Moroccan lunch at Le Gourmet Oriental, Luxembourg City

Couple of weeks ago, Sunny and I have been invited to try a corner of Morocco in Luxembourg, this exotic restaurant called “Le Gourment Oriental“.

The place is located on the busy connection between Avenue de La Gare, Place de Paris and Avenue de la Liberte’. The area is flourishing of new venues recently and started to be positively animated even during the evening. Indeed, Le Gourmet Oriental has been opened for more than two years, but it changed the original concept on the way.
At opening, in fact, the restaurant was active only as lunch eatery for the nearby offices: dishes could be ordered at the counter, were warmed up quickly and taken directly by the client at the table.

Now the restaurant has a more sophisticated appearance, even if still pretty much informal: there is though a corner for take-away and delivery, but it is also and mainly possible to seat directly at the tables and be served – at lunch there are a lunch formula and a la carte menu. From Wednesday to Saturday, Le Gourmet Oriental is also opened during the evenings, with a bigger menu – and the formula “Take your own wine“, that personally I adore, as allow you to save a substantial part of the bill and to bring a good bottle in restaurants that normally would have had a very basic wine list. Even if you pass by randomly and decide to stop, Monoprix is just in front and you can buy your bottle at the same time. Alert: No cork fees are charged on the bottles!

The location itself is very cozy – furniture are oriental style but without the “too much” cheesy effect. The service is smiling and refreshing.

I ordered Harrira Soup as starter while Sunny had Aubergine Caviar. To continue, I had Tajine with green olives and chicken while Sunny had Cous Cous with Kefta – all meat is Halal at Le Gourmet Oriental.

We concluded with a delicious Moroccan tea, very digestive.

Find the pictures of our lunch – shot by Sunny – and my usual impressions to follow:

What I loved about Le Gourmet Oriental:

  • We had a delicious lunch in a very authentic ambience: our dishes tasted lovely, different from all the exotic plats I had so far and the combination of spicy is fair  but powerful – and should you wish to elevate your experience they bring you homemade harissa at the table. The owner and all the kitchen team are from Morocco, so this is definitely ensuring an high level of credibility in the proposal.
  • The menu is various and could satisfy different palates, from meat eaters to vegetarians. There is also a great choice of various lighter wraps and of tasty-looking Moroccan patisserie. Not to mention, prices are very fair for Luxembourg standards.
  • The service is super nice: if you have any doubt, dishes and formulas are explained in details and with a smile and the owners are stopping at the tables to check if you are enjoying the lunch.

What I liked a bit less about Le Gourmet Oriental:

  • We had a very pleasant lunch and I look forward to come back to visit the restaurant as well in the evening. The only thing I might say, with reference to our lunch, is that portions are quite big, so the combination starter plus main at noon for a girl is a bit too much – if you cannot take a nap afterwards. Still definitely suggested for big appetites 🙂

In conclusion: Le Gourmet Oriental was a very pleasant discover. The venue is simple and informal, but dishes are colorful, authentic and very tasty. I enjoy the service and was surprised by the night formula where you can take your own wine without additional fees. I would definitely recommend it for an after-work dinner with colleagues or a girls night out!

If you want to see more picture of Sunny, check her blog here.

Olliewood Skate Shop Opening

On Friday April 9th, Barefoot in Luxembourg was invited to participate Olliewood’s “housewarming party” in its new location. After operating 19 years inside the “Galerie de Capucins”, the Luxembourgish skating store  had moved up the street to a more visible, brighter and customer friendly location.

Painted in white with a huge window facing towards the street, this new store indeed had indeed changed its looks towards being very fresh and young providing a more exclusive shopping experience. The new place situated just along a busy street of Rue de Capucins, will certainly contribute to a more customer flow due to its visibility. It’s now indeed much easier to stop by to check the latest season trends as the huge shopping window creates the attention of the passers-by.

 The official opening evening was full of people and it was almost impossible to get inside the store. There was a DJ playing through the evening while the clients were busy trying on hoodies, t-shirts, sneakers, caps and checking out skateboards. The personnel was very friendly and patiently advised people and answered any questions anyone had.
I can imagine this shop gaining even more popularity after the change of the location. There is a strong skating community in Luxembourg and a big number of people who simply like the skater style clothes.


19, rue des Capucins L-1313


 Opening hours

Monday to Saturday / 10h00 – 18h00

Pictures are courtesy of Olliewood Facebook Page.


After-Work at L’Avenue, Kirchberg

Couple of weeks ago, on a Wednesday night, we had a business meeting to plan and as we were already around Kirchberg area we decided to try for the first time L’Avenue, the modern new bar – restaurant in Arendt building, near Auchan.

The design of the venue is stunning: modern, clean, bright, slightly posh but exceptionally client-friendly. Entering, you have in front a luminous and striking bar counter – reminding me of some “Made in Chelsea” favorite drinking places -. On the left, the bar area, on the right the restaurant tables.

When we arrived, the bar area was already totally packed – we requested to the waiter a table for three people, but he was unable to find one, so we moved to the terrace. Indeed the terrace is one of the bonus point of the location but unfortunately on that specific night the weather was not compatible with a long stay. Our waiter was really nice: we started ordering two glasses of red wine – a nice Italian Primitivo – while waiting for our guest  and when our waiter saw I was actually shivering, he called us inside after having found a table.

Even if the bar area was packed, the tables allocation inside is really comfortable: you don’t get the impression to be suffocated by other people standing, like it happens in similar places and still have a good view – isn’t people watching one of the favorite hobbies in Luxembourg?

With the second round of drinks, we ordered as well some tapas: the kitchen was about to close, but we were still able to have some vegetable tempura with their dip. The presentation was very accurate, the portion quite fair for the price and the taste surprisingly good.

Some pictures of our evening followed by my general impressions – and for more pictures of the venue just check out L’Avenue FB page.

What I liked about L’Avenue:

  • The design of the location is “wow”. I really love the place and I cannot wait to be on the terrace during the warm season. It is the kind of place you might like to go straight from the office or after a business meeting like we did.
  • The service is extremely friendly: even if the place was packed and the waiter serving the bar area only one, we never felt we were forgotten and we got everything we needed on time and with a smile. Well done!
  • The drinks list is wide, including appealing cocktails and great gin selection. Tapas are served after-work and have several choices – including veggie – at a small price. Perfect if you are having dinner afterwards – and cannot wait to try the dining area in the next future.

What I liked a bit less about L’Avenue:

  • We had a super pleasant night so nothing to complain about, definitely. Maybe it would have been nice, even if you don’t order tapas, to have some chips or peanuts to snack while having your drink, but as usual this is one of the silly points of mine – I have an addictions for chips, I admit.
  • Not a real downside, indeed, but only a suggestion if you plan to visit the bar. Even if prices are very fair, it is a classy place, you cannot deny it, and being in the financial district, the customer base is mainly composed by lawyers and bankers. If you have gym-wear and sneakers on after having shopped at Auchan, it might not be the place for you. Come with high heels ladies 🙂

In conclusion: L’Avenue bar is the perfect for a fashionable drink in Kirchberg, with friends, colleagues or business partners. The lovely terrace and the stunning interior design, together with the attentive service, are making this place one of our favorite for after-working in town. 

An easy night out: Brooklyn Bar, Luxembourg City

Last week we had finally the opportunity to visit Brooklyn Bar, a cozy new American bar that opened last year in avenue de La Gare. The occasion was a live show of my friends’ duo, On Two Feet, who were playing there on a Friday night.
Together with F. we decided then to book for dinner ahead the event: the restaurant has a very simple system of reservation online, valid as well for the same day, and we got a very quick confirmation via email.

We got to Brooklyn around 8 pm – watch out, the parking situation is quite tragic at the moment in the area and you might want to get there via public transportation – bus n.3 stops just on the corner.

The atmosphere were very warm and friendly: we were reserved a nice table on the windows, and started our evening with soft drinks and beers. We ordered a starter to share (“Partners in crime”), composed by chicken wings, nachos, mozzarella stick and much more. The dish was pretty big and even if some products were clearly frozen, the quality was good. We continued with two burgers, prepared with ciabatta bun and with gorgonzola cheese and Parma ham topping. We concluded with coffee and moved then to drinks while listening to the music show and being joined by other friends.

Pictures of our dinners and couple of the live show – from Brooklyn fan page on FB – followed by my impressions.

What I liked about Brooklyn bar:

  • I loved the easy going atmosphere and the variegate client targets. This is definitely the place you come straight from work in your suit or when you don’t want to dress up with trainers and t-shirt.
  • There is a very good selections of drinks – if you come in just for a drink – and the food menu is also interesting – starters, burgers, meat and veggie dishes, anything sophisticated but the care about the food was impressive and my burger was OMG!
  • The bill comes very fair compared to other lookalike places in the city – being there from 8 pm to closing at 1 am, had friend joining for drinks and spent around 100 euro for all the table (food for 2 and drinks for 4).

What I liked a bit less about Brooklyn bar:

  • As said, the mood of the place is really cool but accessible hence the service is pretty much relaxed. Might not be the right place if you are in a hurry.


In conclusion: Brooklyn bar is the perfect place for an easy night with friends – they have live music shows, great drinks selection and their burgers are definitely worth a try. Highly recommended and will come back soon!

What to do – A girls night out in Luxembourg

My favorite topic, today! Yeah!

So, where do you spend a girls only night in Luxembourg?

A posh night out

Do you know? Dressing up, high-heels, hours on the phone to check each others’ outfit. Whenever you are in your 20s or in your 40s, I am sure, you can relate and you like having a “Sex and the City” time with your girlfriends each and every time.

My favorite places in the city for a high-end girls night out are:

Where to start the night:

  • Le Sud: one of the best terrace in Luxembourg. Amazing service, great choice of drinks, free finger food and complementary tapas platters. If you want to reserve a dinner at the restaurant for a romantic night with your man, nothing forbid you to visit the bar with your BFFs.


  • Le Royal Piano Bar: since the renovation, finally Le Royal has a modern and trendy attire, ready to welcome your Loubi and enchant you with sweet and sour tastes. Among a wide selection of wines, they offer as well cocktails and various sweet and salted platters to accompany your aperitif.



Where to have dinner:

  • Brasserie Mansfeld: formal, but in a cool way, the best things about Mansfeld are the refined kitchen, the sophisticated menu choices and the cosmopolitan atmosphere. Enjoy the terrace during the warm evening and go for an oyster platter or the Chateaubriand to share when in doubt.


  • La Boqueria: everything says luxury in this modern and eclectic Spanish restaurant in Kirchberg, but the greatest thing is that the food is as well as delicious. Whenever you decide to dine at the Tapas stage upstairs or at the restaurant (highly recommended), they will be able to delight your palate with intense suggestions (don’t miss the crema catalana to conclude your meal!).


Where to end up the night:

  • Octans: a posh gem hidden in the Old Town street, Octans welcome you in a jazzy and luxury dark atmosphere. The perfect place to enjoy a well-prepared cocktail: you can go classic or ask for a suggestion. The barmen will definitely be able to surprise you and your girlfriends with amazing preparations. Check out their Facebook page to get more info: from time to time they organize special evenings with dress-up code or live music that are a perfect occasion for a night out with girls!


  • Boos Beach Club: another old good favorite in Luxembourg that changed completely its style – for better! – after the recent renovation. A Los Angeles resembling decor, lights, stylish barmen and barmaids and a great level of service, the Boos is no more a place for kids. Reserve a table in the VIP area to enjoy the last part of the night as a princess together with your girlfriends. Amazing music and good-looking guests 🙂




Where to start the night:

  • Dipso the wine republic: the only negative point about Dipso is that you might end up queuing to get a table during pick hours. Everything else, it makes it just one of the best places in town for after-work hours. Cool atmosphere, kind service, wide choice of wines, delicious food platters to share and a very fair bill to conclude. Perfect for absorbing chats with your girlfriends – and if you are single, watch out, great place as well for men spotting 😛


  • Café-Torino: recently opened in the “quiet” area of the city center, just few steps from LV boutique, Cafe’ Torino has already jumped in my personal preferences for happy hour. The reasons? An outstanding service, the delicious free platter for the aperitif and the great choice of Italian wines and cocktails prepared by Elio. Take advantages of the sunny days to seat on the terrace.



Where to have dinner:

  • Beim Siggy: the amazing view should be alone a reason to visit Beim Siggy. But, next to that, you have a tasty and various brasserie French cuisine, with Luxembourgish influences, a refreshing service and a wine list among the best in town for quality/price.


  • Mamacita: the greatest place in town to spice up your night, Mamacita is just perfect if you want to have some good food to accompany your tequila shots. For a loud night with your girl squads, this is indeed a very recommended place and you are just close to the Luxembourg movida.


Where to end up your night

  • Gotenmy long-time favorite bar in Luxembourg, it is a place not to miss in whatsoever celebration in town. Strategically located in the middle of “where everything happens” in Luxembourg, offer you a smiling service, heated benches on the outdoor terrace and the best Gin selection in Luxembourg. Get ready for a people watching 🙂


  • Café’ Des Capucinslocated in a cozy courtyard in the very city centre, Cafe’ Des Capucins offers you a cosmopolitan background to enjoy your evening with the girls out of the chaos of the Old Town. A lovely heated terrace, a modern interior design, a great choice of cocktails and gins and nice people around. Watch our their FB page for events, while the atmosphere could be quite calm some days, on Wednesday and Friday night, the evenings are inflamed by cool DJs and you can let your hair down and dance.



On a Budget/ Informal

Where to start the night:

  • Paname: with a very fresh and young ambiance and glasses of wine starting from 4.5 euro, the new Paname bar, in the station area, is a lovely place to get into the night. Professionals just out of works are mixed with local people. The atmosphere can be busy, but the amazing cocktails are worth a try – and in the confusion, it is definitely easier getting to know new people.


  • Barrels: the elder brother of the Hitch proposes a classier atmosphere, an older guest list, a reasonable and wide choice of wines and platters to share with your girlfriends. A fair alternative if you dont’ want to have a proper dinner or if you want to nibble something and have a chat before going out, just few steps from the city centre and with the Glacis in front where you can park your car easily.


Where to have dinner

  • I Quattro Mori: a bit out of the usual “going out area”, in the Hollerich neighborhood, I Quattro Mori is definitely one of the best Italian restaurant in town for Italian people. The food offer is various: from tasty pizza to amazing fish courses prepared in pure Sardinia style. The location is tiny, minimal and very cozy, perfect to share a bottle of Vermentino with your girlfriends before going out.


  • Bosso: if you want to be in a party atmosphere already at dinner time, there is no better place than Bosso, in the fairy tale settings of Grund. The place is very warm and characteristic, the service smiling and informal and the cuisine offers several different alternatives, including vegetarian. Prices, above all, are among the fairest in town, for the quality of what you get and over the week-end you might want to stop after eating for a couple of shots as well. Lastly, during the warm season, enjoy its lovely terrace.


Where to end up your night:

  • Rotondes: The Rotondes is the first reason because I miss living in Bonnevoie. It was so nice stepping out from my flat and getting there in less than 2 minutes! Still – if you are looking for an informal place where to have a chat or some dance moves with your besties I would definitely recommend not to miss it. Casual, with a great service and a terrace that is worth alone the visit, Rotondes is my favorite place for a low key date. And they have so  many events in the calendar – check our their FB page to learn about DJ sets and live music nights. Bonus point: the photo-booth at the entrance where to take some paper memories of your girls night out.


  • Rocas: if you don’t want to dress up for your night out and you don’t care about fancy cocktail glasses, but just about good music and enjoying your time, Rocas is the place to be. Two floors with different music over week-ends and special events during the week, including quiz night and live session, small prices and a very informal atmosphere.


What are your favorite places for a girls night out in Luxembourg? Add yours in the comment!