MixinLux event: After-work at Jakob’s

I had already a chance to introduce you to the MixinLux organization some posts ago. After having talked with Mariano and Zach, I decided to attend their last event at Jakob’s, in Clausen, as I was really curious to see how their after-works differ from others in Luxembourg…

As you can see from the pictures posted at the bottom of this post, I definitely had a blast and now I could not wait myself for them to organize next events.

I found several differences compared to other after-works I have attended so far, small details that could make interesting also for you like MixinLux FB page and save the date for next party.

– Even if the location was big enough and most of the people joined the event with their group of friends, there was really a informal, lovely spirit and atmosphere around. I arrived at the party alone but I was not really feeling scared or embarrassed. I got immediately the chance to talk with several different people, being themselves alone as well and I made some interesting chats and business connections. So, if you are new in town, you want to make some different friends and connections (without the Tinder approach 😛 ), MixinLux events are for you!

– There was this great matching idea behind this Jakob’s event: at the entrance, every person was given a small gift, ladies receiving a bolt and men a screw. If you were finding the bolt (or screw) matching yours, bingo! free shots at the counter.

– I love this after-work because not everything was about drinking. There was a “sponsor corner” by this two lovely girls from Insolit’PRO, a French company specialized in team-building events. They aim to open their business cross the border – so if you are interested, you should definitely visit their page. I was impressed by how two young ladies could be so passionate about their business and so motivated to expand abroad. Finally some girls power! 🙂

– Also, there was a Bobbi Brown corner by Paris 8 – if we were coming directly from work and had no time for refreshing your make up, you wouldn’t have had to be worried 🙂

A big mention also to Jakob’s – for me was the first time at this Clausen bar and I have to say I will definitely come back: friendly service and great cocktails. Their terrace is for sure one of the best in the area.

Enjoy some pictures now:

 photo 047e8787-acbb-4f57-b932-70955f1c4176_zpsaoatmcre.jpg
 photo 29285c5e-57f0-4f07-becc-dd851eb8aed7_zpsbb0vibew.jpg
 photo 2e375caf-51b6-4ccd-8820-b05e3629b9a7_zpsto23trco.jpg
 photo cf7a4983-68e1-4eaf-9217-9d7a71f08637_zpshuq1mxxv.jpg
 photo d22e36d0-642d-4d72-a50e-0c0456e3c935_zpssxleqgks.jpg
 photo decaf5a9-7c23-4832-b772-f5fdbf038090_zpsbcpfqfuy.jpg
 photo 0b4a7160-6ab7-40c8-ae72-0a04a8378fcf_zpssf8i1of5.jpg

And some more:




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