Corie goes to Frankfurt: Food Porn Alert

Differently from most of my fellow bloggers, I am not a fan of Christmas period.
The reason behind has nothing very sentimental but the fact that December is one of the busiest month for me at work. I have to prepare for boards, have tons to reviews to be done before year-end and I travel pretty much to other offices for meetings.
When I was younger, I loved travelling for work. It means having laundry-fresh clothes for weeks, no needs to wash dishes or cook, restaurants and drinks each and every night on company’s expenses. Becoming older, it started being less attractive to me. I work for a kind of lads-only company, where small talks during lunch or dinners are mainly related to company’s matters or silly sports I don’t even understand or musicians that were already too old when I was born. If I stay for a short week, like in this case, I tend not to use laundry service at the hotel, that means when I am back I have at least 5 washing machine cycles to run – considering my husband doesn’t even know how to plug in the washing machine, I have also to take care of the clothes he did not wash during my absence – and the dirty dishes and the empty fridge.
And business dinners.. oh, fancy places, nice wines, delicious food.. but have you ever had breakfast, lunch and dinner out for a week, an entire week? – not during a vacation, but having to work in the meanwhile? Sometimes I just wish I can stay in for one night and skip the social part of the work – I don’t like to be social at work, I am sorry.
Short story long – I was busy and I am a bit behind on my blog postings schedule, I am sorry for that! My series “What to” and “Barefoot in Luxembourg meets people” will be regularly back next week.

In the meanwhile, please enjoy some random pictures of the amazing food I had in Frankfurt this week.

You will find picture from Charlot (City Center area, Old Opera House), The Ivory Club, Belluga and Mediterraneo (both in Eschborn), Best Western Plus (Schwalbach).




A Sunday in Trier, Germany

Sometimes is it just pleasant having a day out of the usual scheme. Because of our different working schedule, we definitely do not travel a lot together, so spending last Sunday out of the city was a well deserved break from Luxembourg life.

Trier is just off German border, from Luxembourg main station you have trains each and every hour and in less than one hour, for a very reasonable price (9.5 euro each for a return ticket) you are in Trier Hauptbanhof.

Trier (Treviri) is the one of the oldest city in Germany and has Roman origin: you can still find significant rests around the town center. One of the most symbolic monument is for sure the “Porta Nigra“, that was marking the entrance to  the city and it is the best preserved Roman door northern than Alps. Trier is also the city of Karl Marx and has a lovely pedestrian area, starting from Porta Nigra down to the Marketsquare.

 photo b1452994-16ea-4824-8373-3d735f0ed7d0_zps08521405.jpg
 photo 54af7065-2edd-4039-baa8-6fb3c28aca4f_zpscac38bb4.jpg
 photo 6c34fcee-76ea-48e1-b399-21d321a22664_zpse6c37a9b.jpg

As well as in Luxembourg, shops were closed on Sunday but the city center was not totally empty (as in Luxembourg). We had a small walk to the Market Square, around the Jewish area and down Fleischstrasse. At the end we stopped by to a typical German brasserie, Zum Domstein on the main square. We noted that in the main part of the city there were only two German restaurants and all the others were Italian or Turkish. Maybe German people don’t like to eat German food?

We had some biers, sauerkraut and schnitzel, as real tourists. The portions were huge and the prices were a bit lower than Luxembourg – we spent 75 euro for two small starters (a soup and some potatoes gallette), two main courses (a schnitzel and garnished sauerkraut), four biers, coffee and digestif. The ambient was pretty calm and nice, service was lovely and I could exercise a bit my (bad) German. Luckily we got all the dishes I tried to order, so not that bad at the end 🙂
 photo aa7471c1-b739-4e90-a71e-8df2d17de285_zps4a399cd2.jpg
 photo c9dfa076-78a8-4964-87bc-6a7d04c4cc47_zps94001a58.jpg
 photo 9fd27cb7-471a-48d9-8521-0e285e2d012f_zpsb4a6f34f.jpg
 photo a61518a0-6463-4a4c-ad41-f6f4b2e8c0a8_zps8ca76d61.jpg

The afternoon was colder and after visiting the Dom, we stopped for a quick coffee just in front of the church. I wanted a dessert, but their choices were limited (homemade grapes cake and cheesecake). Hubby had the cheesecake but it was not amazing. Service was also a bit slow and prices higher than in the first place.

 photo 17fb4706-f84e-4c71-b083-b2a1084061ac_zpsadca6337.jpg
 photo 164f3136-6eed-4588-a419-87c71c0fd46f_zps0117992e.jpg
 photo dee53b10-40ef-4d46-b873-e3bb2812d30f_zpsb1c17852.jpg

Pretty full and happy we took our way back to Luxembourg.


There is no Christmas time without…. Chrëschtmaart

Coming from a small beach village where, even during winter, temperatures are never lower than 5 degrees, I was not a huge fan of Christmas period for long time of my life. I think in some way I was missing the spirit of the celebration and I definitely preferred mid-summer celebration… Since I moved to the North, the story started to be different and, having my own family now, I appreciate more everything this period is bringing. The Christmas tree, the Eve dinner, decorations all around the town…

My office is just overlooking one of the most chaotic street of the city, therefore when already more then two weeks ago they started putting the winter lights I was more than happy. All the shops are ready with gifts idea, home decorations and party outfits.

One of the things I like most about Luxembourg is, for sure, the Christmas Market. I have been to several others – Trier, Metz, Aachen, even London – and I know honestly Luxembourg one is pretty small. But maybe because I live in Luxembourg, each and every year I find it the best one. It is not extremely touristic, you can find local products and some imported ones, but nothing too much commercial.

I love the main stand for drinks that is just in the middle of the Gaelle Fra square – ca va sans dire, my fav one is vin chaud with Amaretto. The waiters have typical dress and I am trying to exercise my Luxembourgish. I adore the Yankee Candles stand and my favorite food is Cheese Fondue in Place d’Armes. This year, for the first time, as it is not yet so cold, I had also a trip on the big wheel. It is definitely smaller than the one we have during the Schouberfoeur, but the view is indeed suggestive. Just pay attention if the day is windy, as the cabins are open, and someone – like my husband – could be a bit scared.

The only small sad complain I have is that I would love Christmas market to be opened longer, in the evening, and for a longer period, definitely not to end up just before Christmas.

What is your favorite stand at Luxembourg market and what is the best Christmas market you ever been?


 photo 19347152-f62b-4cd1-b8ea-73188bd66920_zps1eefe828.jpg