Week End Chronicles: “Saueren Honger” Vernissage and Dipso The Wine Republic

Here some pictures of the most engaging part of last week end – Friday night. Anna and myself went straight from the office to Kjub, a restaurant I have been in the past that is able to merge in the same location a going out spot (resto, lounge, bar) and an art gallery.

 photo 9965046a-a956-42d6-9be2-8bab89c12a1f_zpseaea1d69.jpg
 photo 5432f889-a445-4780-83c0-e62163c50083_zpsdf4904c1.jpg photo 25396a40-64b8-4839-a5f8-d9cc0dd399e5_zpse0c86c12.jpg

 photo 6b6e28c0-b861-4129-a24d-c2d9c207b195_zps9b222edc.jpg

In this special occasion, for the vernissage of Saueren Honger, the restaurant settings disappeared and they left space to extremely bold paintings around. “Saueren Honger”, in fact, means “munchies”, in English, “impossible food combinations” – looking at the pictures you should probably understand the concept a bit better. The idea was super cool, it was pretty busy and, aside the classic bar, you can have some gin tonic tasting from Go Ten bar. They proposed different kind of gins to be accompanied with spices and fruits. We had the Rangpur Tanqueray, named after the area from India where this gin is coming from, with strong aromas of juniper, coriander, bay leaves and ginger. We tasted it with lemon leaves first and with lemongrass afterwards. Both drinks were different from the usual gin-tonic we have been used to, extremely flavored and spicy.

 photo fe975c5b-b646-4582-a702-d150569fed1c_zps43b34b42.jpg

 photo ac128465-93fa-4884-ab2e-f3f46fe78ac2_zpsc278557d.jpg

After that, we headed downtown for a drink. We opted for Dipso, a new wine bar concept that was created recently in the old town area, just between Steiler and Monkey’s. The location is small but cozy and the internal décor differs from all other night-life spots in the city center, trying to adhere as much as possible to the area surroundings (rock walls, Spartan tables, dark lightings, bottles of wine all around). The bar was full and we were lucky enough to find a tall table just in the middle of the only room. Clients were mainly professionals and couples. We had a Chablis bottle (39 euro) from the short wine list (from Pinot Blanc to Chardonnay on white side, from France or Luxembourg, from 19 Euro to around 60). Perfect temperature and great taste. We accompanied it with a “Spanish Board” composed by two types of chorizo, one of lomo, cheese and ham. The bar offers different “planchette” (Italian, Japanese, Spanish…) from 19 to 25 euro. Together with the bread, it was quite fine as appetizer and to continue – temporary – our night out without passing out (LOL). The quality of the cuts was indeed great and they were also well presented. Just as talks, we were just noting that, in my town, in Italy, when you order a bottle of wine, a plat like that is considered included in the price of the “aperitivo” . Yes, for sure here in Luxembourg the culture is different and anyway, even if not extremely cheap, it was a very nice aperitif.
We actually wanted to order another bottle after a ciggy break, but when back inside we found our place occupied. The waiter offered us to ask the people to leave but we kindly refused and moved on – note to self: advise the waiter when you are just smoking outside and you don’t have intention to leave next time 🙂

 photo 0f23209b-4867-4deb-9112-640b0f9aef26_zpse91da690.jpg

 photo 80ef9025-37f8-4587-9d12-77ff7f2014d4_zpsb354826c.jpg

 photo 7788f4d0-a4cf-4dc1-9e02-2326ab65370d_zps9fa4ed23.jpg

So at the end, Dipso was a great choice, definitely a place to come back and to suggest if you want to have a glass of good wine and some appetizer in an fascinating kind of medieval settings. Above all, really appreciated, something quite different from all the bars already on the scene.

Some post related info:

Kjub Restaurant – Gallery

Saueren Honger exhibition will be still available to be seen if you pass by.

Dipso – The Wine Republic
4 ,rue de la Loge
Luxembourg, Luxembourg


5 thoughts on “Week End Chronicles: “Saueren Honger” Vernissage and Dipso The Wine Republic

    1. Hello Anouk, thanks for your comment. It was also a discover for me – it was suggested by the friend I was with on Friday – and I have to say it was a great one. I will definutely come back. If you go there, let me know your opinion! It will be nice to share. Corie


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