Veiner Nëssmoort – Nutmarket in Vianden

It was a week-end full of events and a couple of pictures-only posts will come, between today and tomorrow, as I am so excited to show you how many beautiful things we have in Luxembourg!

Yesterday, while apparently everybody went to Rotondes for the Food Trucks Festival, we decided to head to Vianden for the usual Nutmarket (read more here). It was a great decision as the weather was amazing and I love the colors of the North of Luxembourg during autumn!

The festival was packed as usual, but we managed to have some great food (I had potatoes with speck and flaamkuchen) and drinks quite easily as we arrived pretty early.

My husband didn’t want to drink but stocked up sausages, nuts bread and nuts for the next year 🙂

My love for the pictoresque village of Vianden and for the bubbling nuts market were even increased by the visit. I am really looking forward to come back there soon during another sunny-week end.



4 thoughts on “Veiner Nëssmoort – Nutmarket in Vianden

    1. A pity indeed but I defo can understand the feeling as I am often lazy some week-ends! You will make it up to next one!


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