Taverna Yamas, Luxembourg City

Couple of week-ends ago my sister was visiting in town, so, after long time, we took the occasion to have a Greek dinner in loving memory of those spent at her in-laws in Crete.

We were huge fan of Le Grec in Bonnevoie and recently the restaurant moved in a more central location, just behind Paname in Place de Paris, called Taverna Yamas. The venue, compared to the previous one, is cozierĀ and details are very distinctive and warmer. We were placed in a big table in one of the two main rooms and we were offered a glass of cremant as soon as we joined the place, waiting for all the people to arrive.

We started with some different starters to share and then each and every one of us had a main course.

Some pictures of our dinner and then my impressions.

If you are reading my reviews you know already we like the kitchen at Le Grec and was our favorite Greek restaurant in town.

What I liked about Yamas:

  • The service remained one of the value point of the restaurant – friendly, informal, funny. You never want to leave at the end of the night!
  • Compared to Le Grec, portions are slightly smaller and presentation more accurate: for me this is definitely a favorable point, as at Le Grec I was never able to finish my dishes.
  • The location, as said, is warmer and more personalized than the previous one. There is also a nice terrace overlooking the street.

What I liked a bit less about Yamas:

  • I have to say, everything is great at Taverna Yamas. Evenings there are just to short – or too long the day after you have to recover from hangover.

In conclusion: Taverna Yamas is my favorite Greek restaurant in town. You can really feel the Greek spirit there and spent a very pleasant and informal night with your friends.