Saint Valentine: what to do in Luxembourg?

Organizing a dinner out for Saint Valentine is not as easy as you might think. My funniest adventure happened to be last year: it was our last Saint Valentine as engaged so we wanted to celebrate with something special, but at the same time I did not want to spend my afternoon cooking – and ending up being so tired after the dinner to fall asleep on the couch, not very sexy – or splurge too much money that we needed indeed for our (double) wedding celebration.

Therefore my husband agreed that we could go out, provided that the dinner would be organized in a special place, but a cheap one.
I will work it out, no worries!”. I had a chat with some of my girlfriends and one of them ended up suggesting this place. I am not entering into details, but apparently it was a cozy place, a bit out of the city, with great ethnic food and nice atmosphere.
I verified the menu online and it appeared to be an intimate location – from the standard press pictures – and the menu was nice and extremely cheap (surprisingly cheap I would say….). They did not have any special arrangements for Valentine’s, but knowing hubby’s preferences I supposed it was even better. I also remember I called to book a table (they are still laughing I think).

Extremely glad of my organizing skills, I told my husband I reserved this nice place and we were not going to spend a lot of money as usual. He seemed to be pretty happy, but it was too good to last.
That night, the 14th, we dressed up a bit but not too much – as the place looked quite casual from the official pictures. I wore a pair of skinny jeans and my highest heels. We took a cab, as it was quite far and we supposed we were going to save that money from the dinner bill. The taxi from our place cost 28 euro and it stopped in front of this indecent kebab house. My hubby looked at me really scared: are you sure this is THE place?
The address was correct. I was confused. Some details of the interior looked similar to the official pictures but the reality was sad: two suspicious people were seated at the only occupied table drinking a beer. We entered the only room and everything was so smelly I was about to vomit. Playing a bit dumb, we asked for a bottle of water to the counter girl – she could have been from the last Pulp Fiction scene eventually – and we went out silently deciding what to do.
My hubby’s mood moved from scared to angry. It was a rather freezing night, we had dressy clothes and we were in the middle of nowhere at 9 pm of Valentine’s – I was about to cry.
I started to call couple of restaurants in town but all of them were fully booked. At the end we managed to find a place in the city center, in a definitely not cheap restaurant, but was our only choice if we did not want to come back home and order a pizza. We spent further 30 euro of taxi back to the city and 200 euro for the dinner. Definitely not the celebration we could have imagined but still one of the most amusing 🙂 That night it was terrifying for a bit, but now we are telling the story almost enjoying it 😛

Said that, here you will find some proposals available in Luxembourg on 14th night. It does not want to be a comprehensive list, but an overview of those that looks like the best menus in some suggestive locations.

If you like new places: CatClub has recently changed its name to “Le Dix-Huit“. They propose a classic menu, 5 courses (fish + meat) for 56 euro. It will be a great occasion if you want to discover the new settings and spend a night out of the city center chaos. Moreover with ginger, homard , chocolate and passion fruit on the list, we are sure it will be a passionate dinner.
Le Dix-Huit, 18 rue de l’Aciérie – L-1112 Hollerich Luxembourg
See the menu here.

If you like contrasts and you want to surprise your partner with an innovative menu in a great classic location: “Brasserie Mansfeld” suggests a delicious menu (fish + meat) with contemporary combinations. Scallops with bacon and Jerusalem artichoke, chicken “cuit en basse temperature” with truffles, Tahitian vanilla cheesecake… The price is 69 Euro. Brasserie Mansfeld, 3 rue de la Tour Jacob – L-1831 Clausen Luxembourg
See the complete menu here.

If you like to be spoiled: “Le Fin Gourmand” offers you and your partner a lovely trip though great tastes. From truffles trilogy to Coeur de skrei with vanilla oil trough the main choice (meat or fish?) to the heavenly dessert combination – Mille feuilles, Ganache au chocolat, Sorbet and Crème Brule – that alone is worth the  visit. The price is 72 Euro per person.
Le Fin Gourmand, 2 route d’Esch, L-1470 Luxembourg
See the complete menu here

If you want to splurge: “Le Sud” is the perfect location for a special Valentine’s evening. Fairy tales atmosphere and romantic décor, plus a 7-courses menu that will be a triumph of flavors. You start with a Rossini aperitif, then each and every course – great “Le Sud” classics and new dishes – is accompanied by a wine choice, with a final coupe of Champagne rose’ – what do you want more? The price, included of wine and champagne combination, is 175 Euro per person.
Le Sud, 8 Rives de Clausen, L-2165 Luxembourg
See the complete menu here

If you want to leave Luxembourg City for one night: “Le Bourbon“, in Petange, is the perfect location. 4 – courses menu is preceded by amuse bouche and champagne, followed by foie gras starter, meat or fish as main course, selection of cheese (am I the only one to find cheese aphrodisiac?) and to conclude a revisited Opera cake. The price is 59 Euro per person without drinks, 89 euro with wine combination. The menu is also available on 13th and 15th. Le Bourbon, 14A route de Luxembourg, L-4760 Petange
See the complete menu here

If you want to have a full romantic day: “Mondorf Domaine Thermal” offers a yummy menu at De Jangeli for 85 euro per person, plus two different packages at the spa to be eventually combined. You can choose the Cupid package as present for you partner or indulge in a day for two that includes treatments in the same room, access to the Spa and a glass of champagne. The proposals are luxury and with a special price, you can book everything online from your desk now. What better occasion than Saint Valentine for treating yourself with a day at the best Spa in Luxembourg?
Domaine Thermal Mondorf Les Bains, Avenue des Bains, L-5601 Mondorf-les-Bains
Menu at De Jangeli here
Cupid Package here
Saint Valentine Forfait here 
All these ideas are soooo exciting I would like Saint Valentine to be at least couple of times per year 🙂

 photo 182a3e3a-f410-4a2f-be1e-a361a59357e6_zpsnlglwmpm.jpg


2 thoughts on “Saint Valentine: what to do in Luxembourg?

  1. Sorry to hear that last year’s VDay wasn’t a nice and relaxed event as one would hope it would be. Is your ‘then-husband’ not the same husband that you have now? I’m a bit confused…


  2. II want to intend that it was then my husband – at that time he was still my bf – but I just checked and in fact the correct meaning from dictionary is the man who was my husband at that time.. 🙂

    I read it in couple of DM gossip articles but I supposed it is more colloquial.

    Thanks! I will correct 😛


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