Foodbox.Lu: the different food delivery service in Luxembourg

After I posted my article related to food delivery last week, I was contacted by Michelle – this lovely girl who is one of the persons behind, a very innovative delivery service that was launched recently.

The idea of is to deliver your meal – yes – but still to be composed. You have all the ingredients for the recipe you ordered but it is up to you to prepare it.

Said like that it might appear a bit complicated, but I discovered it is not.

You can create your account on the website in few second and you go into the menu section: you can choose among several recipes, from starters to dessert, from light meals to gourmet choices, from meat to vegetarian. Or, if you are lazy, boxes with combinations of different recipes are available.

I opted for an EasyBox, that contains 4 recipes (Coconut Lentil Soup, Pear Pork with Potatoes, Tarte Flambe with fig and goat cheese and Chocolate Lava Cake).

The box arrived well packed: all the ingredients are easy recognizable and individually packed – meat and cheese were specifically sous-vide.

See some pictures of my meal preparation (I still miss to try the tarte flambé but I couldn’t wait to share it with you!) and find my impressions of this new service.

Things I loved about

  • Recipes are very easy to prepare even if you are not a chef. You can select them on the website based on the skills requested and on the time you have available.
  • Ingredients you receive are very high quality – meat was definitely better than the one I had in most of the supermarkets I shopped in Luxembourg.
  • Recipes are great and various – the coconut lentil soup was amazing and convinced also my husband who normally is very skeptic in regards of fusion dishes.
  • Prices are very fair – 24 euro for the Easy Box with 4 recipes is less than a meal at the restaurant or a greasy take-away.

Things I liked a bit less about

  •  Actually almost nothing. I was positively surprised. Indeed, when you receive your delivery, you need to log in to your account and download the recipes. I would have loved to have the recipes already printed in the box – yes, I am very lazy.
    But I will definitely order again and use the service more often.

I would recommend If you, like me tend. to overbuy at the supermarket – you have exactly the quantity to prepare your portion – or more – without fuss. If you want to try new recipes and you are attentive to quality of the products and selections of ingredients. If you want to cook for some friends but you are afraid to do a mess. If you want to plan your weekly meals.

If you want to try some of the recipes for free, pass at Dean in Clausen tonight starting from 7 pm for the event launch. I will also be there!



8 thoughts on “Foodbox.Lu: the different food delivery service in Luxembourg

    1. Hi Sammie

      thank you for your comments! Finally, after a very tricky period due to huge problems at work, everything is going well – and I come back to blogging regularly!

      It is also nice because they have several options – from gourmet to light to vegetarian, so definitely fine for all lifestyles!



  1. Hey, love the idea! The only thing that i don’t like are those plastic containers. We live in a time were we produce to much waste, a lot to much waste! And packing all of the ingredients seperately in containers is really a lot to much waste! We need to try to reduce it and not to make even more of it!


    1. Hello Anni and thank you for your comment!
      Actually, talking with the guys behind this idea, I understood they are really keen into recycling and having a “green” product. This is for example the reason because they don’t print the recipes into the box. All the small boxes and sachet are recycled and could be recycled and if you put your box out of the door before next delivery, they will make you a discount and take it back. I will ask them again about the small plastic containers.



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