La P’tit Maison, Rollingergrund, Luxembourg

This is probably the first time since the blog has started that we are reviewing twice the same place without a change in the management nor in the chef brigade. But La P’tit Maison definitely needed an exception after our first review more than one year ago.

We actually ended up there quite randomly: at the very last night of a week of business meetings, after having already explored my favorite spots and with a limited choice due to vacations time, we decided to give La P’tit Maison a second chance. The first visit was not bad as a whole, but I was definitely not 100% convinced by the place.

We called for reservation at 5.30 pm and informed we had a guest who is allergic to gluten. We were replied nicely that it was not an issue.

We arrived there around 7.30 pm – the area is quite busy but the restaurant has a valet service for parking at the door – and accommodated on the terrace. The location is indeed lovely, both the terrace and the indoor rooms are perfectly decorated in style and you can feel like in a peaceful bubble, a corner of Marais in Luxembourg.

We ordered a glass of champagne as aperitif and we were offered black olives and summer truffle oil, together with their lovely homemade bread.

We were given our time to look at the menu – that is not really extensive but proposes several interesting choice, both on the meat and fish side.

I went for the pig foot stuffed with foie gras and truffle as starter and for the monkfish with ham and mushrooms. The other guests had the breaded egg with mushrooms and the mixed fish grillade as main.

We had a young Pouilly-Fuissé to accompany our dinner.

To conclude I had a platter of cheese, while my colleagues went for a Vacherin to share. Homemade madeleine were offered together with the coffee.

Some pictures – mainly of my dishes, as unfortunately being a business occasion I could not go around snapping others’ dishes 😛 – and then what was my idea of the dinner.

What I liked about La P’tit Maison:

  • I loved the food: both my dishes were tasty and delicious. It was very difficult to choose from the menu as all the options looked amazing. I particularly liked the fact kind of traditional choices (as beef filet or grilled fish) are combined with some more sophisticated alternatives (veal head or pig foot). As per last time, my dish taste was pretty strong and on the “salty” side, but this time I appreciated it more – better for dinner than for lunch, definitely.
  • I loved the atmosphere: the terrace is out from the pages of a fairy tale and the interior design is also accurate and warm. It is definitely the perfect place for a business dinner like ours or, as well, for a very romantic date.
  • I enjoyed the service: it was friendly but still formal, in particular the guy who helped us choosing the wine and explained the dishes was very professional. I appreciated the fact the chef came to our table at the end of the dinner to cheer us. I was also surprised by how flexible they were to accommodate our gluten-free guest. They basically told her she could have chosen whatever dish out of the menu and they would have done it gluten free for her. Only thing not available was the gluten-free bread – for that, you have to book in advance and specify it.

What I liked a bit less about La P’tit Maison:

We had the perfect moment and I was really happy to have given La P’tit Maison another try, as I loved dining there this time and I really looking forward to come back. Our visit did not have very big downsides, if only I have to find couple of points:

  • the young waiter was a bit clumsy, unbalanced while taking dishes at the table, had undone tie bow when we got there (adjusted it only afterwards) and was messing up our main courses. It was still fine, but if you are taking clients out maybe this is not the level of service you expect.
  • while the restaurant room is lovely, the restroom area was a bit overlooked. Nothing too bad, still you might expect something different from a place like that.
  • lastly, let’s face it, this is still a rather expensive place – but definitely the spent is worth for a special occasion.


In conclusion: my second time at La P’tit Maison was the perfect one. I loved the food, with its intense taste and rather unconventional choices mixed with classic dishes. This is a very recommended places to take your clients out or to impress your other half. Enjoy the cozy terrace until you can. Bonus point: the homemade bread is to die for.







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