Luxembourg will have its Fashion Week End: The Fashion Days

I was always surprised that, in a cosmopolitan and international place like Luxembourg, where people are interested to fashion trends and more and more new brands have been created, there was not a renowned Fashion Week, like in most of European and world capitals.

Finally, this year I get the possibility to get introduced to the Luxembourg Fashion Days, an extraordinary event that will happen on the week end of October 23rd at Casino 2000 in Mondorf-Les-Bains.
The event will take place on Friday evening, starting from 7 pm, and Saturday afternoon, starting from 5 pm, and on the program there will be fashion shows, work shops, presentation of young stylists and a designer fashion award.

You will find a complete list of the designers that will be presented to the kermesse here.

I am personally coming from one of the world fashion city, Milan, where mostly only well-known and famous brands made it on the news. Hence, it is definitely refreshing to see so many young designers and a real focus on the “country sector“, as on the Luxembourg Fashion Days. In particular, the 1st StartUp Designer Awards recognized the talent of young stylists with less than three years experience.
I had a small tour among stylists that will be present at the event, and I have to say I cannot wait to be there! I cannot hide that I am particularly excited also to see again Passe-moi l’ sel cherie collection, after getting in touch with the brand at last Janette event.
I will be there with my partner in crime Anna and we will provide a detailed chronicle of the fashion shows.

Do you want also to participate to the Fashion Days in Luxembourg?

You can either buy your ticket here or you can participate to the ticket giveaway on Barefoot in Luxembourg FB page here. There are 2×2 tickets for Friday 23rd October and 2×2 tickets for Saturday 24th October for free, so, hurry up!

Hope to see you there!


3 thoughts on “Luxembourg will have its Fashion Week End: The Fashion Days

  1. I don’t have Facebook but I’d love to go on Friday as I have plans for Saturday! I think I’ll just buy tickets so I don’t miss out, it seems like fun – what day will you be there?

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