Aperinetwork, the Italian way of Aperif, at White House

Aperinetwork” embarked in 2014 through the initiative of three Italian guys – Federica, Alessandro and Matteo – who wanted to import the “aperitivo” into the Luxembourg nightlife culture. Some bars offered already a combination of tapas or small bites afterwork, but if you have ever been to Milan, for example, you clearly noted the difference. Moreover, Aperinetwork aims to create a less formal bound among foreign people living in Luxembourg, giving the possibility to new expats to enlarge their network and spend some quality time not bothering about work related troubles.

The Aperinetwork events took place in various locations in the past (Apotheka, Steiler, Conter..) and recently, for the last two events, they have found their home at White House by Kader.

The concept is more or less always the same: reduced price drinks and Italian food buffet, plus funny music as background.

Yesterday evening the White House was totally sold out. We luckily arrived a bit before the start of the evening – that was planned at 7.30 pm – and all the tables were already occupied. We had our drink at 50% off (Hendricks Tonic at 7 Euro instead of 14, Red Wine 4.5 Euro instead of 9) and watching the main room becoming more and more busy. We hadn’t indeed the pleasure to try the buffet: you can clearly see that free buffet is not in the Luxembourg culture as, as soon as it opened, it looked like the bread distribution in a Third World country. Calm down people, this is not your dinner, it is supposed to be an appetizer to avoid getting drunk and keep on drinking….  The concept is probably not yet clear to the most and we refused to fight to get a pizza bite. Instead, we relaxed in the smoking room on the second floor, one of the best thing at White House – that avoid you, above all during the winter season, to get a cold outside if you wish to smoke.

The evening was really pleasant: it is a good way to reconnect with people you are not seeing for long. I (mostly) stopped partying hard during the working week, but Aperinetwork is one of the event I always like to attend, as it is fresh, a bit posh and an unusual and valid alternative for few drinks afterwork.

For being updated on next events, like Aperinetwork page on Facebook:

Aperinetwork Luxembourg

Check out also White House next events and features:

White House Luxembourg
17b rue des Bains,
L-1212 Luxembourg

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10 thoughts on “Aperinetwork, the Italian way of Aperif, at White House

    1. Hello Giuseppe. Thank you very much for your comment. As the post specified, there are some restaurants that offer this service already, but having lived in Milan I found nowhere the same “aperitivo” concept. For example in Milan the aperitivo is in the bars, never in the restaurants as most of Luxembourg examples I can bring. If you have anyway good suggestions for Italian aperitivo, I will be really happy to try! Always good learning something new!



      1. I d’ont speek for restaurants in luxembourg. I speek that aperitivo exist more than 10 yars ago in the bars in Luxembourg (no very days but for special event same that aperinetwork). Its a same italien social group beginning aperitivo 10 ago. Yes, i now MILANO, i like this city and his aperitivo.


      2. Helll Giuseppe, thank you for your comment. I don’t know many places except Ci Siamo, Al Bacio and the Ciceron Events that are proposing this formula. Personally I don’t consider aperitivo those at Palais (really small dishes) or at Goten, Companero (you have to pay to get the food). They have a buffet at Ikki for the ladies’ night It would be nice if you can tell me the name as I would love to try! Always good lerning something new! Corie


    1. Anouk, thank you for your comment. I am sure the official photographer of the event took some pics of the buffet before it started. I will share the link as soon as published! The food looked indeed delicious (ham, cheese, bruschetta, pizza) but I was too far to take pics myself 😞


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