Discovering Surroundings: Atelier del Gusto, Remich, Luxembourg

So – as short break during our moving days – we head to Remich last Thursday afternoon, as it was public holiday and the day was too good to stay at home. After a short walk on the river, we decided to stop at Atelier del Gusto, the new branch of the famous Italian restaurant – shop located in Bonnevoie. We were very curious to try it, as because of the wood oven.

The location is very nice: set next to the river, big parking outside compared to other venues on the Esplanade and has a lovely, huge terrace, with a pleasant Italian atmosphere.

We started with drinks, I had a lemonade and hubby some beer, as starter we ordered a mixed platter of cold cuts and cheese to share, followed by a pizza Vagabondo for me – with Parma ham – while hubby had a “puccia” – a huge sandwich prepared with the pizza dough, plus some more water.

Bill was 62 euro in total.

Curious about my impressions? Scroll down after pictures.

Things I liked about Atelier del Gusto in Remich:

  • I loved the atmosphere: it is so pleasant to spend some relaxing time on their peaceful terrace far from the busy city centre! You just put your sunnies on and you can stay there hours…
  • The kitchen is open without stops over week-ends, so if you are late and you want to have your lunch or pizza at 4 pm, it is perfectly fine. You can even start with a drink ad decide to move for some food later.
  • Ingredients are amazing, fresh and authentic: the smoked burrata in the mixed platter was to die for and the pizza dough is another league compared to most I have had in town.

Things I liked a bit less about Atelier del Gusto in Remich:

  • As Italian myself, I would have loved to see more authentic pizzas and dishes on the menu: we have exceptional products, so why don’t use them instead of proposing all the same boring pizzas for “Italians abroad”? I hope to see pizza with eggplants or nduja or provola or speck etc. next time I will come – and less “pizza for tourists”.
  • As said, the place is very relaxed, that means that service can  be slow for cosmopolitan standards. This is not a restaurant for a business lunches indeed, but a place to spend couple of hours for a meal without bothering about time. If you are in a hurry or you are easily fed up, this is not the place for you.

In conclusion: While the menu still miss some Italian brio, we liked our late lunch/early dinner at L’Atelier del Gusto in Remich. Their terrace is lovely, products are fresh and pizza very good. Relax and take it easy. Perfect for a Sunday-long lunch with friends or family with kids.

And if you want to visit Remich but you don’t have a car or you plan to drink some nice Italian wine during your meal, why you don’t think about booking Drink and Drive Luxembourg? They even organize mini van if you want to have a safe celebration.

Pavillon Desom, Remich

After a stormy start of Sunday, the warmer afternoon invited us to take the car and escape the flatness of the city. Most of the time you don’t know exactly what to do when going out on Sundays in Luxembourg.
We checked if any special event and at the end, thanks to the sunny feeling, we headed to the Mosel for an afternoon drink.
We stopped at Pavillon Desom, located on the Route du Vin, in Remich.
I really like this place – the space is huge compared to other location in Luxembourg city and they have a lovely terrace with view on the river. Pavillon Desom is sponsoring its own wines, but on the list they have also other nice bottles from the area – and if you are used to Luxembourg city prices, you would be positively surprised!
I had a glass of rose’ cremant Desom while hubby a Pinot Noir from Cote de Remich. We ordered also a platter with parmesan cheese, ham and olives to eat while enjoying the last sun shining on the river, out on the terrace. We spent – in total! – 19 euros.
The Pavillon is working also as restaurant and, on the menu, you can find as well small dishes and other platters to share.
The environment is refined and the service young and friendly.
Only downside, if this could be considered one, the average age of the customers is pretty high – but I am the kind of person who is not so interested to the people around when in front of a glass of wine….

 photo 1a86456b-0e68-4ca7-8935-ec1dd86d37ff_zpsqteyhlcx.jpg
 photo 8d3e445e-f5ac-4e28-9550-efebf9812ed6_zpsprctwlp5.jpg
 photo 86124829-7d0e-48bf-92ef-52cc6869bdfd_zpscutihgw1.jpg