Discovering Indian restaurants: Swagat, Strassen, Luxembourg

My search about the perfect Indian restaurant in Luxembourg continues. Couple of weeks ago, on a Sunday, we decided to try Swagat, in Strassen.I passed there in front several times and always been attracted by the bold decorations. Moreover, it is open on Sundays.

We got to the restaurant without a reservation around 7.30 pm and we were placed on a table on the corridor halley, just in front of the entrance.At the beginning the service was a bit too much invasive. We got our menu and the waitress wanted to take immediately our order. I understood this might have been because shortly after the restaurant got almost full and it became very difficult to attract the attention of the waiters.

I went as usual for a chicken soup as starter, while hubby had meat samosa, and as main we decided to share a Vindaloo Chichen, some Madras Vegetables and Jhaalfrazy Lamb. We also ordered some Garlic Naan.

Pictures of our dinner followed by my general impressions.

swagat1 swagat2 swagat3 swagat4 swagat5 swagat6

Things I liked about Swagat:

  •  I have to say, this restaurant failed to impress me. Our experience was not that bad, but at the same time, in consideration of all the other Indian restaurants I have already tried in the city, I would not feel motivated to come back here.
  • Indeed, the atmosphere and the decorations are cosy and the food presentation is interesting.

Things I did not like about Swagat:

  • Food was kind deluding for my Indian standards. Again, not bad in toto. but missing a sparkle. The chicken soup was a plain broth filled with boiled chicken pieces and cucumber. The Samosa hubby took were one totally without salt and the other one so salted it was impossible to eat. The Vindaloo was far from being spicy (even if I asked it to be very spicy) and the main dish portions were very small – never found an Indian restaurant where I was able to finish three shared main and still being hungry! While the pots seemed to be the usual size, both the chicken and the lamb were all full of sauce and had only 4 pieces of meat the chicken and probably 5 the lamb.
  • Service was very fresh and smiling when we arrived, but totally changed as soon as couple of tables more filled the main room. The waiters spent a lot of time to “usual clients'” tables, totally forgetting about us – had to remind for drinks and bill and they were almost annoyed to have to get to our table
  • It was a cold Sunday evening  but the restaurant was particularly hot and to refresh the air, they open the main door. The temperature of the room improved, but the open door was just in front of our table and I was shivering for the second part of the dinner.

In conclusion: Swagat was not my favourite Indian choice. Food without a sparkle and grumpy service, notwithstanding a nice atmosphere and presentation, are making it at the bottom of my preferences in town.


2 thoughts on “Discovering Indian restaurants: Swagat, Strassen, Luxembourg

  1. I’ve been there once and it was alright but not mind blowing. Funnily, that time it was quite cold (typical Lux weather) and it would have been nice if they had switched on the heater. For me the best Indians in Lux City are still Namaste and Taj Mahal…



    1. I find Namaste too much on the “creamy side” for my tastes – just ordered it recently at home and they put cream even in the Vindaloo. Totally agree on Taj Mahal – great service and food. I also liked New Dehli.


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