Barefoot in Luxembourg meets people: Damien

Barefoot in Luxembourg meets people series is back. Today it’s the turn of Damien, a young entrepreneur who launched a new fashion store, specifically designed for Luxembourg market.


Good Morning Damien and welcome at Barefoot in Luxembourg for a new episode of our series “Barefoot in Luxembourg meets people”, thank you for joining.

Let’s kick it off: Who are you? Can you introduce you briefly?

Hi Corie! My name is Damien, I come from a lovely and sunny town in the south west of France named Saint Jean-de-Luz. I live in Luxembourg for two years and I really enjoy the life here, sharing my time between my work at ShowStyle, my friends, travels or simply discovering beautiful places in the Grand Duchy.

Can you tell Barefoot in Luxembourg readers a bit more about the Show Style project?

ShowStyle genesis stemmed from a frustration… We are in the heart of Europe, connected to the world and every day we are attracted by new trends. But, when you live in Luxembourg, it is not so easy to find the article that fits perfect for you. The shopping offer is really small with some of the biggest groups that sell the same product all around the world and even online you have to pay a lot in shipping. So we decided to build our own site, with designers we like and match with our lifestyle, young, international, looking for quality and originality. The other important point was to ship for free and directly at your home. Today, we work with 50 designers coming mainly from Luxembourg, France and Belgium and we are always looking for new cool and talented brands.

Why people should buy on Show Style instead of in a boutique, a high-street shop or the usual online channels?

As I said before, you won’t find any products we have in Luxembourg and if you want to buy it in another site, you will pay for the shipping. That is a first point. Afterwards, most of the people are used to buy in H&M, Zara, Mango etc and I think ShowStyle is a very good complement. When you want a total look that is not only from “mainstream” channels, you can easily find original articles on ShowStyle that will give you a real plus and make your style different. More than just clothes, shoes or accessories, we promote designers that offer qualitative collections and share their identity, lifestyle and values through their creations.

What are the best three things about Show Style and what do you enjoy about working there?

The first one is the challenge, starting from scratch in a conservative market such as Luxembourg and reach its ambition. The second one is the relation we build with designers. Behind every designer present on ShowStyle, there is a team of young enthusiastic, talented and innovative people. It is really interesting to listen each stories and experiences they have. The third one is to see our clients wearing our products. As our designers are exclusive, it is real pleasure to see some clients in the streets feeling well with their products.

These three points make that I enjoy my work in ShowStyle, it is an adventure made on meetings, stories and passion.

Coming back to your Luxembourg background, you said how long have you been living in Luxembourg?

2 amazing years.

What is your most beloved place in the city?

The Konrad, just to spend some time in a peaceful place when it is cold outside or just having a walk in the Grund.

What is your favorite restaurant in Luxembourg?

More than a restaurant, I would talk about the bakery Beatriz in Bonnevoie. I just love it. For cheese and wine I really like La Cave à Fromages. That’s not restaurant but I like them 😉

What is your preferred night-life spot in Luxembourg?

Mmm, that is a very good question! It is really hard to highlight one spot when during a night I can change 10 times of place. I like all of them!

What do you like about Luxembourg life?

I like the friendly and international atmosphere and living in a capital that seems to be a small village.

What would you change or improve?

An airport with cheapest flights.

What is the best place you visited in a range of 200 km from the city and that you would suggest for a daily trip?

Not so far, I recommend a daily bike trip in the north of the country, closed to Haute Sûre Lake. It is very pleasant to discover these amazing landscape and feel cut off of the world just after some km. But in this period, I recommend to go to the Christmas market of Strasbourg that is also very nice. With friends or family, it is always a great time.

What is the best adjective to describe Luxembourg?


Check out ShowStyle website and Facebook page for having more information about Damien project and being the first to learn about discounts and event. Moreover, on Thursday 19th November, ShowStyle will sponsor the incredible Beaujolais after-work at Jakob’s House by MixInLux and you can meet and chat with Damien there!

A wonderful present from Soufeel

You know, for me September is never an easy month. I see lots of bloggers around full of motivation and great check-lists, while, on my side, I am just a bit depressed.
The tan I took three weeks to obtain is fading out – thanks Luxembourg! -, I had already to pack my summer clothes and hubby was back at work today, so definitely less time to spend together.
In all these sad and grey settings, I had a great surprise when back at the office on Monday, a wonderful package waiting for me on my desk. If you follow me on Snapchat (corie.bratter), you had already a chance to see it, other case, I have downloaded the link for you here:

IMG_2353 IMG_2358

When Soufeel‘s manager contacted me earlier during summer, I was a bit reticent to get in touch, as charms were not really my cup of tea. I decided anyway to give them a chance and to collaborate for this project. Soufeel is a pretty famous brand on the US market and they are trying now to develop also in the Old Continent.
Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised by the gift received.
– As you can see from the video I uploaded, the items where packed very carefully. There was an external envelop, a thick box and each and every charms is enfolded singularly. They give you also a sponsored bag together with the already cute box, so you can use the package as a gift.
– They have charms very different from those I am used to see in European shops. Have you seen my Starbucks cup and my Eifel Tower?
IMG_2361 IMG_2356 IMG_2355– For sure, I will not loose this bracelet after two weeks, as it happened to other similar products I used to have, as Soufeel‘s bracelet closing is massive and strong.
IMG_2362 IMG_2363

– If you are worried about ordering online something you could not try before, please consider that Soufeel offers free shipping and 365-days return policy.
If this is not yet enough for ordering,  you can use my 5% discount voucher BLOG5, that will give you a further 5% off your order.

IMG_2357 IMG_2359