many as a fashion area of the city, but having lived there for 9 years, I learned to love it deeply and I find really difficult considering moving out!

Once again, please comment with your favorite spots around the area!

Where to go when you want to pamper
Bubbles Hairdresser
I am really jealous about my hair. I used to have long hair for more than half of my life and even now that I got a shorter cut for couple of years, I tend to use great products and to be really careful about cuts and coloring. Ca va sans dire, I think I have changed at least a dozen of hairdressers in Luxembourg, as I was never satisfied. Since Rosario moved his shop, Bubbles Haidresser,  to Bonnevoie, I have been a loyal client and I have recommended it also to friends.
I tend to go there during the week, when they are less busy and they can give you all the necessary attention. After years of going out from the hairdresser looking at the mirror and saying: “What the f*ck have they done?” now finally for me it is the time to giggle: “Beautiful me”.

Where to go when you want a relaxed after-work
Bouneweger Stuff
I started to go to the Bouneweger Stuff when it was not yet mainstream (I also cooked there for their event “Chef for one night”!)  and I honestly sometimes find annoying when, above all during summer, it is so packed. But at the end, being just few steps from my apartment, I find it the perfect place when you want to have a chat with a friend without the urge of dressing up like you go to the city center. And the Joslette (not sure  I am writing the name correctly, but it is Pimm’s plus Ginger Ale) is one of the best cocktail ever!
Why not
If Bouneweger Stuff is too packed, I walked few blocks down to the “Why Not” cafe’. They also have a sunny lovely terrace – even bigger -, fairly priced drinks and friendly environment, kind of place you like to go when you want to meet someone, have some booze and fun, without any stress. Check out their page, as they have also pretty good live music nights.

Where to go when you want to get inked
Absolut Ink
To come back to the earlier discussion, your tattooist is like your hairdresser. You should trust him and when you find the good one you must not change it. This was my case, after several tattoos around, when I started hanging out at Christophe’s Absolut Ink – I already wrote an article about his shop here. Pass by to this bright and spacious studio for your tattoos, piercings, shopping some unique accessories as bags or watches, or for one of the music event they organize from time to time (next one, in collaboration with Luxuriant, will be on September 26th).

Where to go when you need to shop for a vegan dinner
Not only vegan, but also gluten-free, lacto-free and bio products, together with fresh fruit and vegetables. Definitely not cheap and not for your daily shopping if you are on a budget, but for sure a reference point for specific food products. I love the vegan mushroom pate’, the dried fruits, the kamut pasta and the miso soups.

Where to go when you want some “pizza al taglio”
Pastificio La Modenese
“Pizza al taglio” is an institution in Italy. In a simplistic way, it is like the normal pizza, but squared and small, and you normally eat it between proper meals, as a snack. There are tons of shops in Italy and you can ask to take it away in a box – great to eat on the couch with a Pepsi Max watching Geordie Shore 🙂
Well, I didn’t know there were any “pizza al taglio” shop in Luxembourg before finding out my husband was having breakfast at “La Modenese” with some pizza salami and not at the next Fisher. The pizza is really Italian, great taste, very greasy. They have also home made lasagna and regional products. You can have lunch on spot.
Just a small note: they close at 6 pm.

Where to go when you want to take a friend out on a budget
L’Atelier del Gusto
Located in the heart of Bonnevoie, this truly Italian grocery shop offers several regional products (including Birra Moretti, ‘nduja and burrata) and a tiny restaurant, informal and familiar, where to eat based on the daily suggestions. You can have a mixed ham & cheese platter or try one of the lovely pasta Angela, the chef, is preparing.
Check out the event calendar: for big appetites and empty wallets, the Panzerotti night is amazing!

Bonus Track: Where to go for a nice dinner
I talked about on the blog about my favorite fish place, La Gambahere and here. And I had also some words about Matese, a Carpini chain restaurant, just behind the Station, great when you are too lazy to cook, and recommended also La Veranda, an authentic Italian, here.
At the middle of my personal ranking in Bonnevoie, I would put the “Bay of Bengala”, brother of the Royal Bengala in Merl. The food is excellent, one of the best Indian in town, but the service and the attitude of the manager/waiters sucks, really, so much I find annoying going there and prefer to order their delivery at home – I shared this view with my sister and another friend who went to this place, so I think something needs to be changed, as it is a pity for such good restaurant!
La Bonne Auberge“, at the roundabout, is a fairly good place: the menu is very long and normally when they do too many things, I don’t like it, but here almost everything is good quality: I tried the pizza (tiny and fair enough taste), the fish and the meat (good quality, high substance) even if the reason for me to suggest this place is definitely the “Picanha” night, where, for a reasonable price, you will be served with meat, chips, beans, rice, banana, all night long. Bonus point: they have one of the best waiters I have been served by in Luxembourg!
Another nice spot is Le Puits Magique, which propose traditional Portuguese food, with a limited choice, in a familiar environment.
You won’t find anything too posh in Bonnevoie, I am sorry – this is gonna be the next chapter (Clausen!)

Barefoot in Luxembourg meets people: Claire Bonello

For the series “Barefoot in Luxembourg meets people” today we will discover something more about Claire, a fellow blogger and a proofreader who moved to Luxembourg not so much ago…


What is your name?

What do your friends call you?
I don’t really have a nickname.

Describe yourself in three words.
Passionate, reliable, and creative.

How long have you been living in Luxembourg?
Only 8 months.

What are you doing here?
I moved with my boyfriend, who’s got a job with the EU institutions. I currently work as a freelance English and Maltese proofreader (www.clairebonello.com/proofreading).

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?
With a more stable life, very possibly still in Luxembourg.

What do you like doing in your spare time?
I love to blog (www.clairebonello.com), to read (mostly English literature), to watch films and TV shows, and definitely to visit new restaurants.

What is your most beloved place in Luxembourg?
Anywhere in the beautiful countryside – I feel so lucky to be able to be so close to such stunning stretches of countryside.

What is your favorite restaurant in Luxembourg?
This is difficult, particularly since there are so many that I haven’t tried yet, and there are also so many different types of cuisine… it’s very hard to choose! I loved Beim Siggy  (gorgeous on a sunny day) and Heringer Millen (beautiful food in Mullerthal), but I also have a soft spot for Indian restaurants (Everest near the Gare and Swagat in Strassen are my favorites, I think).

What is your preferred night-life spot in Luxembourg?
I’m not one to go out much at night (unless there’s an awesome concert), but there’s a bar called Liquid in the Grund which has lovely live music and cider on tap.

Do you have a favorite drink?
I do love a gin and tonic with Hendricks gin and a slice of cucumber.

Where do you do your shopping usually?
I don’t have a car yet, so I usually pop to the Delhaize close to my apartment. For clothes, I seem to own a few too many H&M dresses.

What do you like about Luxembourg life?
There’s a lot of good food, a lot of different, wonderful people, and a lot of greenery (and four distinct seasons).

What would you improve?
For me: my French! It really keeps me from enjoying life to the full – mostly because I’m often too scared to do things or go places because I’m scared of the language barrier (even though most people speak good English). In Luxembourg, I would love for some more information to be offered in English (even though I understand that publishing things in three languages is already too burdensome at the best of times).

What is the best place you visited in a range of 200 km from the city and that you would suggest for a daily trip?
I’m going to stay within Luxembourg, and say Mullerthal, Vianden, and the Upper-Sûre lake.

What is the best adjective to describe Luxembourg?
Luxembourgish! It’s definitely a special place with its own character. 🙂

If you want to know more about Claire and follow her journey in Luxembourg, check our her blog here.



A new cozy wine bar: La bulle de vin, Luxembourg

On Friday night, I have been invited to the re-opening of La bulle de vin, a very stylish wine bar located in the Old Town, just next door to Companero.

The bar and the restaurant were already open to the public but the new management invites friends for a tasting to celebrate the re-launch.

The bar, as structure, used to be one of my favorite in town when it was still called “PM”, but the previous managements were not able to valorize such great architecture.

 photo bb9e77f2-2c1c-47e1-9667-c17e845013a5_zps6tui1jdj.jpg

The concept now is that the entrance hall is dedicated to chill out: the music is soft, each table has great own space and you can relax, drink and chat.

 photo 192c9714-9ca7-4ecf-b67b-d3bf8c3acf05_zpsywxdi4tm.jpg

Going down, the middle floor is working as restaurant.

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Then, down at the basement, a stunning high-ceiling “party room” with a dedicated bar. This room has higher volume music (with a separated system from upstairs) and tall tables. You know, I am kind of claustrophobic in this basement Old Town bars, but actually here you have a very high staircase leading outside.

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Back to the bar offer, La bulle de vin has an outstanding quality value. They offers great, non-commercial wines at fair prices. You can also have champagne and wine tastings – they change each month – and, to accompany your glasses, you can combine delicious platter of cheese and charcuterie. .

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Yesterday evening we had tasted three types of wine – plus a glass of pink champagne to bubble before leaving. Wines were great and the bar personnel is well prepared to explain you the wine background. We only had some finger food but looking at the dishes that were arriving at other tables, I am definitely motivated to come back for food. Environment is trendy but not formal.

The basement party room could be also privatized for parties and La bulle de vin organizes special events like Wine Tasting for Girls – subscribe their newsletter to receive update on the events!