L’Annexe, Luxembourg City

Yesterday I was having a discussion on a forum about what a review of a restaurant should be about. Personally, I like when I read a review and I feel immersed in the experience, even if I was never at that restaurant. To describe our last week experience at L'Annexe, I would use a metaphor … Continue reading L’Annexe, Luxembourg City


Oio, Osteria con Cucina, Clausen, Luxembourg

Opening a restaurant during a pandemic. It looks like possibly the craziest idea ever, indeed someone is doing it. That "someone" is Leonardo De Paoli, 15 years astonishing experience in Michelin stars restaurants, last but not least with Ilario Mosconi, at his restaurant in Grund. Leonardo is launching this week-end his first restaurant, "Oio - … Continue reading Oio, Osteria con Cucina, Clausen, Luxembourg