A Sunday at Lou’s Diner, Beidweiler, Luxembourg

So, finally, after ages, this Sunday we got a chance to try Lou’s Diner, that is indicated by many as the best burger in Luxembourg.
The spot, as the name suggest, is not a real restaurant, but a diner – you order at the counter, pick up your burger when your number is called and can decide to eat it in the inside structure – that is still partially open, but heated by powerful heating mushrooms – or on the terrace. We actually didn’t have this choice as this Sunday the weather was awful, but I suppose it might be really nice laying on the benches outside on a sunny day.
Lou’s Diner is located near Junglinster, 15 minutes drive from the city, in the green – very easy to find with a GPS, indeed. From Wednesday to Saturday, Lou’s Diner is open from 11.30 am to 9 pm, while on Sunday and Tuesday from 3 pm to 9 pm.
We got there at 3 pm and we were the third clients on the queue – luckily, as after only 5 minutes, the place got completely packed. Clients were various: from families with kids, to teen-agers to guys on a day out.
The choice is “limited” to less than a dozen burgers, including one vegetarian option and one chicken option.
I went for the burger of the month, the Tortilla burger, prepared with avocado sauce and tortilla chips, while hubby had the New York, with bacon, onions and egg. We both ordered fries, one with simple mayo and one with chilli mayo, and two Cokes. The bill came out surprisingly low for Luxembourg standards: 25 euros in total for 2 burgers, 2 fries, 2 cokes.

Here you find the pictures of our lunch, followed by my impression about Lou’s Diner.

Things I loved about Lou’s Diner:

  • Relaxed location, lovely atmosphere, perfect for evading the stressed and formal routine of Luxembourg city restaurants.
  • Quality – Price: super thumbs up. We had a super good lunch for the same price of a fast food, but the quality was indeed extremely good – better than some restaurants!
  • Fries are to die for. I am not sure Lou’s are the best burgers in Luxembourg, but for sure they have the best fries. Those alone are worth the trip – double portion next time!
  • Very tasty burgers with classic and local alternatives – on the “to try  list”  the one with potatoes gallettes for hubby and for me the one with onion rings.

Things I liked a bit less about Lou’s Diner:

  • After reading amazing reviews, I had very high expectations. They were not deluded, if only I have to find a point, I didn’t like very much the burger buns – toward which I am really sophisticated, and indeed I found only one place so far which has burgers buns I loved.
  • While for us the accommodation and the location were super satisfying, if you have a posh attitude, this is not the place for you.

To conclude: Lou’s Diner is worth a drive out of the city. You get there only for the burgers, as the menu does not offer more. It is perfect for a late Saturday/Sunday lunch and burgers are very tasty and fries simply amazing. Highly recommended for meat lovers, cheat days and after a walk in the forest.

Memphis Coffee, Beggen, Luxembourg

I visited Memphis Coffee, before Christmas vacations – but as I got some spare time to put my notes in order, it makes it on my blog only now, unfortunately.

The restaurant – or, better, the diner – is located in Beggen, part of a mall structure on the main road, so not directly on the street and with easy parking in front. It is open all day and indeed it was one of the occasion we wanted to have lunch a bit later (4 pm 🙂 ) but we had no clear ideas where to go.

We went for a mozzarella stick starter, I continued with a huge burger while hubby had a meat patty sandwich, and we concluded sharing another huge ice cream dessert.

Below you will have the pictures of our lunch and then some comments related to the location and the food.


Things I loved about Memphis Coffee:

Great location: it was only for the big windows overlooking a very grey sky that we understood to be still in Luxembourg. Even if the restaurant is part of a franchising, the interior design is lovely, details selected with care, funny and totally different compared to what you have seen so far in the city.
Good quality/price: you can see you are not in a Michelin-star restaurant. While the starter was an average frozen product, my burger was not that bad and same the dessert – only too much cream for me and not much ice-cream. It is definitely the place to visit when you are on budget but you want to have a night out. It is not like going to Clairefontaine – for sure – but it is not even McDonald’s.
Effective service: our waiters were smiling, fast and always available.

Things I liked a bit less about Memphis Coffee:

– As per above: the quality of the food is linked with the price. Frozen products like onions rings and mozzarella sticks were not memorable.
Cleanness: we arrived during the afternoon and the restaurant, except two tables of teenagers, was empty. Indeed there were still some tables with empty and dirty dishes to be cleaned up while waiters were chatting at the counter. It is not a good image for a client – one of these dirty table was next to us, there when we arrived, and there when we left.

In conclusion: Memphis Coffee was reviewed extensively by my fellow bloggers before me, so I don’t have much to add. I love the place – really, you have to go, even for a milkshake – and, while the food experience is definitely not gastronomic, I did not find it that bad either. At least I was not served a burger that pretends to be gourmet but indeed is absolutely normal for 25 euro as some place in Kirchberg 🙂 Here you pay what you get – even a bit less, considering the environment – and you have big portions. Skip the snacks – definitely not good – and take a burger or sandwich with some dessert. Perfect post hangover recovery place or for a budget-friendly meeting with mates.

A new beer and burgers place: Snooze, Luxembourg city

After having followed the restructuring work and opening preparation on FB, Matteo and I decided to give a try to Snooze, a new sport bar that opened last week in rue Philippe II.

We booked a table – highly recommended, only 46 places so far – for the first Friday they were open and we had a casual dinner with beer and burger. After the pictures of our evening, you will find my usual impressions about the night….

 photo ff0eb8fb-5be5-48a1-8293-b58422ec1922_zps74v3beo9.jpg
 photo b5b90a33-fcf6-4fb4-8be6-6824a199e9f4_zpsseybensg.jpg
 photo 810984af-c6f8-4b19-bab5-544dc7b2df54_zpsqor0b3dh.jpg
 photo 15a47f11-d98c-4722-a7d5-2992a477eebf_zps62zyn9he.jpg
 photo b08f0b9a-4a21-48ec-8e8c-ee586ec2d87f_zpsougdk7cb.jpg
 photo d3520549-bf9d-4b5d-9513-960e877afae2_zpsy8kqzysw.jpg
 photo ccb0e036-6b81-4246-8ae6-5e85d8f080ba_zpsjiwxuklq.jpg
 photo cda08b15-6c8d-452c-81e8-85f8a5e7e56f_zpsombcsl4w.jpg

Things I loved about Snooze:

– Finally a fresh, young and brand new place. Something totally different compared to what you could have seen so far in the city center. Professional customers, kids from school and couples on date mixed in the same, cute place. Bravo!

– Good choice of burgers. I had a Spicy Mexican and Matteo a Classic Cheeseburger. The portions are huge and the buns are the best burger buns I had in town – not those that are disintegrating after two bites. Fair choice of sides as well – and you can trade your usual fries for twisters, onion rings, wedges. Similarly, wide choice for vegetarian and healthy food lovers.

– Perfect drink cards. Several draft beers and more even bottled. Gin, rum, tequila, including some specialty at a really fair price compared to other city center venues. Worth for a quick drink and snack after-work and not just for a proper dinner.

– Huge TV-screen for sport events. I cannot wait to come here for some great tennis matches, you owe me already 🙂

Things I loved a bit less:

– From a place called Beer and Burgers, I would have expected some stronger tastes – I am not here for gastronomic cuisine, darling! My Spicy Mexican burger was good, but not as I expected. If you call a burger “spicy”, it should be spicy, not a mild girly flavor.

– There was some (a lot) confusions: tables next to us received twice the wrong order and also our sauces were mixed. But I think is somehow normal being the first evening they were open and this is not worrying me too much.

Therefore I will definitely give Snooze another chance for food (that was nice anyway but not outstanding) and I strongly recommend it for drinks and for the nice environment. So far so good.