La Nuit des Musees – Museum Night, Luxembourg: what a night!

On Saturday night, together with lovely Sunny from My Ochrasy, I joined one of the best night in Luxembourg in a while.

The Night of Museums (“Nuit des Musées“) is a yearly event that this year involved more that 16,500 visitors. The concept is based on a bracelet (12 euro pre sale and 15 on doors) that gives you fully access to the main museums in Luxembourg, from 6 pm to 1 am. Not only you could visit the usual exhibitions but there are also special performances and shows in program just for this night.

We started our visit at 8 pm with Casino, Forum d’Art Contemporain – modern art, very competent guide, video performance and abstract work.

We moved then to the Musée d’Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg We visited the Planetarium that was installed for the Night of Museums and the “signs” exhibition. This was one of my favorite for the night as it was really interactive – unfortunately was also very packed.

Via the Museum shuttle, we moved to Mudam. We assisted to a sound performance with sewing machines, visited the “Eppur si muove” exhibition and admire the candles installation outside the venue.


 We moved then back to Villa Vauban. It was already midnight and all the performances were already over. This last museum was really classic and a bit old fashion, but definitely worth a visit.
We missed Musée Dräi Eechelen and the Musée National d’Histoire et d’Art… But we got out of time! Next year I will definitely start at 6! 🙂

If you missed it this year, just some notes for the next one:

– buy the bracelet the day before to avoid queueing
– wear a pair of comfortable shoes
– have a bottle of water with you (there are snack and drink shops in each and every museum, but better not to get dehydrated during the visit!)
– study the program in advance to highlight performances and the exhibition you want to attend and getting there prepared.

Barefoot in Luxembourg meets People: Henrietta

Starting today, Barefoot in Luxembourg will launch a new weekly column that will be dedicated to people living in Luxembourg. It will be a chance to introduce new projects and, as I know I can be pretty boring with always my usual places 🙂 , others’ new favorite spots. We are starting with Henrietta.henrietta2


What is your name?
Henrietta Orosz

How do your friends call you?

Describe yourself with three words.
Perfectionist, hard-working, crazy 🙂

How long have you been living in Luxembourg?
Since 3,5 years.

What are you doing here?
I am a makeup- and lash artist (and a future economist).

How do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Hmm…Either a well-known makeup artist who can live her dreams, either a successful economist working for one of the EU institutions 🙂

What do you fancy doing in your spare time?
I love walking in the nature. It clears my mind and refreshes me. Luxembourg has beautiful landscape and forests. I love them!

What is your beloved place in Luxembourg?
I love the forests, and the parks under the city & the Grund area. And of course Dunkin’Donuts 🙂

What is your favorite restaurant in Luxembourg?
Cavalli Room; Le fin Gourmand. Both are charming places with outstanding meals & service.

What is your preferred night-life spot in Luxembourg?
Dipso, the wine republic. Excellent wines, snacks and service.

Do you have a favorite drink?
Evian 🙂  and Hugo..

Where do you do your shopping usually?
For food in Delhaize, for clothes in Budapest 🙂  

What do you like about Luxembourg life?
Calmer than a big city, less stress and more social life. Your business is known here very fast as the country is small.

What would you improve?
The bus drivers! They can cause you inconvenience with their “own schedule”, not respecting the timetable, sometimes they “forget” to stop, and sometimes they are driving like crazy.. I think I am not the only one with this problem 🙂

What is the best place you visited in a range of 200 km from the city and that you would suggest for a daily trip?
Disneyland Paris 😛 I am joking. Bit more than 200 km but great weekend getaways: Düsseldorf, Oostende or Paris.

What is the best adjective to describe Luxembourg?

Should be interested in Henrietta’s work, you can find more information in her FB page here.



White Dinner 2015 – Some hints

Did you ever heard about the White Dinner?

This is a truly amazing event organized in several European cities during summer (check some pictures of the one in Paris here).

The rules are more or less always the same: the dinner is taking place in a public place that is kept secret till the very last, everybody should be dressed in total white and you must provide for everything for your group (table, chairs, food, etc.).

It is actually less complicated than it looks and having been to four White Dinners in Luxembourg already, I can ensure it is definitely worth the effort – and each and every year you want to improve!

It is just important you try to plan a bit in advance the event and to share the tasks with your group of friends. Keep the group limited, above all if you are inexperienced. A table of 4 or 6 is easier to manage and you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Previous White Dinners in Luxembourg took place among all at the Roses Garden in front of Arcelor Mittal building, in Rue Philippe II, on the Corniche.

Some suggestions:

– Normally you receive indications regarding the “meeting point” ahead the White Dinner day. The “meeting point” is at a walking distance from the place where the White Dinner will actually take place. Therefore, start to wonder where the dinner could be and above all try to find the closest parking place/bus stop. You can share the easy things to transport with your friends (have backpacks, boxes and cooler bags ready and filled). Have just one friend with the car that could move heavy stuff and tables when the place is announced. Use foldable tables and chairs for garden that are light and easy to clean.

– If you are afraid of taking china with you, check at shop like Hema or Ava, in Luxembourg city. They have wonderful catering items at small price and some nice decoration solutions.

– Coordinate the food and the drinks, to avoid ending up with ten red wines bottles and nothing else. Take in consideration that, from the announcement of the “place”, it takes some time to arrange the tables and collect people, so be ready with an icy cold champagne bottle or a nice aperitif for your friends, while you are setting your table.

– Go cold (pasta salad, raw fish, cheese and charcuterie) and simple (what about a bento box for your friends?). If you are afraid is going to be too complicated, you might consider to take something take away (Sushi shop box, for example).

– Don’t forget ashtray if you have smoking friends, big bin bags to clean everything at the end and eventually some rags/cleaning paper as disaster recovery option (open Aperol bottle overturned on the table anyone?)

– If it is your first year, don’t bother too much about the appearance. Try to be clean,  have a nice organized table and above all to enjoy. You might see crazy stuff that night, like people having their own butler carrying them stuff around, but White Dinner is not about the best table. It is about having a different special night, about a secret place, about being thrilled of organizing something with your friends and enjoy this special and lovely moment.

Have fun!

Pictures of my previous editions are following:

 photo IMG_1683_zpsqru0tegg.jpg
 photo IMG_1684_zps9d5nns16.jpg
 photo IMG_1685_zpsjxns4ylm.jpg
 photo IMG_1686_zpsousfeq8l.jpg

Back from a long break – Italy, some random pics

Sorry! – I have been missing my blog for the last few weeks, but it was for some sort of “serious” reasons – working abroad and my Italian wedding. I was in Frankfurt for a business trip and my hotel had the worst Wi-Fi ever. Then I spent almost three weeks home with my family (and friends) and I had a mini break with hubby-again in Florence afterwards.

Please enjoy some random pictures of the last month and I will follow up soon with some reviews of the amazing places we visited around.

 photo 529775d6-6b2f-4872-9acb-09b2a306908f_zpseme39ibg.jpg
 photo 6ac38205-7eb3-43c8-a19c-f2829ccdf865_zpswhyncqfr.jpg
 photo cb61cf51-af1e-4327-9346-ac34a23a8484_zpsonik2cyi.jpg
 photo b21bd466-9570-4bdb-a538-5ef418e4d95a_zpsrxeze5sm.jpg
 photo 549e1d35-69df-4f19-a840-e8be7bbf0803_zpsqjfeawnk.jpg
 photo 762b201a-7426-4b4b-bb0d-c3d86abcadf4_zpsu6hjztln.jpg
 photo c587e5c5-ef81-40bb-a5e4-27950d47bc15_zpsih7rnjd3.jpg
 photo abac7f52-2669-47f0-bfc9-ceaa9f8250bc_zpsdm4lrgfi.jpg
 photo 2f11a7e5-61fc-45e2-8d7a-299d5aa06d4a_zpsdrmoncn0.jpg
 photo e45ca613-290a-429e-a267-1897ad856721_zps369dtypl.jpg
 photo aac0efb2-962b-4dd4-a86c-814acbbe3417_zpss0z4upxz.jpg
 photo a35b6c55-4677-46a8-8186-c2c9ad8aac16_zpsygyuzwly.jpg
 photo 8cb0fbb2-fbd8-4294-8bca-8a6cef6e474e_zps5jd91mas.jpg
 photo ead6a493-a525-407b-a8c9-5fae6f151290_zpslnlvtdpj.jpg
 photo d0e10738-2cc3-4c28-a55a-fdfb0175afb4_zps462bxz4j.jpg
 photo 64651c9d-d41a-4441-83f3-91800a0ff624_zpsjw8tio4r.jpg
 photo b1aec8ca-9489-4ac8-b755-f73bfdc9b518_zpsc1h7g6ch.jpg
 photo 04339c23-92a2-4ae6-9eed-f72dc4e6d8b4_zpsfh2yagcy.jpg

and this, at the end, were us:

 photo df68498f-ca4d-456c-b195-d3a55518412b_zpsef8ofj1y.jpg