A wonderful present from Soufeel

You know, for me September is never an easy month. I see lots of bloggers around full of motivation and great check-lists, while, on my side, I am just a bit depressed.
The tan I took three weeks to obtain is fading out – thanks Luxembourg! -, I had already to pack my summer clothes and hubby was back at work today, so definitely less time to spend together.
In all these sad and grey settings, I had a great surprise when back at the office on Monday, a wonderful package waiting for me on my desk. If you follow me on Snapchat (corie.bratter), you had already a chance to see it, other case, I have downloaded the link for you here:

IMG_2353 IMG_2358

When Soufeel‘s manager contacted me earlier during summer, I was a bit reticent to get in touch, as charms were not really my cup of tea. I decided anyway to give them a chance and to collaborate for this project. Soufeel is a pretty famous brand on the US market and they are trying now to develop also in the Old Continent.
Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised by the gift received.
– As you can see from the video I uploaded, the items where packed very carefully. There was an external envelop, a thick box and each and every charms is enfolded singularly. They give you also a sponsored bag together with the already cute box, so you can use the package as a gift.
– They have charms very different from those I am used to see in European shops. Have you seen my Starbucks cup and my Eifel Tower?
IMG_2361 IMG_2356 IMG_2355– For sure, I will not loose this bracelet after two weeks, as it happened to other similar products I used to have, as Soufeel‘s bracelet closing is massive and strong.
IMG_2362 IMG_2363

– If you are worried about ordering online something you could not try before, please consider that Soufeel offers free shipping and 365-days return policy.
If this is not yet enough for ordering,  you can use my 5% discount voucher BLOG5, that will give you a further 5% off your order.

IMG_2357 IMG_2359


One thought on “A wonderful present from Soufeel

  1. I feel you – I’ve been in an unproductive state for a few months now. But that Starbucks charm! I could have a bracelet full of those to show my undying love of coffee!

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