Lazy boy, here we go: Food Delivery Websites in Luxembourg

One thing that definitely improved since I arrived in Luxembourg ten years ago is the availability of food delivery websites. I remember at that time, if you were lazy or hangover, the only reasonable options you had were to drive to next Mac Donalds or to call a very bad pizza guy from a kebab house.

I will go quickly through the websites I usually order and my favorite delivery places and then some favorite options.
my favorite delivery website
best choice of restaurants in the city
all deliveries are free and delivery time very reliable
you can collect points to get (fast) discount on next deliveries

+++ great choice of restaurants,
possibility to pay online before the delivery or at the door,
each order makes you earn some points to get a discount
the delivery times are normally starting from 60 minutes
some delivery costs 3,8 euro
to get a discount with the points, it takes a lot of orders

+++ great choice of restaurants,
you get a message with the estimate time of delivery
you can decide if to pay by cash or by card in most of the places and delivery is for free
The delivery indication given are not always reliable

+++ after ordering, you can leave a review for other users and rely on others reviews if you don’t know the place you are ordering from
choice is not huge like in the first two websites

There are other websites you can order, like Eat Me, that is very user-friendly, had delicious food proposals but unfortunately in Luxembourg city is only available for delivery in Kirchberg (but works fine if you live outside the capital and has also take-away and shops). There are also many restaurants, like Namaste, Rusticana, Everest or Sushi Shop that offers direct delivery from their websites – not bad either if you know already what you are up to.

Regarding multiple options sites, these are my favorite choices. Unfortunately I can judge only places in my area, but please comment with other nice places you have tried in order to share! Check below!

Pizza: I quarto mori
Love the pizza here because it always comes still very hot and they have also a “Family size” that is perfect for big appetite of for sharing. Toppings are very “Italian” and the delivery is always pretty fast.
Unfortunately they are closed on Saturday lunch time and Sundays that are the days I use the delivery most.
Personal Favorite: Pizza Gustosa

Mama loves you
When I Quattro Mori is closed, we tend to order from Mama loves you, as the delivery is also relatively quick and the pizza is very tasty, even if a bit smaller in size. Only downside: prices are not very competitive.
Personal Favorite: Pizza Gabriella

Indian: Bay of Bengala/Royal Bengala
I think I tried all the Indian deliveries in Luxembourg, as I love Indian food. I really find the Royal Begala/Bay of Begala the really best one. Portions are very fair, tastes are great, food is coming extremely hot even if they are pretty far from where I live and every order you got a free beer.
Downside, in rush hours the delivery is very slow – once it took even 2 hours. Not good. Moreover the minimum delivery is around 30 euro, so not ideal if you are alone.
Personal Favorite: Mushroom Soup and Madras Vegetables.

Chinese: Mr Wok
For sure if you are ordering Chinese food you don’t look for anything sophisticated. Mr Wok is really cheap one, minimum delivery is 15 euro, they are super fast and they always offer you a portion of shrimp chips and a drink with the delivery.
As said, don’t expect gourmet food, but something fair enough to avoid a walk of shame to the next kebab.
Personal Favorite: Spring Rolls and Chicken Noodles

To be honest, I tend not to order much sushi at home. I really dislike Sushi Shop – I find prices terribly high and the rolls quality and presentation, above all during pick hours, is ugly. I tried several more places in the meanwhile, most of them were Asian kitchen restaurants converted to sushi. Quality was definitely low as well as taste. I tend now to order or to take away from Sushi and More. The prices are fair (lunch combo are for about 11 euros), they are doing only sushi and the food is pretty good. Still not the best, but definitely better than others I tried.

Hangover bonus: Planet Pizza
If you are following my blog, you know I eat everything – really, there’s nothing I have or would not tried/try. But I am picky – cleanness, presentation, atmosphere of places are very important to me. With one, huge exception: hangover meals. In this case, I think I really eat in every condition and every type of ugly food. If you are like me, the place to order is definitely Planet Pizza. They have these huge XL pizza with weird ingredients – potatoes, kebab, meat, raclette – chicken wings, fajtas, burgers. Quality is low, food is greasy, but it definitely might be the place to order for some you after a big night out.
Personal favorite: XL Diavola Pizza and Finger Food Jalapeno with Cheese


Barefoot in Luxembourg meets People: Vittorio

For the series “Barefoot in Luxembourg meets People”, this week we meet Vittorio, an Italian expat working at the EU, with music in the heart.


What is your name?
My name is Vittorio Merlo.

How do your friends call you?

Describe yourself with three words.
In alphabetical order: Family, Library, Music.

How long have you been living in Luxembourg?
I am here since July 1994: more than 21 years… I am Italian and before to come here I was living for 35 years in Milan.

What are you doing here?
I am working as librarian for the Court of Justice of the European Union

How do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Older… 🙂 I normally don’t like to plan for more than 2 years, the life is taking new directions suddenly and very often things happen without being able to expect them. If nothing special happens I will probably be still working but closer to the retirement, my five children will be growth up, and I will continue composing and singing my songs.

What do you fancy doing in your spare time?
As I have just said since I am 15 years old I compose and sing my songs in Italian. It is like a diary, a way to keep trace of my emotions and feelings. I sing about my family, politics and social problems, I have also written a love song for the Red Car: Ferrari! I have published 3 CDs and I like to present my songs in solo concerts at the piano. You can find my music and videos on my YouTube channel and in all the music platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.

What is your beloved place in Luxembourg?
Home sweet home, my house in Bissen.

What is your favorite restaurant in Luxembourg?
The Italian restaurant Notaro in Luxembourg and La Rameaudière in Ellange-Gare.

What is your preferred night-life spot in Luxembourg?
In the past it was L’Inoui in Redange/Attert but unfortunately it is actually closed, I hope for a while only. I like places where you can speak with friends drinking a good glass of wine, like Culturando at Limpertsberg or Beim Abruzzebier in Grosbous.

Do you have a favorite drink?
Dry white wine, definitely, during my concerts too.

Where do you do your shopping usually?
For clothing I like Boggi but I use online shops too, like Herrenausstatter. I like cooking too and I find the choice in Auchan very good, additionally for the Italian food Enoteca Italiana in Foetz is helpful too. I like fish and I think is a pity that La Provençale doesn’t serve private families too.

What do you like about Luxembourg life?
Everything but the climate… however exceptionally this year I cannot complain, it was a wonderful summer! The nicest since I am living here.

What would you improve?
I think the public transports are not enough, mainly in the countryside. There are many villages where you cannot live without a car and on Sunday you are almost totally isolated. The management of the traffic is also bad, sometimes I have the feeling Luxembourgers like to create the traffic jams…

What is the best place you visited in a range of 200 km from the city and that you would suggest for a daily trip?
Probably the nicest place around Luxembourg is Trier, however everybody knows it. I would like to suggest a visit in a sunny day to Saarburg, not far from the Luxembourgish border of Wormeldange.

What is the best adjective to describe Luxembourg.

If you want to discover more about Vittorio’s musician and composer activity, here you find the link to his FB page.

Rechnungshof2 vittoconcertoinlux vittoinbiblioteca

Absolut Vinyl Session at Absolut Ink In Bonnevoie, Luxembourg

Christophe’s Absolut Ink is one year old, but it seems yesterday that it opened its doors for the first time. It filled a gap in Luxembourg panorama, as a tattoo shop was missing in the area. Above that, if you visit is, you have immediately the feeling it is definitely something different from the usual tattoo piercing shop you are used to. It is full of light, minimal and clean spaces all around, bringing it far from the misconception that this kind of places are only for dark, gothic people. They sell also nice products – so you can jump in also for buying your girlfriend a lovely gift (a unique bag or a bracelet from the brand “Too Late“) and not only if you want to get inked.

Once per month, they organize busy parties, with Dr. Gonzo in charge of the dj bit. This Saturday it was the occasion to meet back after Christmas holidays and to introduce the new shop manager, lovely Sandra.

Take a look to some pictures and pass by as soon as you get the occasion – just if you want to change your piercing or you are curious, they are conveniently located in Bonnevoie, few blocks from the Central Station.

Absolut Ink
2, rue Sigismond
L-2537 Luxembourg
Bus: 3, 5, 6, Stop: Leon XIII Bus 15, Stop: Rotonde

 photo be7e39a2-2ada-47ad-915f-98653cb65cb1_zps67125ca0.jpg
 photo 3e70c245-b741-4bcd-a9e7-f476efd51a33_zps7c647d5c.jpg
 photo ea56165f-0a6e-41e1-9202-d26ed428646b_zps5966cee8.jpg
 photo aa1a333f-a029-464c-add1-4437363997c6_zps3088c712.jpg
 photo 91cb97ca-462f-41fd-84c2-d22e8a102171_zps9b0094d4.jpg
 photo 44879038-aa4b-4ee1-bc02-d6090f152bed_zpsa50d05f9.jpg(Aren’t these earrings super cute?)

 photo f39bce4b-ef23-46d5-9d74-9f10974d287f_zps83cf52c8.jpg

Jitrois & Janette Cocktail Event

Super pleasant night yesterday at Jitrois & Janette cocktail event. For once, I convinced my husband to join me: we shared great time and I showed him the dress I want for NYE and that I would love to find under the tree (now, you know the smile that is dreaming with hearts instead of eyes? yes, this is my face while writing).

For those who doesn’t know it,  Jitrois boutique is just located next to the Palais, in a lovely shop that is a fabulous combination between antiquity and modern reminders. They have both men and women collections and they are focused on leather items. I fall in love with a short embroidered leather black dress and a lace long one. During the cocktail, there was a magician entertaining the clients and an image consultant that was available for make up and beauty coaching. I went for that and I learn a lot of interesting stuff about how to valorize my silhouette (and hide my trouble areas), while Patricia had a 5-minutes brown smoky make up.

During the waiting time, hubby looked a bit perplexed, but he had fun, so Patricia and I did.

Thanks again Janette for the invitation, we cannot wait for official pictures to be posted online!

Check the websites:


 photo 262352e6-4dce-4527-8e25-d56562b308ec_zpsc438169d.jpg
 photo 05e036b3-c215-4494-ab53-ac6bd1fd7e57_zps98333a7a.jpg
 photo cc9b5593-a133-4588-af53-52519e6ccdfe_zps314dcc0a.jpg
 photo 26b88169-300a-4a2b-b66c-c86cc3b607ff_zpsfc249939.jpg
 photo b84ce09d-70f6-4424-9e88-c08f5b1eec6a_zps0150cf79.jpg