Restaurant Pizzeria Chez Vito, Hesperange, Luxembourg

As Italians, we know pretty well the struggle of “finding the perfect pizza abroad”. My personal research in Luxembourg did not have yet satisfying results and I stopped it some times ago, remaining loyal to the couple of places which I like mostly – and which are delivering my pizza still hot.

Last week, some friends took us for dinner in the one they consider their favorite place and that I was very curious to check out, Chez Vito in Hesperange.

From outside, the location never appealed me much passing in front there, but we had a very warm welcome, for being Monday evening. We started with some mixed Antipasti della Casa and Italian red wine, followed each by a pizza. I had the one for the week with “cime di rapa”, Italian sausage and Bufala. I was very full, but I still had space to try couple of spoons of the tiramisu’ M. took.

Find some pictures of our dinner followed by my impressions about Chez Vito.


What I liked about Chez Vito:

  • The food is really authentic and proposes a very different selection from the “usual” Italian-Luxemborgish standards. For example, in the mixed starters we had “lampascioni” – some very special Italian sweet onions – prepared with ndjua – spicy soft sausage from Calabria – that I have never tried before.
  • Pizza is great – finally: crunchy pasta, fair size, delicious topping. My choice was to die for but I was intrigued as well by the one taken by my friend – even if I am not a fan of pizza with sea food.
  • My friends were always talking about the tiramisu prepared Chez Vito but I was quite skeptic – as I am not a “dessert” girl. Indeed, I have to say, if I was not so full from the previous two courses, I would have taken an entire portion just for me. Definitely best tiramisu in town.
  • Service is very friendly and price very fair – starters, pizza, dessert, three bottles of wine, coffee, water and digestive was less than 40 euro per person.

What I liked a bit less about Chez Vito:

  • The ambience and the decorations are not making a favour to the place, are quite anonime and a bit saddish. This is the kind of place you visit to have great food and fun with friends, not to impress a girlfriend. Indeed, during summer, the backyard terrace is lovely.

In conclusion: Chez Vito was a very positive surprise. The location is nothing fancy, but the food is delicious, quite different from the other Italian restaurants in town and the pizza way of the best I have tried so far in the city. Bonus points: the amazing tiramisu and the kind service.



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