A coffee with… Enza Fuzio

When I discussed with Corie next interview to publish on the blog, the one you are about to read today, I was initially perplexed. Corie in fact proposed me to meet Enza Fuzio, the owner of Ottika Enza. I was told that even if she is neither a chef nor a restaurateur, she is still a … Continue reading A coffee with… Enza Fuzio

Barefoot in Luxembourg meets People: Anneke & Farrah

For a new chapter of our Barefoot in Luxembourg meets People, today it's the turn of Anneke Hudson and Farrah Gillani, founders of City Savvy Luxembourg. Anneke, Farrah, you are welcome to start this interview introducing yourselves! In a previous life, Anneke worked as a lawyer in financial services. Half English, half Dutch, born in … Continue reading Barefoot in Luxembourg meets People: Anneke & Farrah