Tasty Sunday: Brasserie Le Plëss, Luxembourg

The only little thing I continue to find  a bit annoying after eight years in Luxembourg is the total lack of a social life in the city on Sunday night. I can understand that most of the people are going out like crazy during the week end and they are therefore not such motivated to have alcohol again on Sunday evening. Since I grow older, I must admit, I find most interesting resting on Saturday night and have a full Sunday to enjoy (wow! what a change!). Yesterday, after a very tough session at the gym, I enjoy an afternoon with my girls and we ending up at Culturando, a nice new meet-up place (I would call it wine-bar but I am not sure is the best way to define it) that is proposing the Italian aperifit in Limpesberg on Sunday evening. It is a great place indeed and I am already preparing another post for next week.

After couple of glasses of good wine, hubby and I were wandering around in the desperate search of a nice place for having dinner. We used the Explorator application – and except for some Asian places and some not updated restaurant choices, it looks like Luxembourg has curfew on Sunday night. We headed to the city center and due to the time, it was already  twenty past nine, most of the touristic places were already closed.

At the end, we tried at Brasserie Le Plëss, one of the restaurant in the building of the Place D’Armes hotel, and lucky enough they gave us a table.

I had some doubts before vising this spot, as we had a pleasant experience at the Cristallerie – the posh restaurant of the hotel – back in time, but awful time at the Cafe’ de Paris, the brasserie on the other side.

The menu list is not extremely extensive: there are some dishes to share (mainly charcuterie), some standard starters (like Caesar salad), and some classic, but not so much, main courses, including some shrimps pasta & angus burger. The list presents also a good choice of wines, each bottle can also be taken as single glass, and being a brasserie, this is highly appreciated, even if the price is relatively high (12 euro average for a glass).

I went for a filet de bar with cauliflower, while hubby chose the pork entrecote with mashed potatoes. The service was nice and relaxed and the ambience is soft, on the romantic side, with great view on the square and polished décor. The style is the same of the Place D’Armes hotel, but you don’t have the feeling to be in the hotel dining. Tables are pretty close one to the other, but when we arrived there it was almost empty, so we were alone on our side of the room. It could be indeed a bit annoying on a busy night.

The food was great, really: my bar was perfectly cooked, tender, with a perfect combination of taste of the two consistencies of cauliflower, a mousse that was almost divine and a seared one. The only thing I did not enjoy, the dish was decorated with pop-corns. They were delicious and they created a yummy ensemble, but their internal part was very very hard, and if you don’t pay attention you risk to crack your teeth.

The wine we chose was also great, it was bring with the bottle at the table even if we took only a glass and we concluded with an espresso – long, but extremely strong, I was not able to sleep tonight! – accompanied by some lovely madeleines.

The total spent for 2 glasses of wine, 2 main courses, 1 diet-coke, 2 espresso was 100 Euro. Not cheap , but commensurate to the style of the hotel.

We came to the Brasserie Le Plëss because it was the only place open on the square on Sunday evening and it resulted indeed in an extremely luscious choice in a refined environment, even if on the expensive side.

Check it out:

Brasserie Plëss
 photo 539abf38-06c6-4c27-89b9-5a1ab92e17e9_zps09ed7947.jpg
 photo 9457a357-6c57-4f2a-bf01-623f288c637e_zps79d46f6a.jpg
 photo b503b909-0ecd-42b7-8356-e90fe6bc7161_zpsc2c45c6b.jpg
 photo bf26c1df-9bf5-4945-9512-6c4e04d976e7_zpsaffad243.jpg



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