Afterwork Glam at Pop Up Store Opel Adam with Janette Magazine

For the launch of the new Opel Adam – a really fancy city car available in several personalized versions -, Autopolis has opened a pop up store and arranged a week of special afterwork events, one night for every model of the Opel Adam, in collaboration with Janette Magazine and Luxuriant Magazine.

I attended with Anna the Glam Afterwork (what else could you have imagined for us?) and we took advantages of the several “glam stations” organized for the night in connection with the Opel Adam version Glam: among the delicious buffet and some drinks, there were olfactory discover atelier, make up bar, nail bar, coaching…

In particular, we experienced the chignon bar organized by Giovanna Coiffure and we couldn’t be happier about the results. My short hair were transformed in just ten minutes in something amazing! A special thanks to all these passionate girls that were working like mad with hairdryers and straighteners with yesterday temperatures!

We also discovered this new online shop (“Passe-moi l’sel Cherie“) that, above all, sells some amazing bags – one with pink flamingo captured our attention – directly from London. Check out their website.

The event was definitely super funny and you are still on time to check out the new Opel Adam and to attend next afterworks that will be held this week and next one at the Pop Up Store in Boulevard Joseph II – five minutes walking from Hamilius. Find a comprehensive list here.

Once again, Janette is organizing the best girly events in Luxembourg 🙂

 photo 413de02a-83ef-49ca-93a1-baae07a7b674_zpsg7ge769l.jpg
 photo 8fb47705-28c9-4732-aa20-9a5507afe7f9_zpsan8rogpc.jpg
 photo 3e552f90-0869-4e43-9b00-6ff55c23a774_zpstu8w3zi7.jpg
 photo 1e11ce4d-1612-4a74-9f4d-4d34148e8906_zpsuxntvsa2.jpg
 photo 2a3d9d61-39df-4cc8-b7cf-c77f1a881e3f_zpsvzc2lm0a.jpg
 photo 8098ad7b-2331-45d5-be72-c1352b93693c_zpsl954kixl.jpg
 photo 5e0ec68c-4cf8-457c-bc4b-b1cd7a0aad55_zpsbjtzgz4p.jpg
 photo bd413a61-0fef-4d4d-95fc-530ff84b9191_zps3s1l8vd8.jpg
 photo cb12a13c-a7c2-46d9-8864-147e399d1c6d_zpsrdsouk6d.jpg
 photo 8eafc4bd-eb44-4ba4-a0b4-3a06804d7902_zpsu8jrppti.jpg
 photo ff98a581-6d6a-4c81-bafa-41762aee7ae0_zps0lvk2h07.jpg


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