Sunday Funday: Culturando + Matese

The weather in Luxembourg this week end was not inspiring any outdoor activity – yes, I was feeling quite lazy. We had a home dinner with friends on Saturday and I experimented my Granpa’s zeppole recipe. They are kind of puffs filled with cream and sour black cherries. In Italy, they are prepared for Carnival and specially for Dad’s Day, that is on March 19th. The result was definitely fine, considering I did not have any more zeppole on Sunday morning for my breakfast 😛
 photo ceb4df3c-ff38-43a8-b3c5-c1bae334f128_zpsxvm3jt2w.jpg

On Sunday, after the usual two hours cardio, we watched a movie and we went  to Culturando for couple of glasses. We decided to arrive a bit earlier this time so when the night started to be busy, we took our way back home – as old people always do…
 photo 753d0437-88b7-4274-bd0c-ac20d7626606_zpsawroqosf.jpg

We stopped at Matese , in Bonnevoie, as my fridge at home was almost crying.. Matese, in fact, is the restaurant we are always going when I don’t want to cook. It is really close to our house, we don’t need to dress up – actually we went also there in gym wear -, it has a lot (and when I say a lot, it means five pages menu) of choices and the food is pretty nice.

Things I love about there:

– The manager and the staff are lovely. It seems to me you are going to eat to your aunt’s house.
– They always have a table for you, even at 11 o’clock on Saturday evening.
– As said, they have several dishes on the list – pasta, pizza (try the “Riardo“), salad, meat or fish main courses and most all of them are delicious. So it is the kind of place where to go if one of you wants a big meal and the other one is on diet, or if when going out you don’t have yet clear what to eat.
– Fried calamari is one of my favorite, but as we wanted to stay light after the aperitif, we opted for my second fav, the traditional Carpaccio. The portion is huge, the meat is soft as butter and it is served with salad and super piadina. I could eat all of it – well, actually I did….
 photo 2e1128f7-69e6-407c-993f-24e0b8ed0189_zpsbt5jq0qb.jpg
 photo 5b35e53f-a48a-462e-84c5-f84cf3f9f852_zpsxedjccju.jpg
 photo 7d7a7c2d-4620-46c7-9765-61cae8e483da_zpsnwxwrhwq.jpg

Depending on what you eat and drink, it can be really cheap or a bit pricey. We managed to stay on 22 euro each for the big carpaccio plus 2 half-liter bottles of water.

Definitely worth a try if you want a familiar environment and good Italian food. They have also a nice relatively cheap menu for Valentine’s day.
 photo cb18633c-a6c7-4a61-8d71-dc7bfa0e232a_zpssw5i3th2.jpg

Ah, they also brought us some yummy polenta as welcome, but my hubby could not wait I took the picture to have its own.

 photo 73467953-5684-4b0d-ac34-bb0fc0ee49d9_zpsn7hdinvn.jpg
Restaurant Matese
89 rue de Bonnevoie,
L-1260 Luxembourg Bonnevoie


9 thoughts on “Sunday Funday: Culturando + Matese

  1. I LOVE zeppole! A perfect carnival treat.

    And I’ve actually been to Matese! It’s close to where we live too, and it’s got such delicious food and a comfortable atmosphere – even if the waiter almost had a heart attack last time when he saw that I was paying for the meal… (and not my boyfriend) – haha! Can’t wait to go back though – especially for that pizza you recommended – and the fried calamari. 🙂



    1. Yes! What we are doind normally we call a bit earlier just to check they keep us a table if it is very late – during week end – but normally they never say no! ☺️


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