An easy going sushi: WOK Asian Restaurant, Luxembourg city

One of the problem I have, when I want to dine in town during the week-end, is the need to reserve well in advance – and to spend sometimes a freaking amount of money for plain dinners.

Since I discovered WOK Asian Restaurant, I know I can easily have an (almost) inexpensive sushi at last minute. For sure, this is not a posh one, not even for a romantic date, not to have a refined dinner. WOK Asian Restaurant is anyway a nice place when you decide to go out at the very last, mainly with your friends and with no needs to dress up.

I have been to WOK Asian Restaurant last Friday with some friends. We did not reserve but at 8 pm the main room was still mostly empty.
Matteo and I went for a portion of mixed dumplings to share (8 pieces), I had a miso soup while my other friend had two portions of fried rolls. Then I continued with a California sushi plat (15 pieces), while the others decided both for sautéed rice with chicken.
We had couple of Japanese beers each, espresso and cold sake’ at the end. The total bill read 40 Euro each (3 people: 1 big dumplings starter, one soup, two rolls starters – two main courses, one sushi platter of 15 pieces, six beers, two bottle of water, three espresso and 1 cold sake bottle). Definitely fair enough.

Discover what pro and cons of WOK Asian Restaurant after the pictures of the dinner.


Things I liked about WOK Asian Restaurant:

Easy going environment: no formality, no need to reserve in advance, great atmosphere
Various menu: they have a very wide list of Asian dishes, from Japanese to Chines to Thai, definitely good for all the tastes.
– The California platter is one of my favorite in town: fresh fish, good composition and nice presentation.
Very fair prices: I am not sure there are several other places in the city center where you can spend 40 euro – with drinks – for such big dinner.
Kind service: the waitress was really glad to explain us couple of dishes content and to prepare a special dish for one of my friend who has allergies.

Things I liked a bit less about WOK Asian Restaurant:

Service might be slow when it starts to be crowded. We waited pretty long between the starters and the main courses.
– While I really like the “upstairs” room, if you ended up in the basement one it might be not so fancy.
– I tend to eat only starters and sushi – I am not a big fan of other dishes, at least I don’t find them good as the sushi.

To sum upWOK Asian Restaurantis a really nice place on budget in the city center. Most of the time you don’t need a reservation, they have a very kind service – even if a bit slow – and it is perfect if you are not in a hurry and you are out for a informal dinner. Recommended for a relaxed supper with friends.


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