Barefoot in Luxembourg meets people: @fashion_lawyer

For the new chapter of the series “Barefoot in Luxembourg meets people”, today we are introduced to @fashion_lawyer, my personal fashion icon in Luxembourg and a shining star over Instagram panorama, with her 33,000 followers.FullSizeRender

What is your name?
It is short and sweet and Arabic for “God’s gift” – I was born in the middle of a civil war and my parents considered life as a gift. It pronounces differently in Swedish/English/French from Arabic and I have learned to live with that.

Describe yourself with three words.
Sociable, witty and intelligent (in no particular order).

How long have you been living in Luxembourg?
I have been living here since May 2013 – so little over two years!

What are you doing here?
I came initially for one year as part of an exchange program with my then employer, the largest law firm in the world, and then agreed to extend for another year. Finally I accepted a permanent employment here, resigned from my home office, just to accept an offer with another law firm only a few months later, where I am currently.

How do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Running steadily in the squirrel wheel….

Tell us about your Instagram account!
Well, I started about two years ago with no followers and completely secretly.
As the number of followers grew, I decided to remain as anonymous as possible, as I display a lot of consumption and I consider how this may come across towards colleagues and clients.
I have grown organically and not to mention very unimaginably and with time, colleagues and friends are starting to recognize me, which I don’t really mind.
I just haven’t decided if that kind of account is really compatible with being a lawyer or not. And by the way – I don’t work within fashion, it was just the unfortunate nickname I took when I started which I can’t seem to want to change.
I work with banking, finance and capital markets which is totally unexciting in comparison (I imagine). But, at least, the lawyer part is true!

What do you like doing in your spare time?
I shop! I sing! I dine out! I argue with my husband! I have drinks with friends! I travel! I work out! And I Instagram it all!

What is your most beloved place in Luxembourg?
All of my answers appear crazy in writing – I mean can I write my current office or the Chanel shop without appearing insane? Otherwise, I really like the hotel Le Place d’Armes, I have stayed there several times and a lot of my guests have too, it is just the epitome of beauty.

What is your favorite restaurant in Luxembourg?
Oh I have many small little gems – if I would chose one it would be restaurant Maho in Clausen. I used to like it for business dinners as well as dining with friends outside on their terrace, and ever since they organized my 35th birthday and combined surprise wedding celebration, I am just in love with that place. Food is wonderful and especially the Chateaubriand from their “Maho à deux“-menu. Even while served to 40 people, it maintained super quality.

What is your preferred night-life spot in Luxembourg?
I am old and don’t do a lot of night living after midnight anymore but if I would have to chose, it would be White House, simply because that is where I end up. Palais is a nice bar to sit at until 2 in the morning otherwise.

Do you have a favorite drink?
I am particularly fond of the crémant of Alice Hartmann, (the crème de la crème of crémants, as a Maho waiter once told me the first time I tried it). A good Gin Hendricks or an espresso martini (or why not a dry one – provided they are well done) will get me in a good mood. Scratch all those by the way – instant coffee goes on the top of my list and if I don’t have one with milk in the morning, I don’t make my way out of the bed and down to my #ootd mirror.

Where do you do your shopping usually?
Everywhere. Online, Stockholm, Luxembourg City, Paris, London, on a plane. I don’t like to restrict myself.

What do you like about Luxembourg life?
It is a small, accessible, friendly city, having that in common with Stockholm, my home city for 25 years. You can access most of it by foot which I like, you have a sense of security, people are satisfied and therefore friendly regardless of the large amount of expats that come and go. You eat well, drink well, and you are generally well received. If it only rained less, I would be the happiest girl on earth.

What would you improve?
The weather. And the one thing this city misses – a hotel pool bar offering service by the pool where you can have a nice drink and listen to some music dressed as an adult while people spotting – a bit like Nikki beach but without the day party. Have you been to Boos k’fé? So it’s a beach bar without a pool. Only sand. It is beyond me.

What is the best place you visited in a range of 200 km from the city and that you would suggest for a daily trip?
I went to visit Domaine Henri Ruppert in Schengen twice – loved the fact of seeing three nations in one spectacular mountain view, all while tasting lovely regional wines at almost no cost at all. The trip is a 25 minute drive from the city and you still feel like you are on an adventure. Recommend it warmly.

What is the best adjective to describe Luxembourg.
Luxerybourg! As an expat, you really have the luxury of a comfortable life here, in all senses of the word.

If you want to follow @fashion_lawyer daily outfits, amazing trips and #Champagne&Chanel posts, you can find her account here.


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