Another Sunday, Another Italian Restaurant: Sapori, Luxembourg

Since I came back after ten days abroad alone, I wanted to make hubby happy and let him choose the restaurant for our Sunday date.  When we woke up the weather was great, so we opted for a location with the terrace and we ended up in Beggen, in a restaurant located in Place d’Argent called Sapori. It was long time I wanted to try it, but being out of our area, we always chose closest solutions.

The restaurant has a small terrace in front, overlooking the main street, two large but intimate rooms internally, and another terrace on the back, where we found our table.

We started with a Prosecco, we had a small gazpacho as welcome from the chef,  I continued with beef carpaccio with truffle as starter – and I had to share it with hubby, who initially was not convinced enough for taking one but, after seen it, decided it was worth eating half of mine. As main, I had 7-hours roasted lamb while hubby had lamb tagliata, and we closed our lunch with iced mascarpone and cheese.

During the meal we had one of my favorite wines, Marina Cvetic Montepulciano, and for the dessert I had a glass of sweet Recioto della Valpolicella.

Here some pictures of your lunch, followed, as usual, by my general impressions.

 photo 79fc7ddb-fda6-4043-9f38-927e6e2ebf03_zpsfkrhogwc.jpg
 photo c7ab58d8-e60c-4fb5-aee4-9cd49d8ef99f_zpssekqxmj9.jpg
 photo e8df117f-7a92-4f35-b357-ff835bee413f_zpsxfbeotek.jpg
 photo 70dd511c-0444-4a57-8215-e838cc86bc22_zpspiupnubf.jpg
 photo 9d653bc8-b355-4ebb-83a1-fb3e3b6b4121_zpspqrmenbw.jpg
 photo 62ee25e0-7a10-4f80-86be-529cdc55c767_zpssdhzqgx6.jpg
 photo aa592abe-0de9-42ab-9b58-255bfd2a36b2_zpshiu2fnlq.jpg

I loved almost everything about Sapori:

Food was outstanding: best quality materials, great techniques, fair portions, lovely presentation. The menu card was wide enough to have a good choice but most of the dishes were daily suggestions, therefore prepared with very fresh ingredients.

Service was extremely attentive and available: we called just fifteen minutes before arriving for booking and we have never been there before, but they were indeed nice to accommodate us in the best way possible. We have always had our glass filled, bread on the table and the timings of the lunch were perfect. I appreciated very much the aperitif was asked at the arrival, so I had it while looking at the menu – and not when we had already chosen, no sense then.

Special mention to the wine card: it is one of the best Italian wine card I have seen in Luxembourg. Great names, nothing too commercial, fair recharges.

Nothing was disappointing about our lunch, if I have to find something to improve, the appearance of the back terrace is not in line with the rest of the restaurant – people were coming out to smoke from the kitchen, not very pleasant to see. It needs also to be said, the bill, depending on what you eat, might not be cheap – but the quality has its price and I would definitely be extremely happy to come back to Sapori really soon.


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