A lazy Monday: week end considerations

It was a kind of busy busy week end, with great lazy breaks.

It all started on Thursday (yes, business as usual): we went to the celebration of Ikki 6th year’s anniversary and it was great. I mean, being out of my wild days nowadays, I am trying to save all my energies for couple of great events per month, and this one was one of them. As usual, when you charge an occasion of too much expectations, it is usually ending up being a delusion, it was not totally the case, even if, as a smoker, I have to save that the separate terrace outside looks like the last step of junkies before being kicked out and the music, we have a table just in front of the dj, but still some meters away, was way too loud. The service indeed was great, super music, nice people. It urges, as for normal weekends, that the bouncer starts a consistent policy for coats, as while some people were firmly asked to leave them (queuing for a bit, above all), some others (bouncers’ friends and pretty girls) were allowed to enter with them. Except these small things, that are pretty normal when you are running a party with so many people, it was a funny night. I was pretty wasted at the end, also because the bottles price is really affordable, thanks God, this is one of the reason I love Ikki. I still remember when all started six years ago and Clausen looked to all of us “the new thing” to do. I am not a very supportive fan of this area recently, because the only spots I really loves down there are in fact Ikki and Le Sud restaurant. Most of the other areas are dedicated to younger people and dressed-down days.

Friday was big rest, deserved. I went for the last time probably to do the big shopping in Delhaize as Cactus will open soon in the building that was for long time the Cooperative of Bonnevoie, next to where we live.

Saturday another anniversary, 1st year of Absolut Ink tattoo shop in Bonnevoie. It was another great bash, fulfilled with Aperol Spritz, old friends, great music and ideas for my new tattoo.

I tried to watch the movie about Assange and Wikileaks afterwards, but I stopped because it was too heavy, personal and a bit confused. Anyone watched it? What were your impressions?

Sunday flies away as usual. We had a small homemade brunch, but I promised myself I will do the next one out, so I am not obliged to wash dishes after.

Now. Foggy, cold Monday back again.

Have a good week everyone. I will try to do the best to finish mine as soon as possible!

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