Ladurée Tea Room, Luxembourg city: Opening Cocktail

I was invited yesterday evening to the opening cocktail of the new Ladurée tea room, located on the corner between the Gran-Rue and Rue des Capucins. in the heart of Luxembourg city centre.
I have to admit: initially I accepted mainly because I was really curious to see the interior design of the place – reason because I went there with Patricia – and their tea room offer. As you might probably understand from my posts and reviews, I am not a huge fan of sweets, so tasting macaroons was not something too much exciting for my agenda.

Indeed: I was totally flabbergasted by the event. Having been to several openings recently, I can definitely say this was the best one I attended in a while.
The location is cosy but sophisticated, a bit baroque and full of pastel colours and amazing perfumes. We were welcomed at the entrance by the whole team: the maître explained us that just for the evening, the tables downstairs, next to the display cabinets, were removed to make some room for the buffet. Our coats were taken and we moved to the upstairs floor, where we could seat and enjoy the evening.

Everything was perfect: I knew Ladurée only for the macaroons, indeed I discovered they have their own bubbles – we went for pink champagne, tasty and pleasant – as well as salted treats, that were to die for. Special mentions for me during my tastings are going to: the pastrami croque madame, to the délice sucré (a crunchy chocolate sweet, I think I had three at least!) and, last but not least, to the liquorice macaroon – perfect for people like me, who are not fan of too sweety sweets..

Another thing I feel to mention, and that made our evening even more enjoyable, was the amazing service we had during the night. I am sorry to say – one of the reasons because I am not a fan of other tea rooms and coffee houses in Luxembourg is the average crabby service. Ladurée is another standard, a luxury one: you feel not only welcome but also pampered.

My experience at the opening cocktail at Ladurée was fascinating: whenever you want to have a chat with your best friend or celebrating with some afternoon bubbles, this is the perfect place. Don’t make my mistake: Ladurée is not only macaroons. Salted treats and cakes are as well delicious – a posh Friday lunch in town there is already on my agenda.

Enjoy the pictures.



A delicious hidden gem: I Quattro Mori, Hollerich, Luxembourg

Yesterday night I had a date with my friend Fede and we wanted to have a quiet good dinner with no stress. So, with no reservations, we decided to go to a restaurant called I Quattro Mori.

This tiny Italian restaurant has typical Sardinian kitchen and opened just few months ago at the end of rue de Hollerich.

The location is not definitely fortunate, you must head there on purpose rather then passing just in front and deciding for trying, but, despite the surroundings, it definitely deserved the visit.

We were the only customers yesterday night when arrived, but for sure this was not a problem for us, as we wanted to have some girls gossip – and I start to be too old for packed restaurants!
The location is clean, essential, bright – personally I did not find it “sad” as in some reviews I read around and, honestly, I  prefer this kind of minimal ambience, coordinated with a wall full of wine, than some tacky settings with Alberto Sordi’s posters and red and white checked tablecloth – de gustibus.

I took few times pizza on website from I Quattro Mori (this was the last one), so I was feeling quite safe to order the same.

We ordered a glass of Vermentino wine checking the menu, and, while already settled for the pizza, the owner tempted us with the daily chef suggestions, so we went instead for spaghetti with ricci and bottarga (sea urchin and fish eggs), anticipated by a mixed Italian starter.

The quality of the raw material was outstanding. The charcuterie was accompanied by pane carasau and focaccia. The main dish was a huge savory portion. We concluded with an espresso and the owner offered us a glass of mirto.

The dinner was definitely better than expected – we went out for a pizza and we ended up having some really special dishes..

The food was truly Italian and they have some Sardinian products, like, as said, pane carasau and mirto – that you don’t find else where.

For sure: the place is new and it is in Hollerich area, so don’t expect the fashion queu of Clausen. But if you prefer eat well than being in a posh mess, this is the place you would like to try.

Personal hint: trust the owner’s daily suggestions.

 photo aa089951-57e3-40d4-92f3-70d305231c9d_zps8azpfbqt.jpg
 photo 9fd494f4-24db-48b0-b519-cc528caa4ab5_zps1qyzupl8.jpg
 photo 62250407-15c2-47f0-b33f-ac95e6bdcf0f_zpsyr38rznn.jpg