Fashion Days Luxembourg – Day I

I was very excited to attend the Fashion Days Luxembourg last week end. Even if I am not a fashion blogger and my knowledge about fashion stops to what I like and what I don’t like, I was indeed motivated to see new designers – above all young ones – and to be part of a totally new concept for Luxembourg. It was the time, finally, that also Luxembourg had a fashion event and after attending the whole week-end, I can definitely see the organizational effort was huge (bravo!) and I really enjoyed it.
Barefoot in Luxembourg is always interested about “what is going on” and “what new is happening in town” and the Fashions Days Luxembourg were definitely something new, refreshing and cool.

If you are following me on snapchat, you probably had already an idea about the catwalks we attended. Below you can find a picture-reportage of the first day, Friday 23th, taken by my partner in crime Kochi Wz, who was part of this adventure with me.

The first day event was dedicated to consolidated designers that presented their collections. My favorite one was the one by Marie Schweisthal, as her collection was feminine and really “my style”, something I could definitely wear on regular basis! But all the other collections presented were cool, we also appreciated the mermaids of the Ocean collection of Phillipe Haussman, the sophisticated gown of Sasha Cooper and the colourful ladies of Antonio Rocha.

IMG_3585 IMG_3618 IMG_5911 IMG_5924 IMG_5932 IMG_5944 IMG_5946 IMG_5950 IMG_5956 IMG_6014 IMG_6040 IMG_6050 IMG_6060 IMG_6064 IMG_6069


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