The Sky Gardens Party, from Sunset to Dawn

Barefoot in Luxembourg is really glad to invite you tomorrow, Friday April 22nd, at the Jakob’s House in Clausen, for
The party, organized by Barefoot in Luxembourg together with Mix in Lux, is an occasion to celebrate in the original location of Mix in Lux parties, where the best moments of its first year are linked to.
What to expect?
The Sky Gardens will be a sophisticated and urban evening.
The party will be basically divided in two parts:
In the first part, the SUNSET, there will be open terrace and The Brunettes will warm up the atmosphere with their amazing music
Together with signature cocktails and a summer bar, you can have a fusion theme walking dinner.
After the cake, as it is indeed a birthday party, the lights will go down for the DAWN party, with Miss Sappho playing, red carpet, photo booth with official photographer and amazing prizes competition.
What  is the price for participating to the event?
The participation is totally free: you pay only what you drink and prices applied will be the usual ones without any addition.
How it is possible?
We have to thank our great sponsors for having helped us organizing The Sky Gardens party.
We supported local and young brands and you can meet them during the party.
The best cake shop in Luxembourg: they prepare cakes that are not only good for pictures but also incredibly tasty. No sugar pastry, no butter-cream, only fresh, natural and yummy ingredients.
Sweet Stuff prepared our amazing birthday cake and you can taste it with your own lips!
The new frontier of the meals delivery: you get your dinner at home, packed in single ingredients and you will prepare the final recipe. This idea is super whenever you don’t have time for grocery shopping or if you want to prepare a meal for friends in an easiest way.
Foodbox will have a stand during the evening to show their website ideas, the products packaging and offering you discount vouchers.
The reference point for English-speaking expats in Luxembourg: from funny articles about living in Luxembourg to ideas for going out or for a family week-end, you can find all the relevant information and suggestions about Luxembourg life on this online magazine.
City Savvy team will be present during the night to meet you and collect your ideas about the English-speaking community.
A new, innovative website that proposes you a trip through our African roots: accessories, home interior, kitchen and beauty, you can find original products for your alternative shopping.
Afrolia will have a stand during the night to explain you the origin of her website and to offer you shopping discount vouchers. Our waitresses during the night will wear some amazing pieces from Afrolia.
The most amazing biscuits you can find in town: taste like from patisserie, but you can buy them in Match or Auchan – and many more places. Like a Proust madeleine, you will feel the flavours of your grandma biscuits in one bites.
Seabiscuits will be distributed for tasting for free during the evening.
An innovative concept to change your way of going out during the night: you drive, you drink, they will drive you back together with your car – for the same price of a black cab ride!
If you want to arrange a pick up from Drink & Drive after The Sky Gardens party, call them and mention Barefoot in Luxembourg for a special treatment!
Not only a hairdresser, but a relaxing space for your beauty and soul. Espace Coiffeur offers as well specific hair treatment like keratin and spa service and it is easily located between the station and the city centre.
The reference brand for sport and adventure clothes finally open in Luxembourg. Whenever you are planning a day on the mountains, a trip on the road or you just need comfortable and resistant clothes to wear, they have something to offer you.
We do mentioned a competition. What is it related to?
During the entire night, for each ticket you get for your drinks at the counter, you can write you name and surname behind and put it in a white box that will be placed at the bar. There is no limit to the participation – the more you drink (in a responsible way!), the more chances you have to win.
Starting from 8 pm, each hour sharp, we will extract a prize for a lucky winner Please note that you must be there when the prize is extracted, otherwise we will not deliver the gift but instead we proceed to extract the next winner.
Prizes that will be offered during the night are the following:
– A Very Prive Christian Loubotin nail polish (first extraction: 8 pm)
– .A voucher at Espace Coiffeur for a brushing or manicure
– A tasting box of delicious biscuits from Sea Biscuits and an entrance to the Thermes in Strassen
– A 150 euro shopping voucher at Napapijri Luxembourg
– A Michael Kors clutch plus a shopping voucher offered by Barefoot in Luxembourg
– A Karl Lagerfeld minaudiere from net-a-porter (last extraction 1 am)
Lastly, is there a dress code or a door selection?
Mix in Lux and Barefoot in Luxembourg are proud of organizing parties that are for everyone. We don’t request you to follow a dress code or to have collar shirt and black shoes. If you feel cool and you are in the right mood for partying, you are welcome, whenever you wear trainers or you are just out of the office.
Tomorrow it will be a special night, therefore we kindly advised to book for free your table: we still have remaining spots at the first floor after 10.30 pm. If you wish to reserve, just send us a quick note. If you don’t want to reserve, there will be enough space, food and drinks for everyone!
Last, but not least, a huge thank you to our friends of Jakob’s House – a different, relaxed and cool place to be in Luxembourg.
Hope to see you there for an amazing Friday night!
Barefoot in Luxembourg


Barefoot in Luxembourg meets people: Carlotta

It’s Wednesday and it is “Barefoot in Luxembourg meets people” day! Today we interview Carlotta, the creative mind behind Hub Dot Luxembourg. 


What is your name?
Carlotta Benedetti

What do your friends call you?
Carlotta, some of them call me Cocca

Describe yourself with three words.
A dreamer, a sunny woman, overactive globetrotter.

How long have you been living in Luxembourg?
After living in US, Canada and UK, I’ve been here for 14 years.

What are you doing here?
I’m a mother of two, a wife, an architect/interior designer, a cooking teacher for kids and a food-blogger.

How do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Traveling around the globe to spread Hub Dot word.

What do you like doing in your spare time?
Hub Dot is my latest addiction!
Hub Dot is a “piazza” where women could come together to share and celebrate their stories, stories of life, work, challenges.
I love to create events where labels are removed – no senior or junior qualifications, just a choice of 5 colored Dots to wear representing the state of mind of those attending. Red ( I’m established ), yellow ( I have an idea, can you help?), green (I’m looking for inspiration), blue (I’m here to socialize), purple (I want to tell you about my charity and my story). I have discovered with HD that when you put together a group of motivated like-minded women in the same room, they love to communicate with each other – incredible things happen!

What is your most beloved place in Luxembourg?
As lover of contemporary art, definitely Mudam.

What is your favorite restaurant in Luxembourg?
Come a la Maison in the Robin du Lac store.

What is your preferred night-life spot in Luxembourg?
Octans makes amazing cocktails.

Do you have a favorite drink?
Gin tonic made with Luxembourgish gin.

Where do you do your shopping usually?
I love vintage : Troc and Secondhand4sale are my best places.

What do you like about Luxembourg life?
Luxembourg looks a calm city but I feel the underlying energy in different fields: creativity-art and culture.

What would you improve?
The weather and the customer service, in general…

What is the best place you visited in a range of 200 km from the city and that you would suggest for a daily trip?
Redu in Belgium, a small ‘Book Village’:24 bookshops and craftsmen with a large choice of secondhand books and vinyl records.

What is the best adjective to describe Luxembourg.

Discover more about the Hub Dot project which Carlotta is part of on their website or on their Facebook page.
The “Supper Club” event they organize on October 15th is already fully booked unfortunately with a waiting list, but you can register already for the one that will be held in November:

Connecting through Philosophy of Happiness”

24th November 2015 at House 17, 17 Rue du Nord L-2229 Luxembourg at 7pm.

An evening of conversations around the philosophical theme of the pursuit of happiness.

Is happiness a psychological state of mind or is it pleasure or is it life satisfaction? Do you know which happiness you are living and how can you become aware of the true feeling of happiness that dwells in the soul?” Finger-food and drinks will be served during the event.

Register on
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