Pavillon Desom, Remich

After a stormy start of Sunday, the warmer afternoon invited us to take the car and escape the flatness of the city. Most of the time you don’t know exactly what to do when going out on Sundays in Luxembourg.
We checked if any special event and at the end, thanks to the sunny feeling, we headed to the Mosel for an afternoon drink.
We stopped at Pavillon Desom, located on the Route du Vin, in Remich.
I really like this place – the space is huge compared to other location in Luxembourg city and they have a lovely terrace with view on the river. Pavillon Desom is sponsoring its own wines, but on the list they have also other nice bottles from the area – and if you are used to Luxembourg city prices, you would be positively surprised!
I had a glass of rose’ cremant Desom while hubby a Pinot Noir from Cote de Remich. We ordered also a platter with parmesan cheese, ham and olives to eat while enjoying the last sun shining on the river, out on the terrace. We spent – in total! – 19 euros.
The Pavillon is working also as restaurant and, on the menu, you can find as well small dishes and other platters to share.
The environment is refined and the service young and friendly.
Only downside, if this could be considered one, the average age of the customers is pretty high – but I am the kind of person who is not so interested to the people around when in front of a glass of wine….

 photo 1a86456b-0e68-4ca7-8935-ec1dd86d37ff_zpsqteyhlcx.jpg
 photo 8d3e445e-f5ac-4e28-9550-efebf9812ed6_zpsprctwlp5.jpg
 photo 86124829-7d0e-48bf-92ef-52cc6869bdfd_zpscutihgw1.jpg


9 thoughts on “Pavillon Desom, Remich

  1. Living not so far away from the Pavillon, you can find me quite often there. Especially in the summer, on the terrace. I order salade Cesar and some french fries which I love to share with my friend D.


    1. Good to know! My husband was a bit worried because most of the people were a bit old, but honestly it was a lovely place and I will come back soon! Thanks for your comment!

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