Talking about disappointments: JFK Bar & Kitchen

On Tuesday night, hubby and I decided to have a quick dinner out after having been at the avant-premiere of Spectre movie at Utopolis.
Considering we were already in the area, we decided to call JFK Bar & Kitchen to check if it was still possible having some food there – it was 9.30 pm.
After a short waiting on the phone, the waiter asked us to come as soon as possible – and so we did. I was pretty curios to try JFK Bar & Kitchen, as it is part of the Manso group, and you know already I am a big fan of the food at Limbo restoclub from previous review.
Unfortunately our experience at JFK Bar & Kitchen was less than impressive.
I had a strawberry caipirinha, while hubby had a glass of Cabernet, and opted from something from the meat list: secreto for me (pork filet) and iberico pluma for hubby.

After the pictures of our dinner, you will find more reasons because we were not satisfied.
IMG_4171 IMG_4172 IMG_4173 IMG_4174 IMG_4175 IMG_4176
Things I liked about JFK Bar & Kitchen:

The location and the concept are great: an informal restaurant, with pub style, big windows and really refined details, something totally new in the area and I think in whole city.
– The menu is various and they have great choice of cocktails.

Things I did not like about JFK Bar & Kitchen (unfortunately pretty longer list this time):

The room was icy-cold. The back door was open – and blocked, so impossibly to close  – and the front door was keeping opening and closing due to people going in and out and smoking. I was feeling seriously uncomfortable.
Service was horrible. If you are telling me I can have dinner even if it is a bit late, I expect I can have a proper dinner – not that you are coming to order 2 seconds after giving me the menu and you are taking my dishes off as soon as my fork is down. The waiter came to our table couple of times while I was still eating to see if he could take the dishes away – don’t you see I am still eating? I was feeling really under pressure and observed.
Food was miserable. You could barely distinguish between hubby’s and my dish, the presentation was very poor and you would definitely expect more for a 25 Euro dish in a gastropub. They state on their website quality isn’t cheap, but honestly I did not see any quality there. We went for a dessert as we were still hungry – my brownie was frozen, still cold inside, and very sugary. Hubby’s cheesecake could be barely described as a cheesecake – a humid biscuit with some cream cheese.
Bill is not from a gastropub – glass of wine, two drinks, two mains, two desserts were almost 100 euro – and the waiter also forgot one drink in the count, I have to remind it to him.

I am really sorry for our experience and even if I like very much the restaurant settings I don’t think I will come back to JFK any time soon.

Barefoot in Luxembourg meets People: Nathalie

The Wednesday’ series of “Barefoot in Luxembourg meets people” today has one of the youngest protagonist, Nathalie, a stunning and sweet blogger who is studying to be a make-up artist. I spent with her couple of hours last week end and, together with the interview, she gave me some extremely useful tips about my make-up.
Hello Nathalie, and welcome to Barefoot in Luxembourg. Do you want to quickly introduce yourself?
My name is Nathalie, I am 20 years old now and I live in Luxembourg with my parents and my brother in Bettembourg. I go to the gymnasium in Esch-sur-Alzette and afterwards I would like to study to become a professional make-up artist.

So, make-up is your passion and you have a very nice blog about it. How long ago did you start blogging?
That’s not too long ago, it is like eight months now. Before I actually wasn’t quite sure to share my make-up works because I was insecure about the things I did and I was kind of scared of people reaction. Then I talked with some friends and they just told me: go ahead and do it.. and so, here I am.

What do you like most about make-up and blogging about make-up?
I love make-up myself and other people as it makes me feel really good and blogging is just a way to share it and it is amazing how happy I feel when I give people advices.
At the moment I am preparing my portfolio for applying at professional make-up school, therefore blogging is also a way to do it on a daily basis and to have some feedbacks about my work.

That’s great. Moving now to your life, what do you like about being in Luxembourg?
Luxembourg is so cozy. When you travel to other countries, like even Germany, I feel like it is more stressful. Here I have the impression everybody knows everybody basically, so it is like a “big family“, while in other countries you just feel a stranger.

And you have a favorite place in Luxembourg?
I really love the MUDAM museum and the Drai Eechelen museum park, it is just so pretty there, where modern and old are melted together in a unique space.

What about going out: what is your favorite restaurant?
I really like sushi and I think the best sushi place in Luxembourg is Bamboo Garden – Neo Tokyo, in Hollerich area. It is not looking that good from the outside, but I can ensure you the sushi is delicious there.

And for nightlife?
I used to like M Club pretty much in the past but lately I find I am getting too old for this place, I prefer now to go to café, I really like Frenchie.

If you have to find an adjective to describe Luxembourg, what would it be?
I would say cozy.

Below you can find some pictures of her make-up works during Halloween week-end.
Follow Nathalie blog and her FB page here: she has great projects coming – including working with an important photographer – definitely a blogger to keep an eye on.

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Saturday night drinks and snack at Kritzel Bar, Luxembourg

After the Fashion Days Luxembourg, back in town, Anna and myself decided to have a quiet drink in town and we opted for Kritzel Bar, the temporary new bar of Hotel Le Royal.
The bar is located in the basement of the hotel and has some pop and bright features.
We went for a bottle of Alice Hartmann Riesling and a cheese platter, that was of the only thing we could get, as the kitchen was already closed.

After the pictures of our evening, you will find my general impressions about Kritzel Bar.
IMG_3928 IMG_3929 IMG_3931
Things I liked about Kritzel Bar:

Lovely settings and nice atmosphere: definitely you don’t feel to be in a hotel bar and is the perfect place if you want to chat and relax, in the city center, but not in the chaos.
Nice service: the waiter who served us was very available, he asked the kitchen for our cheese platter even if the dinner time was over and served the wine when our glasses were over.
Reasonable wine prices: compared to other posh hotel bars in Luxembourg (no name…), you can stay at Kritzel Bar couple of hours without going bankrupt and recharges on the wine list are more than fair.

Things I liked a bit less:
– While the wine list is reasonably priced, the cocktail bar is going more on the “VIP” direction, with an average of 16-18 euros for a drink.
– No windows in the all bar and no smoking area – you should go back to the main entrance of the hotel to smoke outside, not very comfortable.

At the moment, the bar is anyway temporary and we understood that the new location will be refurbished after the works that are taking place at Le Royal.
I hope the good things about Kritzel Bar will be kept, as we have pleasant time and I would not mind to come back for some wine for a quiet evening.

Fashion Days Luxembourg – Day II

I have already talked about how glad I was to be part of Fashion Days Luxembourg event here. As said, Friday night was dedicated to the consolidated designers, while the Saturday event started with fashion shows of stylists with less than three years of experience who were participating to the Startup Designer Awards.
The collections were really different one from the other and the all evening had a more professional allure compared to the night before – even if the first part was a bit too long, without any break.
My favorite designers were Enora Hiernaux, who resulted to be the winner of the Startup Designer Awards and Bastien Sebillot, who, with his combination between mesh and leather was one of the most supported by the public.

During the second part of the evening, before the winner was elected, the consolidated stylists who have seen also the day before, have a further catwalk.

Check out some more pictures of the Saturday show by Kochi Wz and check out Fashion Days Luxembourg FB page to be updated on the next edition.

IMG_6083 IMG_6084 IMG_6085 IMG_6086 IMG_6088 IMG_6089 IMG_6090 IMG_6091 IMG_6092 IMG_6093 IMG_6094 IMG_6095 IMG_6096 IMG_6098 IMG_6099 IMG_6100 IMG_6101 IMG_6102 IMG_6103 IMG_6104 IMG_6105 IMG_6106 IMG_6107 IMG_6108 IMG_6109 IMG_6110 IMG_6111 IMG_6112 IMG_6115 IMG_6116 IMG_6117 IMG_6118 IMG_6119 IMG_6120 IMG_6121 IMG_6122 IMG_6123 IMG_6124 IMG_6125 IMG_6126 IMG_6127 IMG_6129 IMG_6130 IMG_6131 IMG_6132 IMG_6133 IMG_6137 IMG_6138 IMG_6141 IMG_6143 IMG_6144 IMG_6145 IMG_6150 IMG_6151 IMG_6152 IMG_6154 IMG_6155 IMG_6156 IMG_6158 IMG_6159 IMG_6160 IMG_6161 IMG_6162   IMG_6168 IMG_6169 IMG_6170 IMG_6171 IMG_6172 IMG_6173 IMG_6174 IMG_6176 IMG_6177 IMG_6178 IMG_6179 IMG_6180 IMG_6181 IMG_6182 IMG_6183 IMG_6184 IMG_6185

Young and Cool: Café des Capucins

Finding out a place you passed in front hundreds of time but you never tried is a very cool one is the best feeling ever for me. It is like they open a new trendy restaurant just next door. And this was the feeling I had when I went out from Café des Capucins on Tuesday night.

You know, I visited the bar some times ago for the Red Cross event. It was a pleasant evening and I enjoyed it, but I didn’t know Café des Capucins is also a very fancy place to dine.
I discovered it randomly on the new Explorator guide and I booked it for my Tuesday night date with hubby.
The place was full but not packed and customers were divided between those enjoying their after-works and those dining.

We started with a Ginger Martini from their amazing cocktails lists (forget about Campari soda, they have real cocktails here!) and we accompanied it with some tapas: shrimps sautéed in limoncello sauce and canard with peppers and ginger.
The small pots were full of taste: the shrimps were more delicate, mildly sweet but intense, while the canard a bit spicy with this nostalgic taste of peppers like those my Granny prepares.
We moved then to the starter, a very kind and competent waitress suggested us to share a pastry with apples, goat cheese and figs. A bit skeptical we accepted and were pleasantly surprised. The dish took both myself and hubby out of our comfort zones: hubby, you know, it is a very traditional eater and I am not that much into veggie plats. This dish was surprisingly good – talking about WOW factor, here it is – and more surprisingly the pastry was clearly home-made.
We moved then to the main course, which we accompanied respectively with a glass of Primitivo and one of Chardonnay from Veneto, Italy. I went indeed for tuna tataki with peppers and potatoes while hubby chose lamb loin with seasonal vegetables.
Both dishes were outstanding: on my tuna dish, the sweet taste was prevailing, but the single elements were all well-coordinated, starting from the potatoes cooked with the skin to the small herbs “decorating” the plat.
The lamb, I tried it, was very tasty and intense, the thyme pesto was giving a strong imprint to the dish, vegetables were cooked al dente and everything was splashed with meat sauce.
We were really full but we decided to share anyway a delicious Tarte Tatin – actually hubby had the cake, home-made and well cooked, soft to the spoon and not too sweet, while I enjoyed the vanilla ice cream on the top.

After the pictures of our dinner, you can find my final considerations about Café des Capucins.

 photo efefdade-cdb8-49ab-93ff-d36d4a11ab3b_zps1xdni5br.jpg
 photo 8cbb176d-3201-4b0e-99bf-f4e50756d370_zpsvhyvoyqu.jpg
 photo c374ae70-e3e5-4e99-ad04-ebecd4db6e2d_zpsmhwd2b0v.jpg
 photo 2adf4e51-ade8-4783-a474-918d36ae11df_zpsxkpqo4bf.jpg
 photo 52c1e125-fcd2-4b5f-b5ae-4d8f8cf2ee47_zpssximqq6b.jpg
 photo fc0eaf2f-a313-47b2-838e-61bb03f7bc74_zpsoy11iiqh.jpg
 photo 130376b8-d2b5-4450-9ef4-41af6aedb928_zps9gja34dr.jpg
 photo 0b7f69fe-8626-430b-8650-4c9bb1fcf098_zps4c4q58hj.jpg
 photo 6873d1cb-5acb-43f0-8409-08af0b79d31d_zps5bil3zli.jpg
 photo 1289979b-ea0f-487f-986c-49e1d29e6b70_zpsy8dhxyhy.jpg
 photo 75c2e736-b2a2-45c8-bfc0-25f5a93784eb_zpsixsl1h3e.jpg
 photo 53c419ed-bf4a-4f2e-a23e-4b33c1f0af3d_zpstjehn5lh.jpg
 photo 16dc64de-8774-4a22-91ef-3aacda552eac_zpse0zo7hl2.jpg
 photo a1bc10dc-10c7-4454-9d2b-a884ef3d249d_zpsblutjzu0.jpg

Things I loved about Café des Capucins:
Outstanding cuisine – traditional dishes are given a fusion oriented direction, tastes are very defined and there is a great attention to the presentation.
Amazing service, really – the waitress who served us was able to explain perfectly everything both in English and French. Before taking the order we were asked if we had any allergies and during the dinner we were recommended great dishes – but never felt forced to go in one sense or another. We took our time without being bothered and everything was served with a bright smile. Well done.
Young and cool environment – music was there, but not too loud, amiable terrace for a ciggie break in a very classy location (Place du Theatre), professional customers, attention to details.
Extremely fair prices – wine glasses around 6/7 euros for great quality wines, fish main around 25 euro.

Things I liked a bit less:
– Everything was perfect, but if I have to find something, I would say portions were a bit too big for my appetite, but it was indeed our fault to order both the tapas and the starter. Strongly recommended to got between one of the two if you are heading to the main course.

To sum up,  we had a fabulous evening at Café des Capucins and we will indeed come back soon. This is the perfect place if you are looking for a restaurant after couple of drinks in town and you don’t want to go for something too traditional or expensive. Outstanding food, young ambience and great service are already making it one of my top place for friend’s evenings.

Barefoot in Luxembourg meets people: Nico

Today Barefoot in Luxembourg meets  Nicolas, an enthusiastic US expat who will introduce us to some extremely cool vacations concepts- The Ski Week and The Yacht Week.

_OLI7718 -081015 - Olivier ToussaintHi Nico and welcome at Barefoot in Luxembourg. Can you introduce yourself: Who are you?
I am a California native who moved “inland” to Luxembourg in 2007. Most are curious as to why I am here, but honestly, I could not be any happier living in this cosmopolitan mecca. The sun might not shine as often here, but I am a quick flight to the Austrian or Swiss Alps as well as the Adriatic or Aegean Seas. I love being outdoors so sailing and going skiing are yearly rituals.

What are the best three adjectives to describe you?
Passionate, Energetic, Innovative… I am a forward thinking marketing professional who not only adapts, I seek to drive change.

Tell us a bit more about The Ski Week project and The Yacht Week project you are involved with.
Like many I love the sea, so in 2011 I gathered some friends and booked a boat with The Yacht Week. Our week of sailing the Greek Islands with 20 other boats with 100+ other like-minded professionals was life changing. The relationships I have made will be lifelong as there is an incredible bond made when sharing an adventure with someone. Since my first trip to Greece, I have done seven more in beautiful destinations like Croatia, Italy, Turkey and British Virgin Islands.

The Yacht Week is celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2016. Last year they booked more than 1300 yachts. For 2016, bookings opened October 27th, and they already have 350 boats booked!

The Ski Week is similar to The Yacht Week… you gather your friends and prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime. Except, instead of sailing the sea, you are skiing together with a unique blend of young professionals from all around the world. With my love of skiing, I simply swapped salty waters with fresh snow and the party and it’s people move up to the mountains.

The Ski Week has sold out their Chamonix and Japan Week in January but there are still some rooms/cabins available for Austria and Aspen in March.

Why should people join The Ski Week?
If you love being in the mountains and having fun activities planned throughout the course of the week, then The Ski Week is for you. You don’t even need to ski to enjoy it. Many people come just get some “fresh air” and party and socialize with others who have traveled from around the world. It really is a tremendous networking event.

How long have you been living in Luxembourg?
8 glorious years

What is your most beloved place in the city?
I recently moved in with my Fiancé to Bonnevoie and I am digging this neighborhood a lot.

What is your favorite restaurant in Luxembourg?
…. where I met my fiancé!

What is your preferred night-life spot in Luxembourg?
I really enjoy having drinks with friends at OCTANS.

What do you like about Luxembourg life?
Similar to The Yacht Week or The Ski Week, when I start a conversation with someone in Luxembourg, I am blown away by how international, educated and open-minded people are here. We are all expats navigating life, we just happen to be on Luxembourg Island at the moment.

What would you change or improve?
I wish we had Uber, so it would be easier and cheaper to move around. Web Taxi is okay for now.

What is the best place you visited in a range of 200 km from the city and that you would suggest for a daily trip?
Christmas is coming, so a trip to the Strasbourg Christmas Market is mandatory.

What is the best adjective to describe Luxembourg?

If you want to meet Nicolas or learn more about The Ski week, join TSW Luxembourg launch party this Friday at House 17.
Find more information here and confirm your attendance to
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Fashion Days Luxembourg – Day I

I was very excited to attend the Fashion Days Luxembourg last week end. Even if I am not a fashion blogger and my knowledge about fashion stops to what I like and what I don’t like, I was indeed motivated to see new designers – above all young ones – and to be part of a totally new concept for Luxembourg. It was the time, finally, that also Luxembourg had a fashion event and after attending the whole week-end, I can definitely see the organizational effort was huge (bravo!) and I really enjoyed it.
Barefoot in Luxembourg is always interested about “what is going on” and “what new is happening in town” and the Fashions Days Luxembourg were definitely something new, refreshing and cool.

If you are following me on snapchat, you probably had already an idea about the catwalks we attended. Below you can find a picture-reportage of the first day, Friday 23th, taken by my partner in crime Kochi Wz, who was part of this adventure with me.

The first day event was dedicated to consolidated designers that presented their collections. My favorite one was the one by Marie Schweisthal, as her collection was feminine and really “my style”, something I could definitely wear on regular basis! But all the other collections presented were cool, we also appreciated the mermaids of the Ocean collection of Phillipe Haussman, the sophisticated gown of Sasha Cooper and the colourful ladies of Antonio Rocha.

IMG_3585 IMG_3618 IMG_5911 IMG_5924 IMG_5932 IMG_5944 IMG_5946 IMG_5950 IMG_5956 IMG_6014 IMG_6040 IMG_6050 IMG_6060 IMG_6064 IMG_6069

Barefoot in Luxembourg meets People: Ruth Dugdall

I met Ruth in the pink and cozy atmosphere of Kathy’s cupcakery on a sunny Wednesday morning. She is a lovely and easygoing person and we got the opportunity to talk about Luxembourg, her book coming out this week (“Nowhere girl”) and her expat background in Luxembourg.
So, as we usually start. What is your name, where are you coming from, what are you doing and how long have you been in Luxembourg?
I am Ruth Dugdall, I am an English crime author and I have been living in Luxembourg for two years now.

That is already pretty good. Do you plan to stay any longer here?
No, we are leaving next year, my husband had a two-years contract. For me it was good to know it was limited: on one side, I did not say “no” to anything during this period, we had lots of travel, things to do, but on the other side, yes, it was just fine knowing we would have came back home after a while.

Didn’t you enjoy being in Luxembourg?
Actually I didn’t want to leave home. I love my home: I am coming from Suffolk, on the East coast of England, a sea-side town. My family lives there, I am sort of “known” in the town, it is a quite small town… So, at the beginning I did not want to leave at all, I didn’t even know where Luxembourg was, to be honest! And I don’t speak any languages, so I was very scared!

But, at the end, we made the best of it and it has been much better than I thought it was going to be. But I am not someone who wants to live away from home. I am a communicator, and I find it difficult if I can’t communicate.

So, you don’t find that, being Luxembourg a very international city, it is easy to live here even if you don’t really speak any official languages? This is often one of the most common comments from expats.
Well, you can get by, but the fact is I like to chat with people. In the gym, yesterday, I made a joke and nobody around me got it. It is not that I cannot make myself understood, but if there is a problem, like being in the hospital or a technical stuff, it sounds like a real challenge. Even though they speak English, there is an understanding gap. I know a lot of people who don’t worry about that, but for me it is all about words.

So you were kind of forced to move here because of your family.
Because of my husband’s job, indeed. Obviously I can work anywhere and my publisher, when I told her we were moving, was enthusiastic, because I have always written about Suffolk, and they said this was an opportunity to settle a novel somewhere else. And honestly it gave me a purpose for being here. You know, we came with Andrew’s job but I knew it was an opportunity for me too and for the kids.

So, would tell us a bit more about “Nowhere girl”?
When I arrived, I had two book deals: the first one I knew what was going to be.
The second book was still a question mark, but my publisher wanted it to be settled here in Luxembourg. So, I didn’t know what the story was until I have been here a couple of weeks and I was dropping the kids to school. There were these posters around saying “be sure children aren’t arriving at school without parents”. I was being curious about it and I went up to a security guard and said “what is this about” and he said “oh you don’t need to worry”. Actually, in Belgium, in that period, there have been three attempted kidnappings. Almost immediately I started to Google it, trying to find what I could, which wasn’t a lot.
I guessed if I child has been taken in Luxembourg, he could be anywhere within few hours, in Europe. So I decided to write about a girl who has been missing: she is an expat and the police is not taking it very seriously because of her age and because she has gone missing before with her boyfriend. I contacted my publisher, asked what about this idea and they said, go for it. But I still had a big problem because I didn’t know how things work in Luxembourg. If an expat went missing, will the British embassy be involved, how the police would respond, do they wait 24 hours, do they act immediately… I needed to know.

So did you do some research about it?
Yes, I was really lucky by how willing people were to talk, I spoke with police, social workers, and I got a view of crime in Luxembourg, because it is very hidden in the press, you can’t find it.
And this is what is quite apparent: Luxembourg doesn’t want to talk about what is going on. Actually all the cities have problems with crime. I am from a small town and we have still murders. It is crazy for Luxembourg trying to pretend nothing happens. And then, of course, I started to come to place like this (rue de Strasbourg) and I found this other side of Luxembourg, with the refugees, people who are here illegally, trying to get by, who can’t get healthcare, who can’t get the papers they needs, and this was their story.

Were people available to talk? Did you find any difficult about that?
I met with Algerian people, people from Serbia, I also volunteered to work at the prison and managed to visit the refugees’ center, so I was actually able to speak to people who really had failed to survive here, had committed crimes. Coming back to your question, no, I did not find any resistance, what I found was the opposite: people needed and wanted to talk about it, because, you know, everybody talks about how beautiful Luxembourg is, and the designers’ shops, luxury life, and nobody is talking about the other side. I think it only changed in the last few weeks, with the Syrian crisis. People are now saying how can we help, what can we do and I think there’s an awareness now of people who are struggling, it wasn’t before then in this city.

So your novel will describe this hidden world compared to the posh Luxembourg everybody tends to talk about. When “Nowhere girl” is going to be out?
The launch is October 24th at 2 pm at Chapter 1, the English speaking bookshop in Merl/Belair area and I will also have an event in Ernster (English branch, near Gran-Duchy’s palace) the following month, on the 21st of November at 5 pm.

The thing I am nervous about is that I am saying this controversial thing: when I talked to most of people about this “hidden” Luxembourg, everybody agreed with my view. It’s true,  things are happening in Luxembourg but people don’t talk about them. At the same time, I am still aware that should be a response from people that are saying we shouldn’t be talking about crime in Luxembourg, because it will have effects… what will it affect? Tourism? What about larger cities like London or Paris? So, there is a resistance to talking openly.

Did people who helped you in the research read already the book? What was their comment?
No, they haven’t’ yet. And, you know, people who helped me in the research, they are not necessarily responsible for the associations they are working for, they aren’t responsible for what in the book. So that’s a tricky one, because for example police has been incredibly helpful with the research but, of course, this is a crime book, so for example, in the book, at the beginning the police is not taking the kidnapping seriously, but I am not saying Luxembourg police was not helpful – this is the fiction of the book.
In particular, the person who helped me the most was a local social worker and I talked with her a lot about the idea in the book and I think that, although she hasn’t read it, she is very supportive. I focuses on this refugee’s family who cannot get healthcare for their child – and I contacted her and asked is this accurate and she told me: “I have a family at the office right now who has a child and they are going in every hospital , struggling with the papers for his care”. It was important for me to hear that, but I am sure there are people in Luxembourg who doesn’t know about this kind of situation.

And you think someone will be disappointed by this view of the book, the view about the fact that in Luxembourg everything is not perfect how it seems to be?
That comment is going to come. I had the same problems indeed with my crime books settled in Suffolk; I had people at that time telling me I did not like Suffolk that much. I love Suffolk, but I am a crime writer, I am not writing about cottages and roses and romance, I am writing about the hidden corners. But this does not mean I don’t love places… My main character is a probation officer, that is what I was, and I have a huge amount of respect for that career, but my probation officer has made bad decisions, personally and professionally, because she is a character in a novel, so she can’t be perfect. But I am not saying all probation officers are corrupt, we are humans.
I am definitely nervous about this launch, definitely more nervous that previous books. If you compared this book with “The Expats” – the other famous novel that takes place in Luxembourg -, The Expats is a spy story, a bit remote, not something that can really happen, not something related to how Luxembourg sees itself. Everybody knows what I am talking about.

So, so far it has been clear what you did not really appreciate about Luxembourg (laughing). Now, moving on the other side, what do you like about Luxembourg?
I like where it is placed, the fact that you can travel quite easily to France, Belgium, Germany, so I find it a great place to go and visit. I am really interested in history, especially World War II, so it has been ideally for going into Belgium. The things that we really like doing IN Luxembourg is “cinema”, because in England they have really strict rules about ages on films, and here they don’t and then as a family we were able to go and see a lot of films that otherwise we would have not been able seeing in England. So, probably every fortnight we go to the cinema and it is just wonderful not to have to worry about the restrictions and I really appreciate it.

And about Luxembourg as city, do you have a favorite restaurant in the city?
Well, I am vegetarian, so eating out here is always a challenge, especially at top-level restaurants. The higher level I go, the most likely I am getting a simple plate of vegetables. I like the restaurant “Himalaya“, we take away from them almost every week and it has great Indian food. We like “Sobogusto“, because of the ambience, and recently I have been going to “Beim Siggy“, because the service is so good, very friendly and if you eat on the terrace, there is an incredible view. I am really excited about the new vegetarian restaurant what opened in town, “Beet“, so I am going to try it soon. I think restaurants here are overrated, if you go to Belgium you have so much more choices for vegetarian!

So, if I am asking what your favorite place in a range of 200 km would be, I suppose it will be in Belgium?
(Laughing) Yes, I would say Bastogne, but not because of the restaurants, because of the incredibly huge materials of the World War II they have. The War Museum they have there, I have been there four times and it is the best museum I have ever been to! But I also liked the Ardennes 44 Museum, they serve beers in American military hat at its bar, so much to see and a lovely atmosphere.

What would be then for you the best adjective to describe Luxembourg?
Accessible – you can get to places easily and you can get by with whatever language you speak.

So what will you miss about Luxembourg when you will leave?
I will miss the opportunity to go to interesting places every week-end. Every week-end since we arrived we visited something interesting.

If you want to meet Ruth, head to Chapter 1 bookstore this Saturday at 2 pm or follow her Facebook page to learn about new events. Her new book, “Nowhere girl” , settled in Luxembourg, will be out in shops on October 31st.

What to do: Hollerich

I had some issues on Word-Press platform last week, so my usual “What to do” column has been postponed of couple of days – but now worries, I did not forget about it!
After having been in the city center, in Bonnevoie and in the Station area, today we make a tour of the area of Hollerich – I am afraid the less central posts will not show so many categories like previous, but still I am happy to share with you my favorite places!

When I arrived in Luxembourg, almost 10 years ago, Hollerich used to be a quite fancy area – on Wednesday night there were several parties going on and the “black shoes and shirt” policy was applied in most of the places – I don’t share the view, but apparently for some bars this is an indicator of a posh ambience. Then Rives des Clausen opens its door and the area of Hollerich, little by little, lost its charms and lower its standards. Still, now, it is possible to find nice places. This post has been written in collaboration with Francesca Pipini, who used to work in the area and gave me some great hints.

Where to go for your bio grocery shopping
Thym Citron
The shop Thym Citron not only propose biological fruits and vegetables, but also salads ready to eat and cheese. For the Christmas season, they prepare great baskets with their best products and they deliver your shopping around the City – delivery is free starting from 120 Euro.
Hint: If you are in the area for lunch, they prepare delicious soups.

Where to go to furnish your flat on budget
Troc is quite an institution in Luxembourg: if you are just arrived in Luxembourg and you have to buy few pieces to furnish your newly-rented apartment, this is definitely the best place to go, as you can find deals for great prices and you don’t have to drive to Belgium. But at the same time, if you are leaving your flat and you want to sell some good conditions items, you can drop them there and sell them cash. If you are looking for more information, their new website is very user friendly and you can have estimation of the value of your items.
Hint: Follow Troc on Facebook to check hot deals of the week.

Where to go when you want to organize a house party
Ava is one on my favorite shop in Luxembourg: I can definitely spend hours there and I can spend hours there even if I have nothing to buy. They have a broad range selections for office items, but above all, they have lots of items for organizing parties! From plastic dishes, to fake crystal coupe, to table cloths in all the shapes and materials, balloons, place holders… if you are organizing a party this is the best place to visit.
Hint: this is one of the few places in Luxembourg where I find “Jordan almonds”.

Where to go to learn massage techniques
Well Being Pilates Luxembourg
At Well Being Pilates, not only you can find Yoga, Pilates and Thai Box courses, but in December there will held also a Thai Yoga Massage – level 1 training.
Hint: Places are going quickly, so book in advance and monitor their FB page for last minute vacancies.

Where to go for a fancy after-work
Sobogusto offers, in a very elegant location, a restaurant, a bar and a club. While the restaurant does not encounter my tastes, the place is the perfect spot to have a business after-work with your colleagues and is convenient either you work in the area, either you use public transportation or car, as it is just few steps from P+R Bouillon.
Hint: Once per month they organize a “wine tasting” evening, with mandatory reservation and at the cost all inclusive of 20 euro. Next one will be on November 18th.

Where to go to have a nice lunch/dinner
Ristorante I Quattro Mori – great specialties from Sardinia region, amazing pizza.
Mr. Wok – they have a very cheap all you can eat formula both for lunch and dinner, including sushi and live cooking wok.
Atlantico – one of my preferred option when I want to eat fish in town, they have a great selection of Portuguese dishes, and both “Risotto ai Frutti di Mare” and the house salted codfish with shrimps are to die for.

Do you have any suggestion to add for Hollerich Area?

Brasserie Herve, Luxembourg – a pleasant discovery!

In my last posts of the series “What to do” regarding the Station and Bonnevoie area, I was complaining the lack of a refined and fashion place to dine.
After learning about its change of management, I decided to head with Patricia to Brasserie Herve for a relaxed lunch. Brasserie Herve is, unluckily, located in a not very fashionable area, just few steps from Luxembourg Main Station.
Indeed, since its opening, I was attracted by the décor and the intimacy of the location. Unfortunately, previous management seems not to be able to use the potential of the place.
On Tuesday, we had indeed an amazing lunch.
We were welcome by a very kind and professional waiter speaking both English and French perfectly and we received a great amuse-bouche prepared with truffle cream and dried tomatoes. This was just an initial indicator that our experience was going to be exceptional.
The restaurant, for lunch, has a menu du jour selection (choice among 3 dishes) for 12.5 euro, plus chef suggestions between 9 and 16.5 euro plus “a la carte” menu.
We were advised by the waiter to go for the “Italian burger”, prepared with sautéed peppers , pesto and beef meat. He was also available to explain in details other dishes on the list we were interested to – but at the end we follow his experience.
We accompanied the lunch with two glasses of wine – again, the waiter made us try the wine, even if it was just the “home selection”, to be sure we were fine with it, before serving. These are the small little things most of the places are not taking care about and that, for me, are doing a big difference.

After the pictures of our lunch, you will find as usual my impressions about this restaurant.

 photo 5eb028d9-5683-48ca-8f19-0387a3911580_zpsetokfhph.jpg
 photo 6cd5f300-9a6b-486a-bf0e-e3caa46895d9_zpsbln25pjd.jpg
 photo f4d29f03-59e8-4142-a6ef-bd49cd2ffb69_zpszfnfv5aa.jpg
 photo 7177e538-7c16-4350-a258-4658effe1236_zps42yg5tco.jpg
 photo a314cec3-3539-40e3-955a-06bfb1032d95_zps70okxejf.jpg
 photo d1805902-bdf0-4785-8afa-28dad823d885_zpsesacozyo.jpg
 photo deee09c9-aaf1-4705-9e21-bf01e117cecd_zpswc8otoxa.jpg
 photo c35d26fc-a00a-4f07-9eb4-64f801038669_zps0snpwegv.jpg
 photo dd5cf7ab-6532-4836-8faf-a90989f0412c_zpsz7dqx6xh.jpg
 photo 653aa8fe-28c1-4051-a786-e6d27557247b_zpsr97ba0iu.jpg
 photo 335335dd-cdba-4716-b865-c2653e89d0a5_zps2rljavkl.jpg

Things I loved about Brasserie Herve:

  • Unbeatable ambience: around the station you cannot find such elegant and fashion place. Once you enter the front door, you can forget where you are, like you directly transported in a Manhattan fancy bar.
  • Great food: everything we had on our table was exceptional. From the truffle amuse-bouche to the burgers to the apple pie served as dessert with the menu. You can definitely understand the quality of the materials is really important at Brasserie Herve, and I especially loved the truly amazing meat taste.
  • Quality/Price and Choices on the Menu: 12.5 euro for a Brasserie Herve menu du jour that includes an amuse-bouche and on Monday/Tuesday also a dessert is a very good deal for Luxembourg city and above all for this kind of restaurant. Just some weeks ago, I paid 18 euro for a pasta dish around the corner… and here you have meat, fish, veggie choices for all the tastes and for all the prices – so not only on budget, but also recommended If you want to spoil yourself.
  • Authentic customer service: through my interviews of “Barefoot in Luxembourg meets people“, I realized that what most expats complain about in Luxembourg is the level of the service. At Brasserie Herve, it was clear they really care. We never had to ask, we were always served before and never bothered by the waiters. From bread, to water, to mayonnaise, everything was taken to the table on time.

Things I liked a bit less:

  • You might not be attracted by the surroundings, but this is definitely not restaurant’s fault. Indeed, I find refreshing to have a fashionable place to visit also in the station area, without the needs to find yourself each and every time walking past the same places in the city center. We had great time at Brasserie Herve – our lunch was delicious, the atmosphere is very modern and fashionable and the service was outstanding.

    This is the perfect place for a lunch with your girlfriends before some shopping, for a relaxed happy hour with your colleagues during the week or a fancy business dinner after a day of meetings. We will definitely come back.