Back from a long break – Italy, some random pics

Sorry! – I have been missing my blog for the last few weeks, but it was for some sort of “serious” reasons – working abroad and my Italian wedding. I was in Frankfurt for a business trip and my hotel had the worst Wi-Fi ever. Then I spent almost three weeks home with my family (and friends) and I had a mini break with hubby-again in Florence afterwards.

Please enjoy some random pictures of the last month and I will follow up soon with some reviews of the amazing places we visited around.

 photo 529775d6-6b2f-4872-9acb-09b2a306908f_zpseme39ibg.jpg
 photo 6ac38205-7eb3-43c8-a19c-f2829ccdf865_zpswhyncqfr.jpg
 photo cb61cf51-af1e-4327-9346-ac34a23a8484_zpsonik2cyi.jpg
 photo b21bd466-9570-4bdb-a538-5ef418e4d95a_zpsrxeze5sm.jpg
 photo 549e1d35-69df-4f19-a840-e8be7bbf0803_zpsqjfeawnk.jpg
 photo 762b201a-7426-4b4b-bb0d-c3d86abcadf4_zpsu6hjztln.jpg
 photo c587e5c5-ef81-40bb-a5e4-27950d47bc15_zpsih7rnjd3.jpg
 photo abac7f52-2669-47f0-bfc9-ceaa9f8250bc_zpsdm4lrgfi.jpg
 photo 2f11a7e5-61fc-45e2-8d7a-299d5aa06d4a_zpsdrmoncn0.jpg
 photo e45ca613-290a-429e-a267-1897ad856721_zps369dtypl.jpg
 photo aac0efb2-962b-4dd4-a86c-814acbbe3417_zpss0z4upxz.jpg
 photo a35b6c55-4677-46a8-8186-c2c9ad8aac16_zpsygyuzwly.jpg
 photo 8cb0fbb2-fbd8-4294-8bca-8a6cef6e474e_zps5jd91mas.jpg
 photo ead6a493-a525-407b-a8c9-5fae6f151290_zpslnlvtdpj.jpg
 photo d0e10738-2cc3-4c28-a55a-fdfb0175afb4_zps462bxz4j.jpg
 photo 64651c9d-d41a-4441-83f3-91800a0ff624_zpsjw8tio4r.jpg
 photo b1aec8ca-9489-4ac8-b755-f73bfdc9b518_zpsc1h7g6ch.jpg
 photo 04339c23-92a2-4ae6-9eed-f72dc4e6d8b4_zpsfh2yagcy.jpg

and this, at the end, were us:

 photo df68498f-ca4d-456c-b195-d3a55518412b_zpsef8ofj1y.jpg


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