Koeppchen, Worlmendange, Luxembourg

The sunny season has finally started!

Couple of week-ends ago, we had a day trip on the Mosel, where we hiked up to the chapel in the middle of the vineyards, in Worlmendange.

It was a perfect day and the cherry on the cake was our lunch at Koeppchen restaurant, which is located in Worlmendange as well, few steps from the bus stop – we got to Wolmerdange easily by bus 150 from Gare Rocade – and also close to the chapel. The view coming up is breathtaking!

We booked a table on the terrace, which at the time was sunny but a bit windy, so perfectly pleasant. Reservation over the week-end, even if the place is quite spacious, is definitely needed.

As for hubby was the first time in Koeppchen, we decided to stick to some traditional Luxembourgish food. Koeppchen is one of the places I always recommend if you want to try Luxembourgish cuisine and you don’t mind leave the city behind.

As starter, we shared a charcuterie and cheese board prepared with Luxembourgish specialities. How refreshing is finally to see on a planchette very local products, including riesling paté, feiersterstengszalot (my favorite!) and kachkeis! We devoured it and hubby loved kachkeis.

To follow, I stayed classic and went for local fried fish while Mr had ribs. Portions are very generous.

We were actually pretty full after, but as we had all the time to finish our lunch in the sun, we decided to go also for dessert. I had the trio of sorbet prepared with local “eau de vie” – which I kinda regretted while climbing up the chapel stairs 🤪 and Mr had ice cream.

Now, if it is your first time ordering the local Mosel fried fish, you need to reset your mind: this is not sea food, so you will get small fish from the river (hence less salty) with bones, battered and deep-fried. Forget about shrimps and calamari, this is a totally different dish and it is equally delicious. Specifically, this one I had at Koeppchen was one of the best I ever had, not too dry, meaty, flavorful.

One thing I need to add to what I have said until now: the service was amazing. I often receive complains about the lack of service in Luxembourg, at Koeppchen they were fabulous. Our waiter spoke fluently English, he was knowledgeable, and despite the fact the restaurant was full he took extreme care of us and was not in a rush.

Some shots of our lunch before closing.

In my recommendations for restaurants out of the city, Koeppchen has always had one of the first spots.

I love: the amazing walk to get there, the view, the atmosphere, the local sourced food menu with tons of alternatives for every taste, the great wine list (even by glass). Prices are very reasonable – and they have a great selection of juicy burgers if you want to keep it classic. Several dishes also on the vegetarian / vegan side. As said, lovely service.

Is there anything I did not like? Oh yes. I would love Koeppchen to be around the corner of my flat to go there every other day!

In conclusion: whenever you are planning a day trip out of Luxembourg, if you want to have some very Luxembourgish food or you have foreign guests to surprise, or simply if you want to unplug from the city for one day, Koeppchen is THE place to reserve.


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