Feeling home, “Al Bacio” Restaurant, Luxembourg

Last week, after coming back from a vernissage, I was in a lazy mood. I wanted to eat something yummy, but I was really too tired to wait for some pizza delivery at home. Have you ever been in this mood? I have, often. So much that, each and every year, I nominate my favorite restaurant for category “tonight I don’t want to cook”. You know, the kind of restaurant you can jump in also a bit later and alone, the one you don’t feel the needs to dress up for, the one that prepare for you a special dinner at a very reasonable price.
Here we are, “Al Bacio” restaurant is definitely this place for me. I was welcomed by some warm focaccia while drinking a good glass of Imperatore wine and I was explained the daily suggestions.
One of the main feature of this restaurant is, in fact, that they don’t have a menu. The menu itself change each and every day based on Tonio’s, the chef, mood, and, above all, based on the fresh ingredients they are able to find on the market. So, nothing prepared in advance, nothing industrial, Italian products are coming directly from Italy on a weekly basis and you can spot the difference.
So much I am not a fan of Italian food abroad, so much I like coming here.
The place, as said, is informal, a bit noisy but in a pleasant way. Don’t expect red tape.
Mino, the owner, and the other waiters are smiling and they are taking their time to talk with you, explain the dishes, advise the best for the night, combine the finest wines.

I went for some roasted pork (porchetta) with soft mozzarella cheese (burrata), risotto with mushroom and Italian sausage and the best dessert they have, the iced chocolate flan (semifreddo al cioccolato).
Not satisfied, I came back with friends over the week end and among all we had mixed charcuterie platter and more Italian sausage (zampina). Everything was just delicious.

The restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday for lunch with a “menu du jour” and in the evenings on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. On Thursday night, the dining service is closed and you can enjoy the traditional Al Bacio” afterwork (aperitivo) with free Italian buffet.
Hint: While it is pleasant for me coming here alone, this is also the greatest place in the city center for a dinner with friends – great food and fair prices -, but the location is cozy and small, so, above all for the week-end, you better book in advance your table!
Secret Reference: While everybody probably understands what “Bacio” in Italian means (kiss), more difficult is to know that “Al Bacio” is a urban dictionary catch and stays for “special, great, perfect”. If I ask you: – How is your food? You can reply: – Al bacio (better if combined with the gesture of taking one hand’ fingers all together to the mouth). Italian level: advanced. 🙂

(WARNING: Severe Food Porn Alert if you scroll down!)

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 photo 0b8c6223-a0b4-4d7f-ab5c-0be992f5f4c3_zpsouwxarxs.jpg
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 photo 6c0e6816-18ff-4c21-8995-e246bdf6dd64_zpsnclrtpmy.jpg
 photo da1c84a9-9463-44be-95cc-6fe6af585f11_zpsibuke2yx.jpg


6 thoughts on “Feeling home, “Al Bacio” Restaurant, Luxembourg

    1. Let me know if once you want to go together, I am always happy to have someone joining my lonely dinner there 🙂


    1. Next time when you go there for the Aperitivo text me, I am usually always there! This Thursday together with the Aperitivo there will also be live blues music!


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