Talking about disappointments: JFK Bar & Kitchen

On Tuesday night, hubby and I decided to have a quick dinner out after having been at the avant-premiere of Spectre movie at Utopolis.
Considering we were already in the area, we decided to call JFK Bar & Kitchen to check if it was still possible having some food there – it was 9.30 pm.
After a short waiting on the phone, the waiter asked us to come as soon as possible – and so we did. I was pretty curios to try JFK Bar & Kitchen, as it is part of the Manso group, and you know already I am a big fan of the food at Limbo restoclub from previous review.
Unfortunately our experience at JFK Bar & Kitchen was less than impressive.
I had a strawberry caipirinha, while hubby had a glass of Cabernet, and opted from something from the meat list: secreto for me (pork filet) and iberico pluma for hubby.

After the pictures of our dinner, you will find more reasons because we were not satisfied.
IMG_4171 IMG_4172 IMG_4173 IMG_4174 IMG_4175 IMG_4176
Things I liked about JFK Bar & Kitchen:

The location and the concept are great: an informal restaurant, with pub style, big windows and really refined details, something totally new in the area and I think in whole city.
– The menu is various and they have great choice of cocktails.

Things I did not like about JFK Bar & Kitchen (unfortunately pretty longer list this time):

The room was icy-cold. The back door was open – and blocked, so impossibly to close  – and the front door was keeping opening and closing due to people going in and out and smoking. I was feeling seriously uncomfortable.
Service was horrible. If you are telling me I can have dinner even if it is a bit late, I expect I can have a proper dinner – not that you are coming to order 2 seconds after giving me the menu and you are taking my dishes off as soon as my fork is down. The waiter came to our table couple of times while I was still eating to see if he could take the dishes away – don’t you see I am still eating? I was feeling really under pressure and observed.
Food was miserable. You could barely distinguish between hubby’s and my dish, the presentation was very poor and you would definitely expect more for a 25 Euro dish in a gastropub. They state on their website quality isn’t cheap, but honestly I did not see any quality there. We went for a dessert as we were still hungry – my brownie was frozen, still cold inside, and very sugary. Hubby’s cheesecake could be barely described as a cheesecake – a humid biscuit with some cream cheese.
Bill is not from a gastropub – glass of wine, two drinks, two mains, two desserts were almost 100 euro – and the waiter also forgot one drink in the count, I have to remind it to him.

I am really sorry for our experience and even if I like very much the restaurant settings I don’t think I will come back to JFK any time soon.

Walking Appetizer at IVI: never seen such bad thing before

If you are following my blog, you know I am not really used writing bad reviews. I always tend to give places (and people) a second chance and try to justify them for their bad moments.

About yesterday night, unfortunately, I can really difficulty find any justification.

Starting from the beginning.

Since IVI opened, back before summer, I was really curious to try it. I like the location and I was very interested to their creative and innovative cuisine style.

Never having had the opportunity to pass by before, I learned about one of the events they organize, the Walking Appetizer night. I exchange some emails with them and they explained me that for a quite small fee (15 euro each), you have access all night to the kitchen, with small dishes distributed around during the event. It seemed interesting, so I booked, together with Anna, my place.

We arrived about 8 pm (the event lasted till 1 am), given our names to the entrance and for 15 euros each we received a bracelet and we headed to the bar. The location was pretty full but not packed. The waiter came to us and suggested a cocktail. We agreed and here came the first disappointment of the night.

I am pretty keen of paying even 20 euro for a good cocktail – I am famous for my passion for Gins that are not cheap – but I am not willing to pay 15 euro for a mini glass of what was basically strawberry juice with a lot of decorations. My friend’s drink was exactly the same, she was just sassier enough to ask for a refill.

Still frustrated for our drinks, we looked around realizing all people were basically eating peanuts. We waited. After a good half an hour in the place, a waiter with a platter of food – the first we have seen since our arrival – passed very fast in front of us, so fast I had to stop him to ask if I may have something to eat. He was almost reluctant, as I supposed he was heading directly to a group of “friends”. We soon discovered the appetizer was including peanuts butter and my friend is allergic, so I tasted it alone. It was great and it turned on my interest.

Unfortunately for the next half hour, again, we just waited. No food showed up in front of us. Basically in 1 hour there, only a small platter was taken to the room.

We were tired and disappointed. We spent 15 euro to drink a juice and further 15 for 1 appetizer in 1 hour, so we left.

I was not expecting to have a proper dinner, but at least that appetizers were coming more often. To me, it looked only a pretty bad scam to have people spending money on expensive (and silly) drinks.

Never again.


(BTW we moved to Brasserie Lorrainne and we enjoyed our night any case)