Däiwelskichen – aka never trust the first impression

Last time I have been to Däiwelskichen was little bit more than one year ago. It was strongly recommended by a friend so I went there with extremely high expectations that were quickly deluded.
Nothing went wrong – it was just missing that “quid” that makes you fall in love with a place.

On Wednesday night, after Aperinetwork, we booked there just because was one of the few places not yet fully booked (my husband noted that probably in Luxembourg people are never dining at home as restaurants are always complete) and that was allowing us to come a bit later.
I called few minutes before another similar restaurant (the sin but not the sinner) asking a table for 9 – 9.30 and the “nice” waiter told me: first, you must come at 9; second, nothing is going out from the kitchen after 9.30 so you better look at the menu on the website and come with clear ideas. No, thanks. Next one.

Däiwelskichen is a South-American restaurant located between Gran Rue and Palais, hidden in the courtyard of an old building.
The location is amazing – but don’t wear tiny heels, you will struggle getting there – cobblestones slope to the entrance.

We had a table in the small room and ordered a bottle of Chilean red wine. I had a Natural beef – with avocado sauce – and hubby had Lamb.

Scroll down after the pictures for my impressions.

 photo 2fd39c55-6e87-4f0d-bb4b-af3601914a72_zpsfxbvhdh9.jpg  photo 04908058-6bc1-450b-80c4-06214db66c4e_zpspf8rzg7m.jpg  photo ccf94d7a-5660-4eb8-98d9-8f15bf6de461_zpsjtp7nqj3.jpg Things I loved about the restaurant:

– Actually this time I loved everything. Our waiter was extremely kind, helped with the wine and checked during the dinner if everything was ok. The owner also came to greet us and was lovely.

– Wine was exquisite – and I am not drinking red normally.

– Food was to die for. My suggestion: go for the simplest. Last time I had something overcomplicated with meat, eggs, whatever and I was not impressed. The Natural beef is exceptional, best meat I had in Luxembourg probably. Huge portion, tasty, heavenly cooked.

Things I did not love so much:

– Well, nothing. Only small complain I could have is that the room on side is extremely noisy. If you are young and with friends, it sounds amazing. If you are old and boring like me or out for a romantic date, you better stay in the main room. To be fair, we were actually proposed a table there but my husband chose to move to the room – men.

In conclusion, Däiwelskichen is now on the list of my favorite restaurants in town and I cannot wait to go back and have again that delicious beef!


2 thoughts on “Däiwelskichen – aka never trust the first impression

  1. Shame that Daiwelskichen wasn’t love at first sight but at least at second! I think that their food is great and one of their waiters (not sure if he is still there) is so cute! Oh, and thanks for the Aperinetwork invite you sent me; I went to the Paul Smith event that night. Hopefully I can join another time. Regarding Annapurna in Lux City – I wasn’t aware about them opening another restaurant but it could well be possible since they keep expanding… Have a great weekend!



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