A gastronomique adventure: Ma Langue Sourit, Moutfort, Luxembourg

Couple of weeks ago, my partner in crime Kochi invited me out for dinner to try Ma Langue Sourit, the one-star Michelin restaurant located in Moutfort, just 15 minutes driving from the city centre.

I have been there ages ago, at the beginning of my adventure in Luxembourg, and I had lovely memories. Unfortunately we always end up choosing places around the city recently when dining out, so I did not have the occasion to visit it again. With my mood not among the stars and a lot of thoughts going in my mind, it was indeed great leaving the city for one night and I should do it more often.

We got there around 8ish, during a pleasant evening, and we were accommodated on the outdoor terrace. Only another couple was seated already Рit was during the France РGermany match for European Cup, and probably most of the people in Luxembourg were in front of a screen.

The terrace ambience is lovely. Woods all around, very cared settings, you forget for a short while where you are. We started with a pink champagne aperitif that was accompanied by a delicious platter of small appetizers. The fried quail egg enrolled in wasabi powder was definitely my favourite, but all the others were pretty tasty as well.

We moved in, in the cosy dining room, where we went for the 6 courses tasting menu with wine pairing. We only asked to change the dessert with the cheese – as both me and Kochi are not very much for sweets stuff (you seen us, right? ūüėõ )

The menu was all amazing: foie gras as amuse bouche, marinated sea bass, lobster and potatoes, white fish with coco sauce, lemon and herbs sorbet, duck, poached egg as pre-dessert (as we went for an all salted menu), cheese trolley. With the coffee with had an ice cream with strawberry and meringue and some mignardises.

On the wine side, we had 4 glasses of white wine and two glasses of red. The nice part of the story was that the sommelier was leaving us guessing the wine before coming back with detailed indications – we did not bad, thanks to Kochi’s professional skills. I did my dirty job guessing right the one from Bourgogne – playing at home.

Enjoy the pictures of the dinner followed by my general impressions about Ma Langue Sourit and our time there.

IMG_8072 IMG_8073 IMG_8074 IMG_8075 IMG_8076 IMG_8077 IMG_8078 IMG_8079 IMG_8080 IMG_8081 IMG_8082

Things I loved about Ma Langue Sourit:

The ambience: you don’t have to travel 250 km to find a relaxed and quiet environment, cared in details and never boring. Enjoy the terrace for the aperitif and coffee, admire the bold coloured paintings on the walls, sit down and leave behind all the issues.
The service: if your idea about a Michelin-star restaurant it is still about old fashioned penguins, silver trolleys and white gloves, forget about it. Ma Langue Sourit is the perfect example of how the service in a high-end restaurant could be kinda informal but still polite and rigorous. Dishes are explained in details, questions replied with no hesitation, but still you can have your laugh with the sommelier or the waiter. We were the last one to remain in the house, still enjoying our ciggy after coffee on the terrace and we never felt the pressure to leave.
The Food: ca va sans dire. Ma Langue Sourit could teach some chefs that, to be gastronomique and contemporary, you don’t have to cook gold foil or have your dish served in a space shuttle. Very traditional ingredients here are presented in a sophisticated yet innovative way, surprising your palate with unexpected combinations and warm aromas. My favourite numbers were definitely the marinated sea bass, the herbs sorbet and the poached egg

Things I liked a bit less about Ma Langue Sourit:

– It is very difficult for me to find something I didn’t like, as I enjoyed very much this special night. If only I have to find an element to improve, I would say that, when going for the tasting menu, portions should be much limited. I enjoyed the food and I was feeling quite fine at the very end, but eating the last dishes I was feeling doing it only because I needed to, while my stomach was begging for mercy.

In conclusion: Ma Langue Sourit is a paradise for food lovers. You get here an inventive and captivating refined French cuisine, the perfect service and a lovely environment just few minutes from the city centre. Perfect for special celebrations and romantic tete-a-tete.




J¬įpour Pure Program – Review

If you are following my Instagram account, you already know last week, before my parents came to visit, I tried J¬įpour pure program – a 3 days cleansing plan in a box from J¬įpour, a new local brand that opened a cozy bar in Kirchberg – just next to Mamma Bianca restaurant – that proposes cold-pressed juices, superfood smoothies, bowls, chia puddings, kale and superfood salads, organic coffee and tea, gluten-free muffins, power balls, avocado toasts and much more.

I was really interested to try a cleansing program as it happens, above all after periods when I have a lot of meals out, to feel in the needs of restarting my body. I tend to eat pretty clean when I am at home (not often, but still), but sometimes I am too lazy to prepare smoothies or to keep up with the good quantities – I end up having half cucumber, half pack of kale, a dry lemon, rotten strawberry and much more in the fridge for ages… Other detox programs I tried in the past did not convince me very much – as not very natural¬† and¬†forcing my body too much.

After having a chat with Alessandra, J¬įpour brand manager, I was really curious to try their products, as juices in their boxes are cold-pressed and products are mainly coming from a local farmer near Trier. J¬įpour juices¬† are¬†prepared on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so I planned my pick-up for last Wednesday – but you can have them delivered at your place or office, if you prefer.

The program basically substitutes for 1 to max 5 days your daily meals with the cold-pressed juices. You have 6 cold-pressed juices to drink each 2 – 3 hours. You should respect the order of juices in the plan – really easy to do as you have numbers on the bottles – and conclude always with the protein one.

My first day was the most difficult one: at the beginning I was a bit scared by the green color of the bottles, but juices were good and tasty. At the same time, at the end of the day, I was a bit hungry. I was couple of times about to open the fridge and having a small piece of turkey breast – I realized later, not because I was really starving but because I was missing the feeling of chewing . I resisted, but it was not very easy to go to sleep ūüėõ

When I woke up the second day, I was glad to have stick to the program. I felt my belly empty and flat but at the same time my skin was soft and glowing. Second day was easy and straight-forward: I had one juice every two hours and half circa and even if at lunch time I went to supermarket to have some grocery shopping, I did not feel the urge of putting in the trolley something greasy to eat in the car – yes, I know, I am usually really bad at it. At the end of the day, I was feeling a bit tired and I went to bed earlier than usual after having had my last juice, but I was not hungry all.

Third day I woke up really energized – my body was feeling lean and I could fit perfectly jeans I normally avoided. I had great skin and hair and I was not feeling like eating at all. I had to cook for a friends’ dinner and while normally I tend to try the food, I totally avoided it. During the afternoon I did several tasks at home, went again to the supermarket, ironed and I totally forgot two of my six juices. My stomach was still feeling empty from the previous one and I was full of energies. When I had the fourth juice of the day, while the first day I was swallowing it¬†like last bottle of water in the desert, I enjoyed it slowly and I took almost half an hour to get to the end..

My impressions about J¬įpour pure program:

  • I have to admit I am¬†super happy about the program and its results. I felt I lost the bloating and my body was feeling renewed.
  • Compared to other detox programs I tried in the past that requested an extra care in the skin and hair, as making them dull¬†and super dry, J¬įpour pure program improved also my skin condition – I have very dry and sensitive skin¬†– and after three days I was feeling glowing.
  • The only hard day is the first one – you should prepare yourself in the days before starting the program reducing your meals and having liquid options instead like I did.
  • Following days are definitely easier and I could have continued the program for other two days for sure.
  • As I am working at the office, for me it was really easy to take the bottles with me and having them during the day, without the need to prepare shakes or to cook anything.
  • The glass bottles of the J¬įpour juices can be used again – I just put them in the dishwasher and they are ready to take away your homemade smoothies – or to be used for flowers ūüôā No silly plastic around.
  • Juices were pretty good to taste and totally vegan. My favourite one was the Cinamilk, the one for the evening. I could have it each and every night! It is delicious!
  • If I have to find a negative point in the program, I am used to go to the gym each and every morning at 6.30 am, having 1 hour cardio followed by 20 minutes sauna and during the program I was really not feeling like doing it – I started back straight at the end of the three days. But if you check on J¬įpour website, you will definitely find other cleansing program suggested for people who want to maintain a very active lifestyle. I have to say, except the gym, I did everything I was used to do – work, shopping, driving, errands, homeworks, and I was feeling refreshed and energetic.

In conclusion: I would definitely do J¬įpour pure program again. I think it is super good if you want to re-establish your body balance after an overindulging period or to prepare it before a special occasion or holidays. I tend always to starve the days before a wedding invitation or before leaving for the beach, for example, arriving at the D day with dull skin and in a very passive-aggressive mood. With J¬įpour cleansing program, I have find definitely my healthy solution.¬†I cannot wait to have it again before leaving for next weeding season ūüôā

Family Sunday lunch at Le Sud, Luxembourg city

Thanks to the Monday off for public holiday, my parents, my sister and my brother-in-law came to visit us for a short break. Except for the weather, that has been truly cold and grey, they have been some funny and intense days.

As soon as my parents confirmed their visit, I booked our Sunday lunch at my favourite place in the City, Le Sud in Clausen. If you are following my blog, you know I am not very easy in “the best” judgement. I tend to be very prudent – in one sense or in the other. Anyway – if people ask me what is my preferred place in the city, among those I have tried, I would definitely say Le Sud – for a combination of unique factors. I love their sophisticated French cuisine – nothing too extravagant, but these classic numbers with a unique style. I love their service – if you are a regular or a new comers you are always welcome with a smile. I love the settings of the restaurant – again, this French style combined with the featuring of the old beer factory in Clausen. Bonus point: the terrace and the bar upstairs, where you can have your aperitif or after-work drinks to launch or conclude¬†your night.

Last Sunday, we got to the restaurant around 12.30 and were welcomed at the wardrobe on the ground floor. We moved upstairs and we were assigned a lovely table near the windows – from one of them you can clearly see the Cathedral top. A copy of the menu, without the prices as for my request, was placed on the table. On Sunday you have a fixed menu option, with one amuse-bouche, one starter, a choice between two mains, cheese selection and dessert.

We had a pleasant glass of cremant to start, followed by a creamy egg with truffle bread and then by a salmon tartare. As main I went for the tuna fish Рwhile most of my family decided for the lamb -, cheese trolley and a delicious chocolate macaron with pear sorbet. We accompanied the lunch with a bottle of Saint-Aubin, the boys had as well a glass of red with the meat, and finally another glass of red with the cheese. We went upstairs for our coffee that was served with a lovely selection of sweets.

Scroll after the picture for my impressions.

Things I loved about Le Sud:

  • This was my first time at Le Sud for lunch and I was not deluded. The ambience is relaxed but animated and you don’t feel the urge to dress up like in the evening. On the other side, the service and the kitchen are at the same level: outstanding.
  • Food is just perfect to me: you must like the tasty atmosphere of French cuisine, truffle, cheese… If you are looking for¬†a light hipster option, Le Sud is not for your. It is very baroque in all its details and this is one of the reasons because I love it.
  • We have been guided through our lunch menu in the details. My sister asked for having her tuna fish well-done as she doesn’t like it raw and she has been proposed an alternative. We were given perfect timing in-betweens¬†dishes and wines suggestions have been great.
  • The menu itself is a “simple” 54 euro for Sunday lunch – considering we have spent the same amount in lower level packed touristic places in the city centre where only regulars are treated well and for the same price you get one starter and one overcooked main. Definitely to me a perfect combination quality price.

Things I did not like about Le Sud:

  • I definitely don’t like I cannot afford going there each and every Sunday and each and every week end, as I would love to ūüôā Seriously, it is really hard for me to find a negative point – there are no. I would like people to visit their terrace bar more – you are not obliged to stay for the meal and the price is not different from other poshy bars in the city centre – plus a better service. It would be nice to see it a bit more crowded.

To conclude: while for dinner I reserve¬†Le Sud¬†for¬†a date night or a special celebration, on Sunday lunch it¬†is perfect for family gathering and sophisticated friends’ meal. Quality is exceptional, service amazing and you are in one of the most amazing restaurant rooms in the city centre. Totally worth the price.



Discovering Surroundings: Atelier del Gusto, Remich, Luxembourg

So – as short break during our moving days – we head to Remich last Thursday afternoon, as it was public holiday and the day was too good to stay at home. After a short walk on the river, we decided to stop at Atelier del Gusto, the new branch of the famous Italian restaurant – shop located in Bonnevoie. We were very curious to try it, as because of the wood oven.

The location is very nice: set next to the river, big parking outside compared to other venues on the Esplanade and has a lovely, huge terrace, with a pleasant Italian atmosphere.

We started with drinks, I had a lemonade and hubby some beer, as starter we ordered a mixed platter of cold cuts and cheese to share, followed by a pizza Vagabondo for me – with Parma ham – while hubby had a “puccia” – a huge sandwich prepared with the pizza dough, plus some more water.

Bill was 62 euro in total.

Curious about my impressions? Scroll down after pictures.

Things I liked about Atelier del Gusto in Remich:

  • I loved the atmosphere: it is so pleasant to spend some relaxing time on their peaceful terrace far from the busy city centre! You just put your sunnies on and you can stay there hours…
  • The kitchen is open without stops over week-ends, so if you are late and you want to have your lunch or pizza at 4 pm, it is perfectly fine. You can even start with a drink ad decide to move for some food later.
  • Ingredients are amazing, fresh and authentic: the smoked burrata in the mixed platter was to die for and the pizza dough is another league compared to most I have had in town.

Things I liked a bit less about Atelier del Gusto in Remich:

  • As Italian myself, I would have loved to see more authentic pizzas and dishes on the menu: we have exceptional products, so why don’t use them instead of proposing all the same boring pizzas for “Italians abroad”? I hope to see pizza with eggplants or nduja or provola or speck etc.¬†next time I will come – and less “pizza for tourists”.
  • As said, the place is very relaxed, that means that service can¬† be slow for cosmopolitan standards. This is not a restaurant for a business lunches indeed, but a place to spend couple of hours for a meal without bothering about time. If you are in a hurry or you are easily fed up, this is not the place for you.

In conclusion: While the menu still miss some Italian brio, we liked our late lunch/early dinner at L’Atelier del Gusto in Remich. Their terrace is lovely, products are fresh and pizza very good. Relax and take it easy. Perfect for a Sunday-long lunch with friends or family with kids.

And if you want to visit Remich but you don’t have a car or you plan to drink some nice Italian wine during your meal, why you don’t think about booking Drink and Drive Luxembourg? They even organize mini van if you want to have a safe celebration.

Discovering Indian restaurants: Star of Asia, Luxembourg city

If you are following my blog, you probably know already Indian is one of my favourite cuisine and this passion is not shared by my husband – so while in the past I used to eat Indian at least once per week, now I am allowed to order take-away on my single nights at home.

So you can imagine that when, last week end, my partner in crime Kochi proposed me to have a relaxed dinner at an Indian in town before meeting my sister, I was very happy.

We got to Star of Asia around 8 pm after having booked, the restaurant was packed but still fine to talk and have vital space around. I have never visited the restaurant before and I particularly like the colonial settings.

We ordered a gin as aperitif – I went for an Elephant Gin, that was very good, a pity it was not served in the right glass and was accompanied by Schweppes Tonic – later I have seen another table receiving their gins with Fever Tree.

As food, I went for a Vindaloo Lamb – my favourite Indian dish – and a Cheese Naan. The waiter pointed out – as usually happens – that the dish was hot spicy and I confirmed it was very fine to me, as I love spicy food. I will keep my considerationa regarding the food for later.
Together with the food, we ordered a bottle of rose’ wine – my fault, it was a very bad one.
We concluded with coffee and Indian digestif, paan.

After the pictures, find out if and what I liked about Star of Asia..

Things I liked about Stars of Asia:

  • Unfortunately, I did not like much. The ambience is pretty pleasant, even if a bit dark and the location very central. Everything else will be for me in next tab.

Things I did not like about Stars of Asia:

  • I did not like the food, sorry. I had thousands od Vindaloo in my entire life and I cooked it myself as well to tell you that¬†that one was a very bad one. It seemed to be prepared with pasta tomato sauce, plus it was everything but spicy plus there was only one piece of potato. The cheese naan was a joke as well: it was a normal naan that has been covered with parmesan cheese and gratinee’. I have seen most of the people around ¬†– including my friends – having tandoori, so maybe tandoori was a better choice.
  • Service was pretty distract and inefficient: waited too much for being asked for drinks, waited too much to order, waited too much to have dishes removed from the table. I perfectly see on Saturday night you like having a relaxed dinner, but almost three hours for having only one drink and one dish are definitely too much.
  • Prices are a joke as well – I had to re-do the count couple of times to realized we paid 57 euro each for one drink, one dish, a cheap bottle of wine (27 euro, divided per three) and a digestif. Not worth it.

In conclusion: maybe because I had very high expectations and my favourite dish (Vindaloo) was not one of their specialities, I was very deluded by Star of Asia. As they are plenty of good Indian restaurants in Luxembourg, I would definitely not come back any time soon.

Dinner time at Restaurant Kyoto, Sushi Bar & Grill, Luxembourg City

It has been a very busy week end Рafter ten years, we left Bonnevoie and I basically spend every day since last Monday packing and moving stuff. Ca va sans dire, I basically had no time and willing to cook, so we had several meals out after a very calm period and you will find all of them on the blog in the next days.

I start from the last: on Sunday night, our last night in Bonnevoie, hubby and I decided to have some sushi. The answer came not out easily, as the couple of places in town we visit normally are closed on Sunday and we did not want to drive out of the city. So, after a bit of research, we ended up at Kyoto, a Japanese restaurant that I remember since I first arrived in Luxembourg but I have never tried yet. It is located at the very end of route de Thionville, before getting to Hesperange. They have parking space just in front, we got there around 8.30 pm and there were couple of tables occupied.

After requesting some clarifications from the menu, we decided to go for the Warrior plat – a ship with several kind of sushi and sashimi – and a portion of tempura. The waitress pointed out it was pretty much but we were really hungry. The ship was anticipated by a miso soup included in the deal – I had a spicy one that was extremely good.

Pictures of the dinner and general impressions are following.

What I liked about Kyoto:

  • Sushi and sashimi were very fresh and classic. My husband really appreciated the mi-cuit tuna and I loved mostly¬†everything else ūüôā¬†I just note to myself there are several surimi crab pieces that personal I don’t like – so next time I will ask to substitute them. Special mention to the avocado rolls and the salmon chiraschi, super good.
  • Portions are generous and prices correct. We went for the big ship plus a huge portion of tempura. If you have smaller appetite – that was definitely very much -, you ended up with a smaller bill compared to fancy places in the city centre.
  • Location is calm and quiet, very relaxing and service was great. Always smiling, refilling the wine, checking if everything was ok, available to explain dishes on the menu and to make substitution in the mixed platter.

Things I liked a bit less about Kyoto:

  • The Warrior platter is very classic. If you prefer fancy sushi – fried rolls, mayo, original ingredients, you better order the single sushi portions.

To sum up: Dining at Kyoto was a pleasant surprise! The menu is focused only on Japanese food, service was extremely kind, location relaxing and we had very nice time. I recommend it for couple dinners and friends celebrations, where you don’t need (or don’t want) to pay only the posh atmosphere, but you care also about the service and the food.


Ladur√©e Tea Room, Luxembourg city: Opening Cocktail

I was invited yesterday evening to the opening cocktail of the new Ladurée tea room, located on the corner between the Gran-Rue and Rue des Capucins. in the heart of Luxembourg city centre.
I have to admit: initially I accepted mainly because I was really curious to see the interior design of the place Рreason because I went there with Patricia Рand their tea room offer. As you might probably understand from my posts and reviews, I am not a huge fan of sweets, so tasting macaroons was not something too much exciting for my agenda.

Indeed: I was totally flabbergasted by the event. Having been to several openings recently, I can definitely say this was the best one I attended in a while.
The location is cosy but sophisticated, a bit baroque and full of pastel colours and amazing perfumes. We were welcomed at the entrance by the whole team: the ma√ģtre explained us that¬†just for the evening, the tables downstairs, next to the display cabinets, were removed to make some room for the buffet. Our coats were taken and we moved to the upstairs floor, where we could seat and enjoy the evening.

Everything was perfect: I knew Ladurée only for the macaroons, indeed I discovered they have their own bubbles Рwe went for pink champagne, tasty and pleasant Рas well as salted treats, that were to die for. Special mentions for me during my tastings are going to: the pastrami croque madame, to the délice sucré (a crunchy chocolate sweet, I think I had three at least!) and, last but not least, to the liquorice macaroon Рperfect for people like me, who are not fan of too sweety sweets..

Another thing I feel to mention, and that made our evening even more enjoyable, was the amazing service we had during the night. I am sorry to say Рone of the reasons because I am not a fan of other tea rooms and coffee houses in Luxembourg is the average crabby service. Ladurée is another standard, a luxury one: you feel not only welcome but also pampered.

My experience at the opening cocktail at Ladur√©e¬†was fascinating: whenever you want to have a chat with your best friend or celebrating with some afternoon bubbles, this is the perfect place. Don’t make my mistake: Ladur√©e¬†is not only macaroons. Salted treats and cakes are as well delicious – a posh Friday lunch in town there is already on my agenda.

Enjoy the pictures.