Saturday night drinks and snack at Kritzel Bar, Luxembourg

After the Fashion Days Luxembourg, back in town, Anna and myself decided to have a quiet drink in town and we opted for Kritzel Bar, the temporary new bar of Hotel Le Royal.
The bar is located in the basement of the hotel and has some pop and bright features.
We went for a bottle of Alice Hartmann Riesling and a cheese platter, that was of the only thing we could get, as the kitchen was already closed.

After the pictures of our evening, you will find my general impressions about Kritzel Bar.
IMG_3928 IMG_3929 IMG_3931
Things I liked about Kritzel Bar:

Lovely settings and nice atmosphere: definitely you don’t feel to be in a hotel bar and is the perfect place if you want to chat and relax, in the city center, but not in the chaos.
Nice service: the waiter who served us was very available, he asked the kitchen for our cheese platter even if the dinner time was over and served the wine when our glasses were over.
Reasonable wine prices: compared to other posh hotel bars in Luxembourg (no name…), you can stay at Kritzel Bar couple of hours without going bankrupt and recharges on the wine list are more than fair.

Things I liked a bit less:
– While the wine list is reasonably priced, the cocktail bar is going more on the “VIP” direction, with an average of 16-18 euros for a drink.
– No windows in the all bar and no smoking area – you should go back to the main entrance of the hotel to smoke outside, not very comfortable.

At the moment, the bar is anyway temporary and we understood that the new location will be refurbished after the works that are taking place at Le Royal.
I hope the good things about Kritzel Bar will be kept, as we have pleasant time and I would not mind to come back for some wine for a quiet evening.


6 thoughts on “Saturday night drinks and snack at Kritzel Bar, Luxembourg

  1. Very interessting to see a review of Kritzel Bar. We were thinking about trying a cocktail when staying at Le Royal (here’s our review btw: in February this year. After we saw the cocktail prices and the location (it’s only temporary in the basement and will have windows again as soon as the renovations are finished) we passed. Nevertheless, I’m sure the service was very good as this is what makes Le Royal really shine! 🙂


    1. Indeed… I wanted also to have a cocktail but the price really discouraged me. The wine choice was great – very good wine for extremely reasonable price. I hope the new location will be more spacious and with windows. Thank you for sharing your review, just checking it!

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