Discovering Indian restaurants: Star of Asia, Luxembourg city

If you are following my blog, you probably know already Indian is one of my favourite cuisine and this passion is not shared by my husband – so while in the past I used to eat Indian at least once per week, now I am allowed to order take-away on my single nights at home.

So you can imagine that when, last week end, my partner in crime Kochi proposed me to have a relaxed dinner at an Indian in town before meeting my sister, I was very happy.

We got to Star of Asia around 8 pm after having booked, the restaurant was packed but still fine to talk and have vital space around. I have never visited the restaurant before and I particularly like the colonial settings.

We ordered a gin as aperitif – I went for an Elephant Gin, that was very good, a pity it was not served in the right glass and was accompanied by Schweppes Tonic – later I have seen another table receiving their gins with Fever Tree.

As food, I went for a Vindaloo Lamb – my favourite Indian dish – and a Cheese Naan. The waiter pointed out – as usually happens – that the dish was hot spicy and I confirmed it was very fine to me, as I love spicy food. I will keep my considerationa regarding the food for later.
Together with the food, we ordered a bottle of rose’ wine – my fault, it was a very bad one.
We concluded with coffee and Indian digestif, paan.

After the pictures, find out if and what I liked about Star of Asia..

Things I liked about Stars of Asia:

  • Unfortunately, I did not like much. The ambience is pretty pleasant, even if a bit dark and the location very central. Everything else will be for me in next tab.

Things I did not like about Stars of Asia:

  • I did not like the food, sorry. I had thousands od Vindaloo in my entire life and I cooked it myself as well to tell you that that one was a very bad one. It seemed to be prepared with pasta tomato sauce, plus it was everything but spicy plus there was only one piece of potato. The cheese naan was a joke as well: it was a normal naan that has been covered with parmesan cheese and gratinee’. I have seen most of the people around  – including my friends – having tandoori, so maybe tandoori was a better choice.
  • Service was pretty distract and inefficient: waited too much for being asked for drinks, waited too much to order, waited too much to have dishes removed from the table. I perfectly see on Saturday night you like having a relaxed dinner, but almost three hours for having only one drink and one dish are definitely too much.
  • Prices are a joke as well – I had to re-do the count couple of times to realized we paid 57 euro each for one drink, one dish, a cheap bottle of wine (27 euro, divided per three) and a digestif. Not worth it.

In conclusion: maybe because I had very high expectations and my favourite dish (Vindaloo) was not one of their specialities, I was very deluded by Star of Asia. As they are plenty of good Indian restaurants in Luxembourg, I would definitely not come back any time soon.

5 thoughts on “Discovering Indian restaurants: Star of Asia, Luxembourg city

  1. I had same medium good experiences at Star of Asia. I love indian food as well ( same mentionned in my blog) and I especially love Palak Paneer. Unfortunalty the served the spinach together with the plastic package, so I had a big piece of plastic in my mouth- that was a horrible experience!!


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