Japanese Restaurant Edo, Dippach, Luxembourg

More and more recently, above all during the week, I am trying to go out from the city centre and to find nice restaurants in the areas around. I have to admit downtown places are starting to be mostly all the same – with some exceptions -, owned by the same chains and with more or less the same menus, average level kitchen, horrible service and pricey bill. I certainly don’t want to be the pessimistic one, as you know how much I love living in Luxembourg. But at the same time, I find that to have authentic experiences for fair prices, you better move from the city centre. Moreover, not each and every day you would like to dress up, and something I also like having a relaxed dinner with my sneakers and no make-up.

This was the reason because on Thursday night we headed to the Japanese restaurant Edo, in Dippach. I heard nice things about it and it is no more than 15 minutes driving in the evening from where we live. I called at 8 pm asking for a table to be booked at 9 pm and the girl at the phone confirmed it quickly.

The restaurant is on the main road that connects Dippach to Luxembourg, via Bertrange, and has a quite spacious parking in front.

We got there at 9 pm and there were some tables occupied, even if it was not fully booked.

We were accommodated at our nice table in the veranda and where given the menu. The choice is wide but not huge: rolls and sashimi can be ordered on single basis, plus you have around 6 menu choices. As my husband is not a fan of raw fish, I let him choose the menu with mi-cuit tuna and salmon and the tempura rolls.
I ordered an Asahi beer and hubby went a wine pitcher, that was taken at the table in the original bottle before being served. The sushi ship was anticipated by a salmon amuse-bouche and a miso soup.

Did we enjoyed our dinner? Find out after the pictures.

IMG_8314 IMG_8315 IMG_8316 IMG_8317 IMG_8318 IMG_8319

Things I liked about Edo – Japanese restaurant:

  • Service was impressive: having moved from my favourite sushi in town for the horrible service attitude, I was personally very surprised by the level of kindness of the lady who was serving us. As said, the house wine was taken in the bottle to the table. We were asked if we were enjoying the food and we felt warmly treated but not pressed. Thumbs up.
  • I like the settings and the ambience: if you are looking for a quiet romantic date on the informal side or for a dinner with friends, this might be definitely the place for you. Nothing too posh or designer’, but a very well decorated place with warm features.
  • Prices are fair: I am not impressed when in a restaurant that serves raw fish you pay a fast-food bill, therefore I am not telling you this is going to be cheap. But the ship menu (for 2), plus a beer and some whine took us to 90 euro bill. Definitely acceptable.

Things I like a bit less about Edo – Japanese restaurant:

  • The food was good (miso soup to die for!), but I cannot really express myself as I am not a fan of tempura rolls and mi-cuit fish. I feel it might have been the wrong choice – it was quite heavy and full of sauce – and I have to admit I would have not taken it if it was not for my husband. On the other side, he really enjoyed it. Other raw fish ships at the other tables were definitely looking better than ours – for me -, so I will keep my judge on the sushi on hold until next visit.

In conclusion: Japanese Restaurant Edo in Dippach was for me a very pleasant surprise: the service is great, the quality price positive and it is the perfect place to spend a relaxed evening. I will definitely come back to try a raw fish ship!


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