Am Clubhaus op der Spora, Bridel, Luxembourg

Another Sunday out for dinner, another sushi review, not the last of the series but almost – keep the hype for grand-final.

So – you probably all have that friend who is always a bit picky and is not a fan of any exotic food. I am veeeery lucky and I have more than one ūüôā So much I like to try whatever kind of cuisine and, even when travelling, eating in whatever conditions, so much the most part of my closest crew is very traditional in terms of food choices. But sometimes you don’t feel like eating once again pizza or beef steak right?
For these times when you have to get to a deal, one of the options for me is the restaurant Am Clubhaus, Op der Spora, located in Bambesch, just upstairs the tennis club.

The reasons to choose this restaurants are definitely the lovely sunny terrace during the warm season and the traditional menu combined with a wide sushi choice prepared at a counter on view by Japanese chefs.

We reserved during the afternoon and got the Am Clubhaus around 8.30 pm. The restaurant has a wide parking just in front. We actually wanted to have a table on the window overlooking the tennis court, but all those available were already booked – even if still empty (remember at the reservation in case!)

We started with a mojito for aperitif and ordered then a mixed sushi / sashimi boat for 4 people and a portion of tempura shrimps. Wonder what, the picky person changed his mind and decided to have sushi as well (no comment). I also asked if a soup was included with the order РI remember it was the case last time I have been there Рbut I was replied if I wanted one I have to order it specifically. I did, only for me.

The boat was anticipated by a small salad welcome from the house and, during the dinner, we had 2 bottles of Chablis and concluded with espresso and digestif for 4.

Total bill read 70 Euro per person (280 Eur in total).

Pictures of our dinner and some impressions about Am Clubhaus are following.

What I liked about Am Clubhaus, Op der Spora:

  • As said, I like the fact they propose both a traditional French menu together with the sushi, so you are not obliged to stick to Japanese if you don’t want to. Personally, I always had sushi when I came there, but the other dishes don’t look back either.
  • The sushi boat was huge and pretty good, with quite some variety. In particular, I adored the tuna tataki and the soft shell crabs rolls. While there were not many innovative combinations like other sushi restaurants I have tried recently, the fish was very fresh and tasty. Definitely a great choice if you like sushi.

What I liked a bit less about Am Clubhaus, Op der Spora:

  • The service is quite slow – we waited ages between the starter and the boat. I can definitely understand it is because the sushi¬†was prepared at the moment, but the place was quite empty and a good half of the other tables were eating a la carte.¬† I cannot imagine how much you should wait to get your boat during busy days.
  • I got a huge bowl of Miso soup as starter – so huge I had to share it with a friend, as I was not able to finish it. As to me the salad starter makes not much sense, I suppose with the boat you should give people the choice between a salad and a smaller bowl of soup. I was also a bit confused as a small bowl of Miso soup was indeed taken to another table next to ours instead of the salad, as happened to my at my previous visits (and therefore already included in the price). Mmm.
  • About the latter, while the portions were quite big and the sushi fresh and tasty, I still had the impression the bill is not very cheap.

In conclusion: Am Clubhaus Op der Spora is a great location for having sushi or traditional French cuisine. It is located in the lovely Bambesch, surrounded by the green, there is a kids playground nearby and during summer they offer a sunny terrace. The sushi boats are traditional but very tasty and, while the place is not cheap, it is recommended for a celebration or a special meeting with friends. And they are open on Sundays!

Ginko Sushi, Strassen, Luxembourg

Sundays’re calling sushi during summer time, so last Sunday, after a small walk in town and a drink at Go Ten, with a couple of friends we decided to book a table at Ginko Sushi in Strassen. We called the restaurant and, as the weather was really nice, we requested for a table on the terrace. The lady¬†on the phone was very nice as she told us that the terrace at Ginko is directly on the street but they have a better terrace in the restaurant just next door – Le Zai – and she would have booked for us there.

Indeed Le Zai and Ginko are in the same parking lot and shared the same owner. As atmosphere, I have to say Le Zai looks definitely better but you can order Ginko menu as well there.

The terrace was lovely – with all these red lamps around – but the interior design was also impressive. We received all the menus – the one from Le Zai, the one for Ginko as well as the seasonal menu – and ordered a first round of drinks – Asahi beers and Diet Coke.

The decision concerning food takes quite long time, but we managed to get to a conclusion. All of us ordered three type of rolls (I had rolls with foie gras, rolls with lobster and dragon fruit and rolls with sea bass and avocado) and I ordered as well a miso soup (yes, soups are addictive for me, more or less like chips).

Our order was anticipated by a small starter of the house – two nems veggie rolls.

To conclude the dinner, M. ordered a sake while K. and I went for Chinese tea.

Pictures – Impressions are next.

What I liked about Ginko Sushi / Le Zai:

  • The atmosphere is lovely – the terrace is very nice as well as the interior design, perfect for a girls night out, family dinner, romantic date, even a business meeting. Details and decorations are just perfectly in place without being cheesy.
  • Service is great – but not formal: even if we took some time to order, the lady waited patiently for us. She was really available to reply to our questions and to explain dishes.
  • The figs / foie gras rolls were to die for and the lobster rolls were pretty good, would ordered both again. I also like the fact we had several “freebies”, like the tasty rolls at the beginning and the fried vegetables to accompany the sushi – bit melted but still good.
  • Price is fair: we did not drink much (only M. had beers, while me and K during the dinner¬†had water and coke and tea) but still, having sushi, we spent “only” 34 eur each, not much¬†in terms of Luxembourg standards.

What I liked a bit less about Ginko / Le Zai:

  • There is too much choice on the¬†sushi menu for me.¬†While this might be a nice thing for some, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed in terms of decision, above all as the mixed platter were very simple while out of the composed menus you have much more choice. Again, points of view.
  • I also did not like much my sea bass / avocado roll: the lady came saying they did not have more sea bass, so she proposed to change it with tuna (actually mine was half tuna and half salmon) and I did not think it was a good choice. Also M. pointed out he did not enjoy at all¬†his California sushi as the tempura was icy cold – so feedbacks on the food were quite mixed.

In conclusion: the location and the service at Ginko / Le Zai are really nice and the final bill came out fair. The sushi menu is very extensive – too much for my taste – but still pretty good. Looking forward to come back and try as well the Chinese alternative.


Sunday for Pizza: Pulcinella, Mamer, Luxembourg

On Sunday, after having spent most of the day at home recovering from some great party, we decided to keep the kitchen shut down and have a pizza outdoor.
As part of the discover of the restaurants around Luxembourg city, we decided to head to Mamer to Pulcinella. We booked a table at 8 pm for the terrace.
The restaurant Pulcinella is less than 15 minutes driving from Luxembourg city Рon Sunday, at that time, motorway was very calm. You have to park in the streets and we actually found a spot only few minutes from the restaurant. We were accompanied to our table and given the menu. The terrace was quite full and in less than half hour it became totally packed  Рwe did well booking in advance.

We had some water and diet coke and after a while ordered our pizzas – I went for a Carrettiera – with spicy salami, cherry tomatoes and arugula – while hubby when for a Capricciosa and a glass of Primitivo wine.

Hereafter you will find the pictures and my impressions.

IMG_8348 IMG_8349

Things I liked about Pulcinella restaurant:

  • Pizza was good and prepared with fine Italian¬†ingredients. I enjoyed as well the chilli oil that was left on the table.
  • Service was simple but effective. Even if we had only two pizzas – and hubby a small dessert at the end – the dinner was very relaxed – arrived at 8 pm, we left at 11 pm.
  • Bill was extremely fair: 2 pizzas, 2 water, 1 coke, some wine for hubby and a dessert were in total 54 euro. With that price, in some places in the city you barely have 2 pizzas.

Things I liked a bit less about Pulcinella restaurant:

  • The terrace is on the main street, therefore can be somehow noisy and this I have to say was the only negative point.
  • Then to go the extra mile, it would have been really nice to receive some small amuse-bouche (even some bruschetta with garlic and oil, nothing too sophisticated) in the quite long wait for the pizza.

In conclusion: Even if without a special wow factor, Pulcinella was the perfect place for a relaxed Sunday authentic Italian pizza. Very competitive prices and a kind service, I would definitely recommend it for a pizza with friends.

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Restaurant Thailand, Belair, Luxembourg

On Sunday night we wanted to go exotic, so I proposed to visit Thailand restaurant in Belair. Since I have been in Bangkok recently, I am more and more fascinated by Thai kitchen, but examples I have tried in Luxembourg so far did not satisfied my expectations – and I still prefer cook it at home by myself.

I have been to Thailand restaurant last time about five years ago and my memories were mainly related to an overpriced bill and a very rude service.

We got to the restaurant at 7.30 pm, without a reservation, and we were accommodated to a small table on side of the corridor between the two main rooms. I was very fascinated by the internal décor of the restaurant, exotic but not cheesy, almost a bit sophisticated. We were handle the menus and, after sometimes, asked for an aperitif. We took two Thai beers and shortly after received also some shrimp chips. The restaurant got packed soon. I had a soup with mushrooms and shrimps as starter, while hubby had a cold beef salad. For main, I went for Curry Basil Chicken, he had some spicy beef with garlic and we shared a Pad Thai (noodles), as side dish. We concluded with a fried ice cream to share.

Enjoy the pictures and then discover my option about the restaurant.

IMG_8215 IMG_8216 IMG_8217 IMG_8218 IMG_8219 IMG_8220

Things I liked about Thailand restaurant:

  • I enjoyed the food: the soup was delicious and the curry nice. I definitely prefer it a bit less tick but it was tasty and both were kind of authentic for my Thai experience. Only the pad thai to me was not exceptional (cracked noodles, too much egg), but hubby enjoyed it, as well as his dishes – not my kind of, but I tried them and they were spicy and well-cooked.
  • As said above, I really like the ambience and its details. Our table was an unfortunate one, but should you reserve, just ask to be in the back room next to the window.

Things I liked a bit less about Thailand restaurant:

  • I still find it a bit overpriced, like five years ago. Prices for main dishes are fine (around 23 euro for a meat dish), but I definitely find too much 16 euro for my tiny soup and 16 euro for the pad thai as side dish. We ended up spending 130 euro in total, hubby had half a bottle red one and I had water with the main, so, on the pricey side.
  • Service could really be better. Waiters are very stressed, running around and not even taking care about “did you like the food” – above all in consideration of the price as per above. My husband was trying the wine and the waiter was pretty annoyed waiting for him doing it, looking around and acting very fast. The thing that really spoiled our dinner was at the very end: hubby found a hair in his ice-cream half, he left it on the dish and he politely noted it to the waiter when he came to remove the dishes from the table. To me, it would have been a nice gesture to remove the ice-cream from the bill¬†– but it was not done.

In conclusion: I quite enjoyed my dinner at Thailand and liked the food and the ambience. I find anyway the service should really improve to match the price target of the restaurant, that is a bit too high. Not sure I will feel coming back very soon. Suggested for an unusual romantic nigh out.

Discovering Surroundings: Restaurant La Taverna, Grevenmacher, Luxembourg

Sorry for being missing – it has been a mad period at work and, again, I am a bit behind in blogging, as moreover I have tons of new projects coming in the next month for Barefoot in Luxembourg that I have to follow up and, as usual, a pile of shirts from my husband to iron.

Anyway – more and more often on Sundays we tend to go out of the city for dining, as the weather is pretty pleasant (even if it doesn’t look like yet we are officially in summer!)¬† and I am a bit fed up of the usual places in the city centre. This refers in particularly to pizza, as unfortunately my favourite pizza in town (I Quattro Mori) in closed on Sundays¬†and all the other pizzeria we have been in the last months were a bit disappointing.

Last Sunday finally we decided to head to Grevermachen, that is very close to the German border and 15 minutes drive from Luxembourg city centre via motorway. I have been following “La Taverna” page on Facebook for some times and I was always attracted by the pictures they were posting.

This characteristic Italian restaurant is located in the city centre of Grevermachen and has a truly authentic appearance, with wood decorations and green and white checked tablecloths.

We got there around 7.30 pm and there were already some tables occupied. I ordered a starter with “bruschetta”¬† and a pizza “Vagabondo” with Salami and Gorgonzola (hence the four sessions at the gym this week!), while hubby had a starter with rolled eggplants and a pizza “Turi” with sausages. We concluded with two homemade desserts, I had Tiramisu and hubby had a ricotta cake.
Scroll down after the pictures to discover my impressions about this restaurant.

Things I liked about La Taverna in Grevenmacher:

  • ¬†The place, as said, is really authentic – for example they don’t bring you the commercial bottle of spicy oil, but a pot from the kitchen with fresh chilli marinated. You feel you are at home and the service was very kind and accurate.
  • ¬†Pizza is super delicious – good spot, finally! – and there are several nice “Italian” combinations – no pizza with chicken on top, but only kind of dressings you would find in Italy as well.
  • ¬†The prices are¬†very fair: pizza starts from 8.5 euro for a Margherita and got up maximum to 15 euro for pizza with Parma ham and bufala (in the city, I paid 23 euro for the same pizza…)

Things I liked a bit less about La Taverna in Grevenmacher:

  • I like my pizza to be a bit bigger, honestly, maybe because I am used to Milan where the pizza is getting out of the dish when it is served. At La Taverna the size is on the smaller side, but as my husband noted – as he liked it – in this way you can easily have a starter and a dessert without feeling full.

So РI was definitely very happy to have discovered La Taverna: this restaurant jumps in my top three of the best pizza in Luxembourg, definitely. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a place to have an informal Italian dinner, at a very reasonable price, with amazing ingredients and home made products. 

A Sunday at Lou’s Diner, Beidweiler, Luxembourg

So, finally, after ages, this Sunday we got a chance to try Lou’s Diner, that is indicated by many as the best burger in Luxembourg.
The spot, as the name suggest, is not a real restaurant, but a diner – you order at the counter, pick up your burger when your number is called and can decide to eat it in the inside structure – that is still partially open, but heated by powerful heating mushrooms – or on the terrace. We actually didn’t have this choice as this Sunday the weather was awful, but I suppose it might be really nice laying on the benches outside on a sunny day.
Lou’s Diner is located near Junglinster, 15 minutes drive from the city, in the green – very easy to find with a GPS, indeed. From Wednesday to Saturday, Lou’s Diner is open from 11.30 am to 9 pm, while on Sunday and Tuesday from 3 pm to 9 pm.
We got there at 3 pm and we were the third clients on the queue – luckily, as after only 5 minutes, the place got completely packed. Clients were various: from families with kids, to teen-agers to guys on a day out.
The choice is “limited” to less than a dozen burgers, including one vegetarian option and one chicken option.
I went for the burger of the month, the Tortilla burger, prepared with avocado sauce and tortilla chips, while hubby had the New York, with bacon, onions and egg. We both ordered fries, one with simple mayo and one with chilli mayo, and two Cokes. The bill came out surprisingly low for Luxembourg standards: 25 euros in total for 2 burgers, 2 fries, 2 cokes.

Here you find the pictures of our lunch, followed by my impression about Lou’s Diner.

Things I loved about Lou’s Diner:

  • Relaxed location, lovely atmosphere, perfect for evading the stressed and formal routine of Luxembourg city restaurants.
  • Quality – Price: super thumbs up. We had a super good lunch for the same price of a fast food, but the quality was indeed extremely good – better than some restaurants!
  • Fries are to die for. I am not sure Lou’s are the best burgers in Luxembourg, but for sure they have the best fries. Those alone are worth the trip – double portion next time!
  • Very tasty burgers with classic and local alternatives – on the “to try¬† list”¬† the one with potatoes gallettes for hubby and for me the one with onion rings.

Things I liked a bit less about Lou’s Diner:

  • After reading amazing reviews, I had very high expectations. They were not deluded, if only I have to find a point, I didn’t like very much the burger buns – toward which I am really sophisticated, and indeed I found only one place so far which has burgers buns I loved.
  • While for us the accommodation and the location were super satisfying, if you have a posh attitude, this is not the place for you.

To conclude: Lou’s Diner is worth a drive out of the city. You get there only for the burgers, as the menu does not offer more. It is perfect for a late Saturday/Sunday lunch and burgers are very tasty and fries simply amazing. Highly recommended for meat lovers, cheat days and after a walk in the forest.