Late evening dining: Limbo RestoClub, Luxembourg

When I was told about the opening of Limbo, this new restaurant – club in the city center, I was a bit skeptic at the very beginning as I am not a fan of mixed environment concept, first because it is difficult to be good in too many things at the same time, second as the restaurants in da club were I have been in the past were all a big disappointment. In some of them the music was so loud you can barely hear your own voice.

Said that, I first had a dry run at Limbo last week: we had some friends arriving in town in the evening and we wanted to have a late light dinner. Unfortunately, as you are probably aware, there are very few places in Luxembourg where you could eat later than 9 pm in a decent way. I got in contact with Limbo FB page and they confirmed me their kitchen is open until 11 pm. It was quite refreshing and we had a short, pleasant time. We ordered some tapas to share and some great cocktails and the experience was so positive – even limited, as said – that I decided to come back this week end for a full dinner.

The location, the former Secret Garden, has been updated to the need of the new place, has a large wardrobe on view at the entrance and a great, cozy embowered terrace. The tables have a generous gap in-between, thing I always appreciate, and the service is informal but great.

The menu has a fair choice of fusion starters and main courses, meat, fish and vegetarian, plus some menu combinations. Prices are very very honest for being in such great central location.

I had salmon tartare as starter, scallops and patanegra as main, while my friend R. a veggie and tofu platter for starter and beef filet as main.

Here’s the pictures of our dinner, followed, as usual, by my impressions.

 photo 15f67911-eeb7-4ce7-a56d-ec328539ef4b_zpsbnkkygtt.jpg
 photo abe099fb-0abc-46f1-8c6b-ccdea932c32b_zpsslmm5ilk.jpg
 photo 703b3c9f-714f-47f9-bd62-f23cee3d1253_zpsqvmciva1.jpg
 photo ece185bb-6c9b-49c2-b147-a3a29ed9473d_zpsteykeqkj.jpg
 photo 30fd90b3-e696-456c-b4d9-0d21533aa995_zpsclpmfhj6.jpg
 photo 280d8a3d-722f-4a5d-b58d-ac4306747d18_zpsnwtmtrrn.jpg

Things I loved about Limbo:

  • Outstanding choice of tropical cocktails: I had both Caipirinha and Daiquiri Frozen and they were both delicious. Finally a place where to have something different than a gin-tonic!
  • Food is great: in particular, high-quality raw materials (as the wagyu beef) and unusual combinations. My salmon tartare was to die for (even if it is strong in onions, so be aware if you are on a date) and the scallops platter was also yummy,
  • Amazing customer service. You get immediate reply from their FB page if you write them for any question/enquiry and the on-site service is also fine.
  • High quality/price ration and value for money – one of the best I have seen centrally.

Things I liked a bit less about Limbo:

  • While food is affordable, drinks price is in line with city center bars. That’s fine for a night out, but if you intend to have only cocktails during your dinner and you are quite like a booze lover like I am, it might start to be expensive. The great thing is that if you take the menu combination, you get cocktails for half price until midnight.
  • My friend’s starter – the veggie tofu platter – was nothing special.
  • It is not a restaurant for big appetite. I personally appreciate when you finish your dinner and you are satisfied but not overwhelmed, but we noted as it might not be the place for a lads only night.

In conclusion, I definitely like Limbo RestoClub very much: the ambience is pleasant and it is the perfect place I would recommend if you want to have a fancy late evening dinner before a night out or a date with friends with some tropical appeal.


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